Ex-director blames Mick McCarthy for Wolves' woe

Former Wolves director Kevin Threlfall today lifted the lid on the Molineux meltdown and laid some blame for relegation to the third tier at Mick McCarthy’s door.


The multi-millionaire Wolves supporter served under both Sir Jack Hayward and current owner Steve Morgan in a two-year stint.

And today offers a rare insight into the behind-the-scenes decision-making which have played a key role in the team’s fall from grace.

Astonishingly, Threlfall claims the board were “frightened” of former boss McCarthy and didn’t question enough his choice of in-coming transfers.

Threlfall said: "Mick would decide who he wanted to buy and the rest of the board would have absolutely no input in the process.

"The best we could ever get out of him was ‘he will do us a job.’ We were always operating on Mick’s word, there was no due diligence on these players and we have paid the price.

"I’m afraid a lot of the blame for where we are now lies at Mick’s door.”

As Threlfall broke his silence on his two years on the board today, he urged the addition of a senior director of football figure to prevent the mistakes of the past being repeated.

But whatever changes come the way of Wolves, the owner walking away is not one of them, according to Threlfall.

He said: “He is the right man to take the club forward. We can’t have another sea change.

"We can’t get rid of a board and bring in a new owner just like that. I would urge the fans to back them.

“And I tell you something – they should not under-estimate the drive of Steve now to prove wrong all the critics.

"You don’t do what he has done in life without being a very driven man. He will not like what has happened, not one bit.

"He will be committed to getting back in the Premier League and he will get far more pleasure out of doing that, because he will then feel he has put his mark on the place.

“He will not be in the least bit interested selling the club and giving up on it.

"The Steve Morgan I know is not going to rest until he has made the right decisions to take Wolves back.”

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Comments for: "Ex-director blames Mick McCarthy for Wolves' woe"


Sounds like a very weak Wolves board in that case

Mr Magoo

I'm not a Wolves fan but it's clear to see that since their wisdom of sacking McCarthy, that the club has been in total freefall. At least MM kept them in the premiership albeit through the skin of their teeth. Threlfall needs to take off his glasses and get a reality check.


Magoo it is also obvious you haven't got a clue about football either.


Magoo has a point, MM rescued Ipswich Town from relegation to League One this season and has turned around an underperforming team into a solid side. So I think it is foolish to blame a proven and good manager for problems much further down the line.

Mr Magoo

"Smell-the-coffee" I take it you are going to tell me that Wolves have progressed since the sacking of MM? Thought not......