Oswestry energy park ‘would mean 1,300 lorry trips’

More than 1,300 heavy goods vehicles travelling to and from a proposed renewable energy park would have a “dramatic effect” on a village’s landscape, tourist economy and infrastructure, it has been claimed.

Woods at the old racecourse in Oswestry
Woods at the old racecourse in Oswestry near to where the park will be

Members of Oswestry Rural Parish Council have voiced their opposition to plans for a renewable energy park – to include a 101-metre high wind turbine and 2,500 solar panels – and say they can’t support the access plans for the development.

They will discuss the application for the proposed Cefn y Maes Community Renewable Energy Park, on a site near Oswestry’s Old Racecourse at Rhydycroesau, at a meeting next week.

The application for the energy park will also be looked at by Powys County Council, while the supporting access and electricity infrastructure applications will go before Shropshire Council for consideration.

Councillor Robert Milton, chairman of Oswestry Rural Parish Council, said: “On access grounds, the council came to the decision that we cannot support it, especially with the figure thrown up for 1,300 HGVs travelling to and from the renewable energy park, and that doesn’t include local contractors’ vehicles.

“The vehicles will have an extremely dramatic effect on local tourism, as well as the landscape and infrastructure.

“There are particular fears about the infrastructure because the roads aren’t designed to be able to cope with the type and scale of the vehicles that could be travelling back and to on the roads. It will cause a lot of damage to the infrastructure.”

Councillor Milton said the meeting attracted “most members of the community” with the local feeling “strongly opposed” to the plans.

The developers behind the scheme, renewables firm Engena Limited, say the energy park will have a lifespan of 30 years and will produce enough energy to provide electricity for more than 550 homes.

Last month Miles Hunter, the owner of the Pen-y-Dyffryn Hotel in Rhydycroesau and the founder of local campaign group, Community Against Rhydycroesau Turbine and EnergyPark, said the plans could “scar the local landscape and community for many years to come”.

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Comments for: "Oswestry energy park ‘would mean 1,300 lorry trips’"

sweet caroline

Perhaps councillor Milton could explain how is it possible to need 1300 abnormal loads to build 1 single wind turbine,this anti wind propaganda spouted by these two people is making them the laughing stock of the area. Come on Mr Milton we need an answer.

Tell it like it is

It's all a load of tosh that we have heard before about the solar farm at Gobowen . That had twenty thousand panels and was built in two months .Dont these silly people realise that without renewable energy climate change will decimate the green landscape that they profess to be fighting for. What makes the local hotel owner think that now his business is set up nobody else is allowed to do anything that might slightly change the veiw .

Also I m sick of all these nimbey stories in the Shropshire star ,they should know better than to print such rubbish that's spouted by parish councillors and local hoteliers about ruining the tourist trade etc . It's the same old stories when somebody wants to build a few houses .

Let the nimbeys decide and we will all end up back in the dark ages

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