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3 days ago

£1m boost for Armed Forces Memorial

David Cameron has announced a funding boost of £1 million to help maintain the Armed Forces Memorial

David Cameron has announced £1 million to maintain the Armed Forces Memorial honouring service personnel who have been killed in conflicts including Iraq and Afghanistan.

4 days ago

Hopes raised for Ebola breakthrough

About 45% of those infected in the current Ebola outbreak have survived without treatment (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention/PA)

Hopes of a breakthrough in the fight against Ebola have been raised by the 100% successful treatment of monkeys with the deadly disease.

4 days ago

PM to urge tougher Russia sanctions

Prime Minister David Cameron will urge fellow European leaders to ratchet up the pressure on Russia over Ukraine when they meet at a summit in Brussels

David Cameron is to push for harsher sanctions against Russia after Moscow was accused of deploying more than 1,000 troops and an arsenal of weapons into Ukraine.

5 days ago

Halt badger culls, minister urged

The Badger Trust is seeking a court ruling to block a new cull in Gloucestershire and Somerset without an independent expert panel

A new plea has been made to Environment Secretary Liz Truss to stop the latest badger culls and save hundreds of animals from "potentially unnecessary and inhumane deaths".

6 days ago

Hillsborough fan claims defended

96 fans died as a result of the Hillsborough disaster

A former police officer has denied he vastly exaggerated the behaviour of Liverpool fans after a police chief told him "drunken, ticketless" supporters were to blame for the Hillsborough disaster.

7 days ago

£180,000 fine after jail data loss

Information was being insecurely handled at all 75 prisons in England and Wales

The Ministry of Justice has been fined £180,000 by the data watchdog for serious failings in the way prisons have been handling information relating to inmates, victims and visitors.

10 days ago

Briton with Ebola flown back to UK

The Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London, where a British healthcare worker who tested positive for Ebola in Sierra Leone is to be treated, after being evacuated to the UK on a Royal Air Force jet.

A plane carrying a British healthcare worker who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone has landed in the UK, the Ministry of Defence said tonight.