Booming Telford company just can’t get the staff

Bosses of a booming Telford company are struggling to fill 30 vacancies despite offering training, advertising and salaries ranging from £12,500 to a possible £60,000.

Bosses of a booming Telford company are struggling to fill 30 vacancies despite offering training, advertising and salaries ranging from £12,500 to a possible £60,000.

Managers at Unique Copiers in Donnington branded the jobless ‘too well off on the dole’ after only filling 10 of 40 vacancies at their business since January.  The company, advertised the posts but 11 months on, only a quarter of them have been filled.

Managing director Adrian Casey, 44, said: “We have had 30 applications in 11 months. It’s ridiculous. But it is the way of the world. People are either too lazy or they get too much money on the dole and that is causing the problem.”

The company, on the St Georges Road Industrial Estate, deals in photocopiers and printers and still has 30 vacancies for service engineers, clerical staff, apprentices, sales people and a sales manager.[24link]

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Comments for: "Booming Telford company just can’t get the staff"

mike moore

Just had a look at your website and there is no information about company vacancies


I think Mr. Casey is a little harsh here. All the vacancies left, are, apprentices aside, jobs that call for a certain amount of qualified knowledge, especially the service engineers. Maybe there are not that many such qualified people on the dole round that area.

Not on the dole

Perhaps they should try offering more than minimum wage then - £12,500 works out at NMW, has their MD ever tried to live on that much?

k burford

whats wrong living on £12,500.i can do,at least im working,i live to my means,dont drink,smoke,buy things i need and not what i want.more people should do the same and get out and get a job,


In that case, perhaps the lovely Mr Casey would like to consider spreading the wealth of his 'booming' company in order to offer more attractive wages for the entry level positions.


The strange thing is they don't list any vacancies on their website.

Stephen Sanders

"or they get too much money on the dole" -- so pay them more than they would get on the dole.


Thats all that needs to be done, in truth.

The problem with the so-called workshy is not that dole is too high, bu that rent\mortgages are too high and wages arent high enough.

If people actually were better off working I am sure they would, but to be frank why bother putting up with all the grief of commuting, demanding bosses, co-workers that may be on the borderline of sanity, targets, disciplinaries and all the effort of work if at the end fo your 40 hours you are going to be £5 better off...

I'm not saying it is right, but that is the state we live in now.

In the 80's it was possible to, with overtime, take home £400/week doing a factory job... now it is more like £110/week with limited overtime options, (agency staff are so cheap), but with a mortgage or rent to the order of at least double, council tax at least treble, electric, gas, petrol... you get the drift.

As well as tackling the workshy we should also bring to account the disgusting allocation of profits that is seen in all private sector companies... (and for the record I am a professional working in the private sector - I worked in a factory to pay for my education all those years ago).

Stephen Sanders

I'd have thought the 'market economy' solution was to attract workers from your competitors (in this case, The Dole) by offering them more than they are currently getting. Isn't it funny how paying high wages to attract the best people is used to justify high wages for those at the top but not as an argument for increasing the wages of those at the bottom. I suppose in their case they would be pricing themselves out of a job. The basic problem is that average people in the UK do not earn enough anymore. How anyone can live on £12.5K is baffling.

Terri Speak

I live on my own on a salary of £13,000 before stoppages! I wonder how people survive as I find it very difficult.


Stephen Sanders. Try living on the basic old age pension which is under £8.000.00 per year for a couple.

Mitchell Edwards

John Jones, most pensioners don't have a a mortgage by the age of 60/65, they have a free bus pass, heating allowance, you did have the option for a personal pension too.


£110 a week? are you mad. I can earn that in a day with no qualifications as a care worker. you need to find another job.


The man has to ask himself why he can't get staff when other companies can.

I think a clue may be in his attitude which clearly shows through in his statement about the unemployed.

Would you want to work for this man?

I've been there, got out, and then worked for companies who respects people as people - and who do not make rash generalizations about the unemployed.


There are some skills shortages in Telford, but it does seem that most other companies in our town have no problems recruiting or retaining staff, so can only assume something is amiss here.

If it is a skill shortage for a particular type of person, and they can't attract and train suitable people, it's probably best the company relocates itself outside of the area.

As for dole or work, it shouldn't always be the arguement that you're only slightly better off on unemployment benefits. So long as you're not worse off, and the job is there, and it's within your capabilities, you should do it. Or be made to do it.


