Meole Brace roundabout to close during weekdays for FIVE weeks

The next phase of the major redevelopment of a Shrewsbury roundabout begins this weekend, and will run for five weeks.

Roadworks at the Meole Brace roundabout, Shrewsbury.
Roadworks at the Meole Brace roundabout, Shrewsbury.

Motorists are being reminded the next stage of work on Meole Brace roundabout in Shrewsbury is about to re-start.

Contractors will move onto the site at the weekend, and construction work will get under way with part of the roundabout closed and diversions put in place.

The section of roundabout will be closed from 10pm on a Sunday night to 4pm on a Friday between February 12 and March 24, but will be open weekends.

It is part of the £12 million Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package, which will see work carried out over the next 11 months to improve four major junctions around the ‘inner bypass’, at Meole Brace roundabout, English Bridge Gyratory, Reabrook roundabout and Longden Coleham.

The plans for the Meole Brace roundabout
The plans for the Meole Brace roundabout

Today, transport bosses have urged drivers to plan ahead and avoid the area where possible during the works.

Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “The work on the Meole Brace Roundabout is the first, important, part of the Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package (SITP), which has been designed to improve the transport system in Shrewsbury, and enhance the town centre.

“The work at Meole will ensure the roundabout continues to function after the vast development along Oteley Road is complete, and with the predicted additional users of the


“Additional safety benefits will also be added, such as a dedicated foot and cycle route to prevent some of the numerous cycle accidents that have occurred and to make it safer for football fans to visit the Greenhous Meadow or shoppers to visit the retail park, with additional signal-controlled crossings also being installed.

“We appreciate that this next phase of work will cause disruption and inconvenience but we ask people for their patience while this important work is carried out, and we encourage drivers to use an alternative route whenever possible.”

Machinery will move in on the roundabout on Friday, with diversions and partial closures coming into force this Sunday.

The closure will affect the section of roundabout at the junction with Hereford Road, meaning motorists will have to exit on to Hereford Road itself and continue to the retail park roundabout before turning back on themselves to complete a circuit of Meole Brace roundabout.


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Comments for: "Meole Brace roundabout to close during weekdays for FIVE weeks"


The council say to 'plan ahead' but what they fail to remember is that this will cause massive delays and congestion all around the area!

So to plan ahead to you get on the A5 meaning you have to go via Dobbies Island which will be chaos because of this closure?

Or do you go through the town centre which is always congested and get stuck for ages trying to get to the North side of town?

Or even better do you go right out of your way up to Montford Bridge then out to Leaton through the back roads and out onto Coton Hill or Ellesmere Road, which takes ages?

Well done Shropshire Council for firstly going ahead with this stupid project, and secondly creating more and more problems.

Idiots guide to road works planning = not written by Shropshire Council


I obviously misunderstood previous announcements because I thought this work and in particular the insane diversion had started weeks ago.

Yesterday I needed to go to the Retial Park and decided to bite the bullet and go. Image my surprise as i drove straight through the Meole Island, up the retail park Island, into the car park and found lots of spaces close the shop doors. The shops were not as busy as usual so I was in and out in jiffy.

I obviously got the dates wrong and I had been avoiding the area for no reason at all. I looked as best I could as I passed the Meole Island on my way home. It was just as was at Christmas, not a worker in sight. For a moment I thought they had abandoned the project due to public outcry of "Useless waste of money" The wrong roadway forming the burger". "Why mend it when it's not broken".

Then this morning I read this. Nothing has changed I just got the date wrong. But I can't be on my own because the car park was not full, the shop was not busy. So folks we have until Feb 12th to do any shopping we need to do before madness takes over.

I dread to think how much turnover these shops have lost so far and how much they will lose once it starts. It has to a serious amount of money. I will return there in April to see the final job, see how much delay they added and if the predictions are right. That it will speed vehicles to the pinch point faster and create even bigger queues than before so the tailback from the retail park roundabout will back onto the main Meole Island. They almost did before, who knows what adding another set of lights will do. All they ever needed to do was turn off the old lights and repaint the road lines as a normal roundabout. But we shall see what is actually achieved for 12 million pounds. Mean time we will all sit in the queues in Harlescott and Battlefield wondering when will they address the real problems and how long before before the NWRR.

