Shropshire plagued by more than 200 roadworks

Motorists in Shropshire are being plagued by more than 200 different sets of roadworks across the county, new figures revealed today.

There are 47 sets of ongoing roadworks in Shrewsbury, 55 in Telford, 18 in Oswestry and 17 in Ludlow.

Whitchurch has 15, Market Drayton and Bridgnorth each have eight, there are seven in Wem and Tenbury Wells and Newport have six and five respectively.

Two sets of roadworks are being carried out on the M54, and minor works are also being carried out on smaller roads and lanes across the county.

Shropshire Council chiefs defended the amount of work and say they are doing everything possible to keep traffic moving.

Nationally, the figures show that frustrated motorists have to contend with up to 19,000 sets of roadworks which stretch for a staggering 1,434 miles – almost twice the distance between Land’s End and John O’Groats.

The study has been carried out by breakdown company Britannia Rescue through traffic website

On Monday more work to resurface roads across the county got under way, with disruption being caused on the A41 near Newport, on the A458 at the Shelton lights in Shrewsbury, on the A49 Ashton to Brimfield, on the A483 in Llanymynech, on the A525 near Whitchurch and on the B5068 at Duddleston Heath.

The latest roadworks project is part of a £2 million programme of investment to improve the highway network and council bosses expect the work to be finished by Easter.

Meanwhile motorway drivers have faced 50mph speed limits between junctions six and seven of the M54 at Telford since last October as work is carried out to replace the barriers and signs on the westbound carriageway.

And motorists have faced long delays in Shrewsbury town centre since the end of January due to phase two of the £1.5 million scheme to enhance Shrewsbury’s ‘northern gateway’, with key roads such as Smithfield Road, Castle Gates, Cross Street and Howard Street all hit by roadworks.

Shropshire Council chiefs today said making road improvements remained one of their ‘top priorities’ .

They maintained that they do everything possible to minimise disruption for drivers and residents.

The authority plans to introduce a permit scheme this autumn meaning utilities companies will be required to get a permit before carrying out work, to reduce the number of roadworks taking place at short notice.

Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member for highways, said: “Improving and maintaining the condition of our roads is one of our top priorities.”

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Comments for: "Shropshire plagued by more than 200 roadworks "

Telford Steve

If they didn't do this work I'd have more to complain about.

Robert Tressell

It happens every year at this time as the council rush to spend money remaining in the budget before the end of the financial year. The chaos that this causes doesn't seem to matter to them.

Ivor Telford

3 sets of temporary lights within a few hundred yards in Lawley is just poor, why don't the powers to be get together and co-ordinate road works better.

Shropshire Lass

It's about time the winter potholes were repaired the roads desperately need this work, stop whinging, it's not forever and it'll stop your car getting damaged!!

Robin Hood

Funny how our Tory Council is suddenly doing lots of visible "work" now that the local elections are in site.

I was surprised to see a gritter on our street for the first time ever this winter - but then the penny dropped - concentrate on the things that people see while cutting those things that people can't see even if it means disadvantaging the most vulnerable in society.

More gritting, more road works, but no hot dinners for people who are housebound and can't cook for themselves, no Grange Day Centre, whack up rent for poor people, dessimate local bus services while making parking free for the Shrewsbury Food Festival...these are the decisions our Conservative Councillors are making.


Telford Steve

I don't think the law of "purdha" allows that sort of thing.


Simon Jones, Shropshire Council’s cabinet member for highways, said: “Improving and maintaining the condition of our roads is one of our top priorities.”

How can it be a top priority when you leave the improvements until the last quarter of the financial year rather than carrying them out in the first in the first quarter?Answer that Simon Jones.

In the know

Not all these 'road works' are actual Council road improvements; Most are the utility companies (like Severn Trent, Gas, BT, Electricity) digging up our roads. Get to know your subject before making the same old moans and groans your type always seem to bang on about!

Whitchurch One

Why are the kerbs and pavement being replaced on the A525 when you could lose a car in the lunar landscape road surface . Makes you wonder who decides the priorities .


I would imagine they probably have had to alter the kerb levels as they are planning to change the levels of the road, to aid drainage or if there is a poor camber. The kerbs will be replaced first and then the road resurfaced.


Ha! "The Northern Gateway" Who dreams up these names, you would think you where on the approach into California instead of little biddy old Shrewsbury, always brings a smile to my face :-o))) It's like goin down "The West End" In Shrewsbury, do me a favour!....what all 200yards of it, absolute joke!


Well I still can't see the benefits of the changes at the bottom of Coton Hill/Railway Station. All I can gather is that it has made matters worse


Rumour has it that the congestion effect is deliberate and planned! enabling the council to present a greater case for the Northern relief road?

Lets face it, what goods a ring road that's horseshoe shaped!

Ben UK

So we complain when our Road Tax isn't spent on the road, and we moan when it is...