Dont see anything on the jobcentre plus jobseekers website, the vacancies on the company website are buried away with no details of job specific requirements..

Little wonder your having problems filling the posts is it...

You'd have thought that this many vacancies would have warranted a big splash in the local rag, bet you would have been inundated with applicants.


I think they need to sort their website out, at first glance there is no indication of job vacancies on the site, no obvious link on the website. Only if you click contact us does a list of job titles come up, then again with no job descrition. For a company that offers website design their site leaves a lot to be desired.

C Hutson

In Mr Casey's defence, I would like to read his comment as meaning that because the Government is set up all wrong people will lose out by going to work: that is why people have probably not applied, not because they do not want to work (although the lazy comment is a little harsh, even tho it is probably true in some cases!). I would also add that there are vacancies advertised on Unique Copiers' website - scroll down to the bottom of the 'Contact Us' page!

The Original Jake

Without seeing the details, the following comment is purely speculative and may not be correct.


"to a possible £60,000". Within this type of cut-throat, high-pressure sales environment, that often means a basic of c.£15,000 with commission available up to the stated amount. The chances of hitting it are remote. The penalty for falling short is dismissal, based on poor performance.

Risk to employer: low. Risk to employee: High.


Starting pay of 12k no wonder this company cant get staff. Works out at a little over £6 per hour. Think I'd rather stay in my current position of stacking shelves in a well known supermarket for £15k and have my staff discount card, pension, and bonus. Wake up and smell the coffee we are not work shy in Telford we just choose not to mugged by over paid directors. No wonder business is booming whilst your offering dome of the lowest wages in the area.


Top post Mick, covered it all in a paragraph.

Paul B

...but Mr Casey is not paying any lower that many employers around the country, those are the going rates based on the sheer amount of unemployed in the UK at the moment,what is it at the moment? around 2.5 million, with those type of stats why should any business still in the grip of recession pay more than is necessary

Andy H

Well said Mick. I'm sure there would be applicants aplenty if the pay rates were at the level the market demands.

It would probably also help if the ad for jobs were not hidden away on the site and there was more detail to be had.


In a nutshell: company pays wages too low to attract applications.


if you look on the job centre plus website:

Telesales are £8 per hour for 30 hrs per week plus commission (12.5K pa)

Sales staff start at 18K with car, phone and fuel plus upcapped commission

Sales manager starts at 24k plus car, phone and fuel plus uncapped commission

What do you want, give this guy a break he is looking to employee local Telford people and generate jobs in the area, well done Unique I would work for you anytime!!

An Employer in the industry

As an employer within the photocopier industry for 20 years plus in the Midlands, we have not found there to be a lack of skilled employees willing to fill any vacancies which arise. The only problem we have encountered when recruiting is that there are always too many applications with the skills required and it is just not possible to take them all on.

We do not feel these sort of comments by employers, such as Mr Casey, do anything to help the feelings that people who don't work have and that they become scared to apply to vacancies for fear of judgement.


Well said

Now tell him to pay wages not peanuts


it is not helped by the fact that one of the links to the jobs is broken because there is a dot (.) at the start of the address.

also the jobs that are on offer are wide spread across the midlands i think they need to clarify if all the telford and shrewsbury jobs have gone before we all take offence.


Hi, I would be grateful if you could let me know where the link is broken. Is this on our website or some where else.

Kind Regards,


Hmm, Vicky I sent an email via your contact form as I thought it best to contact directly but I have had a reply, thanking me for my CV and that if I have not heard from someone in 4 weeks then my application was not successful?!?!

Ask Jason if he has received any email for your attention.

Paul B

To be honest I applaud Mr Casey for having the balls to say some of the things he has when many employers want to but dont though fear of the 'PC' brigade.

I work very closely to this subject matter and agree to a certain extent that some in Telford are just to bone idle to work and its far 'easier' to stay on benefits. The system still needs a radical shake up and that's not Mr Casey's fault he is just bearing the brunt of it though the lack of suitable candidates.


"PC Brigade" you're right, in my day I could be racist, sexist and call unemployed people (without knowing their circumstances) workshy parasites without fear of complaint.

What's happening to this country?.. now back to my Daily Mail.


N.H. I still do.

DoubleO SuaveO

I have found their jobs advertised on a few job sites. "It Consultant", "Photocopier Engineer", "Sales Executive" etc. However they all have the same list of duties which may be a display error or typo(see below)

Duties: generating leads, making appointments, building new business and maintaining existing business, cold calling and meeting monthly targets. The company is offering a unique package for the right candidate, uncapped commission as well as an opportunity to build on your basic wage.