My mind runs to will the new Ellesmere Road Island for the NWRR end up as a hamburger? Or will they create chaos before they realise how many roads and how much traffic will converge there and realise, a conventional roundabout is not going to do it. A fly over or underpass will be needed for the main ring road flow. Maybe Meole is the rehearsal, Practice on something that does not have too much traffic on it.


So you really think that people are staying away just because of the roadworks or potential of roadworks ?


I certainly was and will. The number of free parking spaces in the retail park and lack of customers in the pound shop I went to, would seem to indicate that. I expect business to fall in January after the Christmas spending spree but we have now past the next pay day so I would expect an increase in turnover in the week following pay day. I would expect shops like the pound shop, cheaper goods, to be busier but it was not. I can't think of any other reason to account for it.


I agree with Roger here they are staying away. Lots of people I know have avoided the area and drove to Telford instead because of the planned works.

The council have got this all wrong and have clearly not bothered to listen to local residents or ask the wider public.

They will just come back with the answer of "in the long run it will benefit everyone"....

Meole Brace Retail Park will be a no go area for more than 5 weeks mark my words.


Oh ok fair enough, everyone probably has difference experience I guess.


I similarly dislike the planned roadworks, but to go all the way to Telford just to avoid any delays is a little extreme surely.


Not if you live in Harlescott. If you need a particular shop on Meole retail Park it is probably faster to go to Telford if the shop is on the one of the outer retail parks in Telford. But personally what I can't get before April in Harlescott will just have to wait. The pound shop, Sports Direct, Next and Curries spring to mind. Everythin else is in Harlescott uner a another band and we have discount grocers that Meole does not. It's a two thing I feel very sorry for those who live amongst this.


My 2 year old is clearly better qualified to make decisions than this council. What an utter waste of time and money just like the doomed concrete block on Smithfield road was and the pointless new roundabout at emstrey. Where do you find these people??

Meole retail park has always needed a secondary exit/entrance that could be permanent or temporary for busy times - something that should have been thought about prior to construction.

Good luck, you're going to annoy many many tax payers yet again

O'Town Monner

It wil be a bit difficult for Meole Estate residents to use an alternative route. Isn't it the only legal way into the estate? The other entrance is buses only?

I'd personally like to see the roundabout renamed to honour the person who dreamt up this crazy waste of tax payers money. If it works then they can be proud of it but if it fails we will be constantly reminded of who to blame!!!

[Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “The work on the Meole Brace Roundabout is the first, important, part of the Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package (SITP), which has been designed to improve the transport system in Shrewsbury, and enhance the town centre.]

That'll do for now! - I give you the 'Simon Jones roundabout'!!!


I think Sports direct, are going to build a new store between Argos, and T K Max , to improve the traffic flow, of the retail park a third lane will be put in on the exit side ,

How that is going to improve traffic flow i don't know, it will still take 30 to 45 minutes to join the Que from Halfords and M & S on a busy day , and we the extra traffic coming off M B roundabout , the traffic will still be blocked on the R T park


The people who ignored public opinion and common sense are determined to waste public money on this folly, They need to be removed from office. They are clearly incompetent on a grand scale.


What a lot of nonsense being posted over a five week diversion!

jim jams

Yes lets make it five months and see all the shops close on the retail park...hurrah for Mr Common Sense from the council.


But its not going to take 5 months, so what are you on about Jim Jam ?

jim jams

A joke, shanks, have you heard of that word?


Hope the Council will have some money left in the kitty. There's some big names on that retail park who won't be happy to see their trade on the decline. Might be some big compensation bills heading towards the Council.


Wow you have some good imagination Verity !


Ha ha hilarious !


