Princess Anne officially opens Shrewsbury's new incinerator - watch the video

Princess Anne visited Shrewsbury today to officially open the town's new £60 million incinerator.

The Princess Royal saw the control room at Veolia’s site in Battlefield, which first processed waste in December 2014, before unveiling a plaque today.

The Princess Royal also visited Carers Trust 4all, Shropshire Carers Service in Tilstock Crescent, Sutton Farm.

See our live coverage of the visit here.


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Comments for: "Princess Anne officially opens Shrewsbury's new incinerator - watch the video"


Was Daniel K there, or could they only do the royal opening over his dead body as well as build it


She's opening incinerators these days?

She needs a new agent.


I love the representative from Shropshire Council saying it is a huge success. We the taxpayer are still paying for the phenomenal sum of the costs award against this council for refusing permission against legal advice and lost a once in a life time opportunity to heat thousands of homes if we had worked alongside Veolia instead of against.

It is a tragedy, or La Tragédie.