Shrewsbury Town angry at James Collins fee

Unhappy Shrewsbury Town have hit out at the “derisory” compensation they will receive from League One rivals Swindon for last season’s leading scorer James Collins.

James Collins celebrates scoring for Swindon
James Collins celebrates scoring for Swindon

After hearing evidence from both clubs on Wednesday, the Professional Football Compensation Committee ordered Swindon to pay an initial fee of £140,000 for the Republic of Ireland Under-21 international.

That fee is likely to rise to £220,000, with Town receiving an extra £20,000 for each 15 outings made by Collins up to 60.

But Town were far from happy with the outcome and are adamant they should have received far greater compensation for a player they signed from Aston Villa in January 2011.

“The initial figure awarded of £140,000 is a derisory recompense when one considers the quality of the player, his development at this club, his international appearances and his potential for future improvement,” said a statement issued by boss Graham Turner and the board.

“These were all factors in our higher valuation of the player and are the reasons why Swindon Town expressed an interest in him, making a contractual offer that we could not match without jeopardising our own sound financial policy on developing and investing in our whole squad.”

Town will also receive 20 per cent of any profit made by Swindon should they sell Collins in the future.

But Shrewsbury will have to pay Villa 25 per cent of the total tribunal award package, leaving club officials to estimate they will receive around £105,000 from the initial award.

And Town believe they are being punished for attempting to run a steady financial ship.

“It is our belief that the level of compensation awarded for such a highly valued player undermines the position a club which operates within a prudent financial budget,” the statement added.

“Instead it rewards clubs who approach players with highly attractive contracts that can be afforded as they are not having to pay an appropriate fee to the parent club.”

Collins, who turns 22 in December, grabbed 16 goals in Shrewsbury’s promotion-winning campaign from League Two last year.

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Comments for: "Shrewsbury Town angry at James Collins fee"


Here here.

Looks like they also didn't take into account Swindon's cynical tactics to delay the outcome which has effectively given them Collins for free for the best part of the first two months of the season.

No doubt his appearances will also stall at 14 then 29 etc etc

H. St. John Peasbody

Where where?

A footballer has moved to a bigger and wealthier club. What's new? That's football. And business.

Mr Magoo

And another case of the smaller club with financial prudence loses out.. Dirty tactics..

H. St. John Peasbody

He was out of contract. STFC were only entitled to compensation because he was under the age of 24 and it's not as if he has been at STFC since he was 11 and has been developed through the club's youth ranks. He only spent 18 months at STFC.

What's to say that Swindon aren't financially prudent? Perhaps STFC would have been more prudent if they'd offered him a 3-5 year contract when he was signed in the first place if they thought he was so gifted. They took a chance on giving him a short contract and it has cost them. That's not prudence, it's a gamble and STFC lost this one.


What on earth have Shresbury got to complain about. The player had only been with the club for a season and a half. Did they really believe they should receive compensation for a player who had been groomed as a footballer at Villa and loaned out in that time to Burton Albion and Darlington.

Get over it Shrewsbury, you didn't deserve any compensation for a player you actually signed on a free transfer just 16 months before he left for a bigger club. When you bring through your 'OWN ' youth team players such as Joe Hart, then that's when you can start shouting your mouth off.


Absolute rubbish fee given.

No thought to how the club is run or how they helped develop a player.

Its about time smaller clubs were given the credit they deserve for looking after younger players.

There is no loyalty in football anymore...

chester shrew

Disgraceful. Full marks to GT and the club for the way they have handled themselves throughout this episode


Really can't understand why people think this is such a bad deal. Think about it. Not proven at League One level. Only really showed promise with us in the second half of last season. We only had him for 18 months anyway, so not as though we could claim he was "one of our own" - if we are so miffed about the 25% to Villa then that is our own fault for negotiating it into the original deal when we signed him. In all honesty, with everything in mind, I think we have done very well out of this tribunal and we should take the money and be thankful!


Changing my mind on this one. I was hoping in the closed season that we replaced Collins, Morgan or Gornell or all of them. I don't really rate any of them that highly though 105K does seem a low figure, from recent deals. A figure with discount of around 175K would have been fairer in my opinion. But fair play to the club for showing their displeasure.

I hope when we receive the cash we are able to fund some more wages....