These are the duties of a sales executive, not an IT Consultant or Photocopier Engineer. Thats probably goes to someway of explaining the lack of applications maybe?


12K for an apprentice isn't bad money and up to 60K for other positions is a damned good wage.

If you are in a low wage you get help ie supplementary benefits, council tax etc.

Adrian Cassey is dead right, a certain section of the Britsih worker is bone idle and seem to be happy on the dole and benefits.

The same lazy people moan about immigrants coming in and taking jobs. They complain they can't get a job because immigrants take them. They are taking jobs that are availailable to anyone, they aren't reserved for immigrants.

It's time the government forced these bone idle people off the dole and into jobs.


Sorry Brian your wrong

I should imagine unemployed can't afford a computer let alone internet so how do they get to see the website.......derrrr

Nicola Casey

I believe that the jobs are advertised at the job centre and free internet access is available to all members of the public through the libraries. In today's society most things are done through the internet and that most people unemployed would be advised by the job centre about this service.

rob harris

once again we have a shropshire star story about the 'workshy/idle/lazy/benifit cheating unemployed'.Why does this newspaper consistantly vilify the unemployed - is it just mindless adherance to tory party policy? Where are the ' employer exploits employees or tax evasion stories.Anyone who is remotely aware of current economic problems must be suspicious of a story like this.Come on SS, more news less propaganda please!

Barry Parker



The MD, Mr Adrian Casey can go forth and reproduce. He goes to the Shropshire Star and slanders people who are unemployed and then wonders why he has no applicants? What a shocker. Have a little respect for the people who are struggling in this world, you overpaid little man. That is all.

Percy Nell

How to win friends and influence people. Lets hope their sales strategy is not so belligerent.... What a load of tosh who would want to work for such a narrow minded opinionated organisation? not me for sure. Good luck with your recruitment drive!!!! HAHAHA.

oh dear

There are lots of people who would take up the jobs offered but take into account travel costs petrol or bus fare, and quite commonly child care costs balance that against the wage it doesn't add up, i've seen it so many times taking up such a position leaves many approx £20+ a week worse off, assited travel a bit more added to the wage and the company in question would have no problems filling the vacancy.

askeric dotcom

Ive worked as a chartered engineer for many companies, large and small, over 45 years.

My view of employers, particlularly in this area, (Shropshire) is that they cant be trusted with staff.

Ive been badly treated, made redundant (three times), had my pension fund (Final salary scheme) literally stolen from me in 1991 -and was told by the MD at the time to desist from writing computer prgograms that proved that the pension plan payout settlements, based on length of service and salary at that time, were flawed.

No doubt there are decent employers out there, but this one seems to come across as somewhat critical of potential Job seekers, where many people find themselves in a situation that is not their fault, and cannot escape easily.

Quite frankly, having run my own company now for 9 years, I wouldn't be inclined to give any employer such as this the time of day -

And doubt at my age of 64,

(even with a wealth of qualifications (BSc(hons) degree, C.Eng, MIET MBSC ) and experience in just about every area of electronics, Radio communication, electrical engineering, IT and related disciplines) - I doubt if even M Casey would offer ME a job - even at a reasonable salary!

Or would you like to prove me wrong Mr Casey ?

I know of several people in my age group, well expereinced, dedicated who'd LOVE to have a half decent job, but cant Because of AGE!!!

So again - are you listening Mr Casey?

Maybe you should look at an older age group !!

We are dedicated, experienced, numerate, and reliable !

We are waiting !!

jane thomas

what a joke im single and live on my own i get 64.00 per week what the hell is that boss talking about better off on the dole !!!!!! get in the real world

steve davies

Its hard to make a choice between being on the doll in what they pay ya, or working. I know what I would choice work every time. But when rent is £80,£90 aweek and council tax £110 ish. And with all the others like petrol, water gas,electric its all gone up. Yet wages Have'nt so what u offer me and my family a week don't come close to what the doll offer. And they wondering y ppl stay on the doll. Cus u won't us to work for sod all and that's y there is so many foreigners working here for that kind of money,and u think u can treat us all like it.


what he forgets to say is the word COMMISSION !!

Dillys Doohickey

Adrian's getting a bit of a thrashing in this talk thread. Seems his cynical ploy to gain free advertising has backfired and exposed him as a heartless, ruthless capitalist. I'd be interested to learn of his staff turnover stats?.


