Review ordered over Shrewsbury speed bumps on busy road

An urgent review will be carried out on three new speed bumps in Shrewsbury after it was discovered they were higher than agreed.

The scene in Oteley Road where they mystery ducks have appeared
Oteley Road

The issue came to light after Shropshire Council received a number of calls and complaints from drivers about the ‘plateaus’ – a type of speed bump which aims to reduce the speed of traffic – that were installed on Oteley Road last week.

After a crunch meeting on Monday, the developers and their contractors have agreed to look into the issue immediately with a view to lowering the bumps and making them more acceptable to the council and road users.

In the meantime, an advisory 20mph speed limit has been put in place to encourage drivers to slow down when approaching them.

Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said he shared the frustration drivers have over the bumps.

He said: “The work on Oteley Road must meet the required standard and must be suitable for all road users.

“The raised plateaus are much too severe and I share the annoyance and frustration of drivers who have had to drive along Oteley Road over the past few days.

“However, I’m pleased that, following our meeting, the developer is now looking into this issue as a matter of urgency and will rectify things at the earliest opportunity.”

The work currently taking place along Oteley Road includes the installation of a new pedestrian crossing point and the raised plateaus.

These works are developer led and are being delivered in association with the proposed Shrewsbury South Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE).

The SUE was identified as a strategic location for development to help to meet the town’s future housing and employment needs.

It will include the provision of approximately 900 new homes together with 26 hectares of employment land, a local centre, community facilities and public open space.

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Comments for: "Review ordered over Shrewsbury speed bumps on busy road"


Cue the road having to be dug up again because of the incompetence of the contractor!

Why was this not checked by the council they are dangerous and a complete shambles!


Why do they need speed humps there now?

When they do build all the houses might it be better to fence the road and direct pedestrians to a pedestrian controlled crossing. I fully accept that vehicles will exceed 30 MPH on this road and so they should. Why slow them down to ridiculous delays. Manage the pedestrians instead.

Davy C

I've travelled over these a number of times and although slightly high at the moment the road either side hasn't yet been dressed so would have thought an extra thick dressing would sort the problem? In answer to Roger there is a new controlled crossing in place but not yet working waiting for the houses to be built


Davy the point is that this road is one of the major roads in Shrewsbury and to have speed bumps on it is ridiculous. Yet another hair brain scheme thought up by Simon Jones and his boy scouts at Shropshire Council.

The common sense thing to do would of been to just have pelican crossings and no speed bumps like most other places in Shrewsbury with the same type of layout or feature.

jim jams

Is the speed limit still 40MPH. I don't think you are allowed to put speed bumps on a road unless the limit is 30MPH or below...worth checking....I don't suppose the highways department knows the laws, let alone follows them though.


All a wonderful part of the Shrewsbury South Unsustainable Urban Extension.

Expect more nonsense as time goes on.

thomas the tank

Is there a council in the country that doesn't want to make life difficult for the motorist, just for the sake of it?