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15 hours ago

Man sentenced over drinking fish

Video still of Paul Wooding preparing and drinking a cocktail containing alcohol and four live minnows (RSPCA)

A 33-year-old binman who drank four fish in a cocktail of alcohol has walked free from court after being charged with animal cruelty.

1 day ago

Stabbing students' inquest opens

Medical student Neil Dalton, 22, was stabbed to death in Malaysia

The grieving fathers of two British medical students stabbed to death in Malaysia identified their sons' remains after they were flown home, an inquest has heard.

2 days ago

War rescue dog among Hall of Heroes

Rip the rescue dog searched for people buried in rubble after bombing raids during the Blitz

A Second World War rescue dog credited with saving more than 100 lives is among a new "Hall of Heroes" celebrating heroic figures from spanning centuries of history.

2 days ago

Legal highs 'deadlier than heroin'

A think-tank says there could soon be more deaths from legal highs than from heroin use

Deaths linked to legal highs could surpass those related to heroin use within just two years, a new report by a think-tank will say.

4 days ago

Experts study festival legal highs

A ban on legal highs has been in place at the V Festival for seven years

Government scientists are being sent to the V Festival to analyse samples of so-called legal highs amid renewed warnings against taking the party drugs.

4 days ago

Family tribute to murdered student

Aidan Brunger was stabbed to death in Borneo along with fellow student Neil Dalton

The family of one of the two medical students stabbed to death in Borneo have spoken of their devastation at the "senseless" killing.