Pay nuts and only monkeys will apply.


Wonderful bit of free advertising by the company.

I would imagine we have a little more to this story especially and a good look at pay /conditions etc .

As for his assumption these unemployed people are better off on job seekers etc that is a little mind blowing .

It must be a living hell living on scraps i doubt all are layabouts and the majority want a job speaking as an employer may i ask the chap does he think his jobs are attractive to potential recruits excluding the rate of pay? and of all the 30 jobs on offer he states some are for 60k now that is where i have the issue he is saying nobody applied for these?????.I would also ask how many of these jobs are on a selfemployed basis??.


having just worked at ricoh in telford, i feel that im well informed to say that in the space of four years- ricoh- a huge multinational company-has gone from building photocopiers from scratch at telford to now having them prebuilt in china-completely!

so i simply cannot understand where mr casey is coming from?

i do agree however that there are people in telford who enjoy living off the state -as the case in other areas of the country- However i cannot believe he simply cannot fill positions....i attended the royal mail xmas interview and there was alot of people there trying to get jobs........i think the article was a free advertising exercise............


My only knowledge of this company is as a customer - in our experience they are 1st class (and no, I don't get a discount for saying so!).


Yes right,you his wife?

Nicola Casey

No I am! Thank you Kath for that comment I appreciate people telling it how they see it. Kevin I beleive Kath and other peopl are entitled to their say without riduculous comments.


Heaven forfend any nasty capitalists should go around offering people work. Whatever is the world coming to! Maybe if work was on offer from nice cuddly communists, that would be more to people's liking.

Look, the bloke is offering work. It might not be exactly what people want but, well, it's work. He's not getting enough applicants and he's frustrated about that.

Why is he getting such a pasting?

oh dear

Kath read the comments above!! it isn't about people not wanting to work in the vast majority of cases, it is simply down to finance people can't afford to take up the positons he is offering on a basic minimum wage take home £760.52 a month

rent £400 maybe more mortgage

heating £100+

= 260.52 0r £65.13 a week take out council tax, food, travel etc out of that it doesn't add up commision is a risk factor many can't afford either


Why so bitchy, Kevin? We've got one of his machines, it gets serviced and maintained impeccably, his charges are reasonable and he seems like a decent bloke.

The company is expanding so obviously he's doing something right.

What are you, a bitter & twisted doley who doesn't see why he should get out of bed for less than £50k a year?????


Nice reply

Not bitchy not UNEMPLOYED (and never have been) Just stating facts as it was not in job centre (Check online)

Due to government cut backs libraries are closing. It’s ok for the likes of you and Nicole making comments like you have but no doubt you are another MD on buckets load of cash.


So first you sneeringly ask if I'm his wife, then you come out with another jealous and spiteful assumption about me - which is also wrong.

You're a sad man, luckily that's your problem, not mine.


To all those comments about minimum wage and offering peanuts etc.

You should be ashamed of yourselves! No wonder this country is full of Eastern Europeans taking all the lower paid jobs...why because at least they are prepared to work! The world owes no one a living and if it were up to me I would insist that all unemployed did voluntary work whilst claiming then perhaps they would choose to work in a field where they can retrain or succeed and not just winge!

I know plenty of farmers who have to ship over staff because no one wants the work.

To those who are trying to find work genuinely good luck, I dont tar you with the same brush. Personaly I have been unemployed in my life for about two weeks when minimum wage wasnt about and I took anything so i didnt have to claim!


What a load of tosh. I am not unemployed last time was back in 1982 however being in the very lucky position as you, where we are not one of these poor people struggling on benefits which the (majority)are, and not by choice, its a bit rich to take the moral high ground.

Your total garbage about farmers having to bring in eastern Europeans because no one wants to work?? , i am aware of many farmers the ones i am aware off just want cheap labour back in the early 80's they went through the kids on youth training schemes like it was a cookie jar they couldn't keep their hands out of.

Many Eu workers on farms are put up in caravans in the farm yard,and charged over the top rent for it they then pay minimum wage he farmer is dam worse than benefit scroungers if you ask me.

I would also add many of these poor people now thrown on benefits were tax payers so no the world does not owe them a living but their country has a duty of care for them when their luck runs out, as they were tax payers.

Of course we have the idle, the majority are not.They can all take a job but it has to pay as an example shows above der i gotta job but no money to get there, eat or pay der bills but i work he he he .

