Worthen Primary school celebrates 'good' grade in Ofsted report

A school is celebrating after it was graded it as ‘good’ in all areas by Ofsted, having previously been rated as requiring improvement.

After Worthen Primary School was told to improve in the initial report, governors at the school and at Hope CE Primary School agreed to federate – with Westbury CE Primary School joining the federation earlier this year. 

Since the beginning of this term pupils from all three schools have been taught at the Worthen site, near Shrewsbury.

In her report, the Ofsted inspector praised headteacher Jane Gill for bringing many skills to the school since her appointment; uniting the pupils, staff and the wider school community; and providing a clear sense of purpose. 

The inspection report said: “Leaders have used the school’s federation with two other schools to strengthen teaching and teaching is now good. As a result, expectations of what pupils can achieve have risen.

“Leaders and staff have successfully integrated pupils from the three schools. Parents, pupils and staff have only good things to say about the arrangement.” 

The report identifies some areas for improvement if the school is to achieve an “outstanding” rating.

Ms Gill said: “This Ofsted report reflects the high standards which the staff, pupils, and parents have worked so hard for. Rightly, we are all very proud of our school and our journey to ‘outstanding’ has already begun.

”Some parents and children were anxious about the change and it has been a challenging process, but we’ve ended up with a buzzing, and a sustainable school.” 

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Comments for: "Worthen Primary school celebrates 'good' grade in Ofsted report"

Mr Majestic

Nothing like a good kick up the bottom to focus the mind..

I would also point out as living in the area of this "Good school" much of the criticism of the changes were from narrow minded bigoted folk who didn't want the westbury pupils being bussed in to worthen, due to the perceived issues put out about some westbury pupils . All utter nonsense I believe. and the same folk can be found bleating on about some residents of the social housing in westbury at the odd parish council meetings etc , just bigots nothing more.