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Brushes with fame (4)

Obama selfie

Watched by up to 42 million people, American comedian GloZell is known as "the  Queen of YouTube" and made headlines when she posed for a selfie with President Obama.

The secrets of ancient Egypt unravelled in Shrewsbury

The life of the Shabti exhibit. Shabti figures were developed from the servant figures which were found in tombs.

If you have ever wondered why the ancient Egyptians insisted on wrapping their dead in bandages, filling tombs with ornate trinkets, or how they constructed the pyramids, then a new exhibition in Shrewsbury has the answer.

First World War plane gets remodeled in Shropshire

Having ago Harry Bettison.

It was used to fight on the Western Front and defend our country in the First World War - and families flocked from far and wide at the weekend to make their very own models of the Sopwith Pup, a British fighter aircraft.