As for this company i just feel it was a marketing gimmick doubt he needed to employ a pr team to think of it .

I t will be interesting if the SStar goes back on a follow up article and see how many were employed and how they have got on .

Unemployed Single Mother

Although I would not class myself lazy I can see that looking at the benefits and discounts I am on if I worked over 16 hours unless I was on over £20K it would simply not be worth my while. I do not have a massive skill base so can understand why I would not be employed at that rate. People like me are very lucky but sometimes it can be very lonely.

Business Owner

Thanks for the comment. I know from experience that many single parents have the same issue it can be frustrating for employers to find someone really good but just not be able to compete initially whilst training or building up a business salaries to rival the state benefits system. Its lovely to hear someone being honest.

Stephen Sanders

There's another way of looking at this low wages v. dole discussion. If the state didn't (rightly or wrongly) top up the income of those on low wages with housing benefit, income support, council tax benefit, etc., bosses may have to pay higher wages as people would be unable to live on low wages. Or pirces would have to fall to match people's incomes. There's a similar situation re. the current debate about high rents being paid by the state. If this stopped, rents may have to come down. So ironically by trying to help the poor, the state can be seen as helping keep wages low and prices and rents high. How's that for a conspiracy theory?!

Mr Grumpy

The slight flaw with that plan is that people will starve & become homeless in their thousands before prices eventually come down to their level.

I'm not sure that many of us would like to volunteer to a period of abject poverty in order to wait for the markets to meet them, I sure as hell wouldn't and I'm already at the point of worrying about choosing between food & heating...


Well argued Stephen, and I certainly don't agree with directors of businesses that can afford decent wages siphoning off profits for themselves. Nor am I in favour of people living in poverty.

However, rents are not coming down to match the changes in housing benefits, they are going up - there will always be people who can afford high rents and landlords will take advantage of that.

On wages: in the current climate, small-to-medium businesses often cannot afford more than minimum wage. The only way they could increase pay would be to put up their prices, and good luck with that in a recession.

There's a fair bit of hypocrisy around this - small corner shops are often more expensive because of their poor buying power. If a local shop put up prices even more to pay their staff decent wages, would people on here support them, shop there, pay the higher price? No, they'd go to Tesco.

If people want to see higher wages, they need to be prepared to pay higher prices.

And yes, I do know for a fact there are plenty of people are just too bone idle to work if the state will keep them.


Most local corner shops prices are dear because they are convenience stores ie you run out of coffee etc are you going to drive to a supermarket ? or go to a corner shop or the village shop?, you pop to the latter and you are charged for that privilege.

A friend of mine had one such shop, a lady came in for some cornflakes when she saw the price she said "im not paying those rip off prices , how can you charge that? your ripping people off" she then stormed out .

Ten minutes later she was back threw the box of cornflakes on the counter and said"have to pay the rip of price as the kids have not got any cereal for breakfast" at which point he said "you cant have them"now clearly angry the lady said "i want them" his reply "drive to the supermarket love now get out your barred".He encountered a lot of this behavior from so sold out to the coop who amusingly charge more .


Have you tried living on £12,500 a year Adrian?

What do you expect!!


Well i became unemployed as of last friday, after being self employed for 4 years i had to cut my losses and finish trading.

Today I applied for one of the Jobs at Unique Copiers, i live in Shrewsbury not Telford, and i would be more than happy to travel there every day by public transport if i have to just so i can work.

I really do hope my application is successful.


Best of luck with your application , hope all goes well.

Smarty pants

Just a small snippet from their company website


Second snippet

Need a demonstration?

If you already have a printer or photocopier and it needs repaired or serviced, then please contact us.

I guess the company could maybe invest in a better web service or even a proof reader.......


As a new small business owner trying to gain contracts and employees within Shropshire and the West Midlands I am having to keep my prices 10 - 20% lower than my competitors to have any chance of winning contracts. To ensure that I can pay my staff a reasonable wage (min £8/hr)I have to take additional sub contracted work which takes me away from home and my business for upto 15days a month.

I could not afford to pay my staff a full time wage of circa £20k without going bust, is it therefore wrong of me to expect people to work for a wage of £8/hr instead of having dole? I agree that some people are unable to get a job due to insufficient training / qualifications but also believe that dole etc should only meet NMW rates. Why should someone on the dole and benefits be recieving more than both my wife and I can earn working 2 full time jobs?