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20 years since Cosford UFO mystery

UFO watchers will be looking to the skies tonight to see if there will be any repeat of Shropshire’s most notorious ‘X-File’ incident – 20 years on.

Is this a UFO?


A youtube user captured this footage of a UFO over his house in Shropshire - take a look and see you think it could be extra-terrestrial...

Woman's UFO encounter

Today, a woman tells of her encounter with a UFO, and parking charges are to be cut in Shrewsbury to try and boost shopping after January's explosion.

Experts to discuss alien discovery

Extra-terrestrial life came under the microscope today as scientists and academics met to discuss its possible effect on humanity. The second day of the London conference, organised by the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of science, was due to hear talks on human responses to extra-terrestrial life.

More UFOs spotted

More sightings of mysterious flying objects in the skies above Shropshire have been reported by eagle-eyed readers who are eager to find out what they were.

Spyplane solution to UFO mystery?

A secret US spy plane – the existence of which has never been officially admitted – may have been behind a number of UFO sightings over Shropshire, newly released files suggest today.