Exactly what I thought Clantunag. It's amazing how much more clever people think they are and causing any disruption to cars however unavoidable is it seems a cardinal sin.

Highways engineering appear to be the most maligned job there is.

jim jams

Maligned or misaligned? I know where my money is.


Why not construct the proposed Lidl store on the roundabout? The council own the land, so they will be able to sell it and the shoppers will be able to park handily on the road which currently encircles it.

I don't see a problem as the traffic will likely be at a permanent standstill after the 'improvements' in any case.


Ooh, and wait until Shrewsbury Town are playing at home!!!!!!


Please please forgive me in Shropshire to whom the following may not be applicable.

I arrived in Shropshire 58 years ago. There's a saying when you have lived in Shropshire, if you leave you will always come back. And why not, it is a truly beautiful county.

Upon my arrival I was also taught another local ditty. 'Shropshire born, Shropshire bred, strong in the arm and thick in the head'

Well that must be applicable to Mr Pate. 'Pate' as in head, and head of the Shropshire Council


As a Salopian I went off to find my fortune and see how the rest of country lived. Of course I eventually came back to my retirement job. and now retired here at home.

I think your second expression refers to those who did no go away to learn how other people lived elsewhere. There is a very definite attitude that Shropshire is best and they work hard to prove it. But for those returnees I see the frustration of painting on such a small canvas with such Conservative short term thinking locals and penny wise pound foolish policies.

The County and Shrewsbury have such enormous potential but the locals have no idea how to realise it. Many have noted the difference between Shrewsbury and Telford when it comes to aspirations and achievments. It is like chalk and cheese. Shrewsbury's dyed in the wool Conservatism and Telford's population with their roots from all over the country. Their Town, a twentieth century creation and Shrewsbury's historic past that struggles to meet Twenty fist century living. When Henry the XIII offered Shrewsbury city status and the Cathedral to house the Bishop of the West Midlands diocese the Town Elders turned it down in their expression that they would prefer to be the best town in England. The first among many. Actually they turned it down because they thought it would cost to much to maintain the support of a City. Nothing has really changed. The local are still afraid of growing. Today if we doubled the population of the town it would still be a very moderate population for a County Town but they still moan, correctly, that everything goes to Telford.

The County Council of course is the centre of Conservatism in Shropshire. The last bunch a gang from Oswestry with little town minds and this lot led by someone who lives in a Wolverhampton suburb and looks at the City of Wolverhampton with all it's trouble and strife and says "No thanks", we would prefer to be a bit backward and live a quiet life. How Backward? Well, they agree with their counter parts from the time of Henry XIII. It's not that we can't, but we just don't want to. But of course that does mean we are no longer London's strength in Welsh Marches. In fact even the Army has now deserted what was a Garrison Town of prime importance for a thousand years. All that's left is a small dormitory town for Birmingham. Population growing fast but not for it's own sake any more.


Henry the Thirteenth? A very unlucky king!


Aberrationfor X read V Henry seemed to ok but it was the first nail in Shrewsbury's coffin. A very unlucky thing to turn down a king.


Simon Jones the most obnoxious self important cabinet member who has not got a clue what is the best way to solve traffic problems in meole.Lets hope he gets a job at another council soon so that we can have someone with some common sense instead


Kiloz, there's no need to get personal, it's only a roundabout and some roadworks?

jim jams

It's only a disaster, I'm sure people said that about the's just a ship and an iceberg.


See how many lose their seats at the next elections after all this...

jim jams

I get the impression it is incompetent officers putting forward plans to the councillors to approve, based on poor evidence/pure speculation that the project is either necessary or likely to improve so many road "improvement" schemes show on completion these days.

It appears that so many of these schemes are designed to create work for contractors or to deliberately slow down traffic to the point that it goes elsewhere.


Consultants and Contractors making suggestions and money from a naive council.


This so called improved traffic system is an absolute shambles....Shrewsbury Council should be ashamed...utter waste of money