Bayston Hill passenger anger over bus services

Protesting pensioners have hit out at Arriva Midlands for making changes to their bus route which, they claim, have turned journeys of five minutes into ones lasting for more than an hour.

Anne Roberts and Brian Church, from Shropshire Seniors, at a bus stop in Pulley Lane, Bayston Hill
Anne Roberts and Brian Church, from Shropshire Seniors, at a bus stop in Pulley Lane, Bayston Hill

Arriva changed the route of the No 27 bus that runs through Bayston Hill last year so it no longer runs in both directions, despite protests from villagers.

The service no longer loops back through a large part of Bayston Hill.

Pensioners from Bayston Hill are unhappy with the current bus service run by Arriva Midlands
Pensioners from Bayston Hill are unhappy with the current bus service run by Arriva Midlands

This means many residents cannot return home after making their original journey without going through Shrewsbury.

The Shropshire Seniors organisation say the ‘ludicrous situation’ means many older residents who struggle to walk long distances face taking a lengthy detour through Shrewsbury town centre if they need to get to the centre of the village to go to the shops or the doctor’s.

Anne Roberts, 79, who lives in the village and is registered blind, said: “I hope something will change soon as it really is awful.”

She said that it can be hard for people of her age to get into the centre of the village without the help of a regular bus service.

Mrs Roberts said she had to walk 25 minutes in bad weather to take her dog to the vets. She added: “You can wait 40 minutes for the bus, though they are supposed to be every quarter of an hour. I waited at the bus stop for 40 minutes in the pouring rain. The one thing we really we want to stress is we need a bus back down the village.”

Arriva bosses said today they are currently ‘reviewing the timetable’.

Brian Church, a spokesman for Shropshire Seniors, said: “Some residents are in their 90s, they don’t have a car any more and can’t afford daily taxis.

“We’re mystified why Arriva appears to be going out of its way to pick on loyal and regular customers.”

Mr Church said the changed route means travellers face a 40-minute round trip, with waiting times adding up to 45 minutes.

The group is planning a Millenium Protest where residents whose ages add up to 1,000 years will protest outside Arriva offices each week. Keith Myatt, a spokesman for Arriva Midlands, said the firm is currently reviewing the timetable.

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Comments for: "Bayston Hill passenger anger over bus services"


what makes me laugh is the older people get something for free and still complain it amazes me. if i need to get any ware quicker get a taxi. free bus pass dosent mean you can tell companies what to do.

Liberal Backslider

Lets hope you never get old, Mark, or ill....

I really don't think some people have any comprehension of what 'society' means sometimes.


like i said find a form of transport thats fit for the right person if you need to be somewhere make other arrangements. all bus services are not taxi door to door or other wise fair prices would rise higher for paying people who work. pensioners have all day to wonder on and off buses for free. people who work are glad of any bus service what ever time tables are changed. where i live we get buses every 2 hours if we lucky you get more regular bus service and you still moan.


"Old people whinge about something they get for free"


I wonder if you would be saying the same thing if it was your elderly relative this was affecting or if you yourself were old and unable to walk far and you had to live on a pesion - I doubt it.


if i was old and coudent walk far i wouldent use bus service.I would find other forms transport that would be suited to my needs.


What a truly dreadful comment from you Mark. Did you actually switch your brain on before your fingers danced over the keyboard??

I am a resident of Bayston Hill and I use the bus every day due to me not driving; even though i'm not yet part of the elderly people of the villiage, the bus service is nothing short of shocking, the customers should be getting what the community needs and at the very least arriva should abide by the timetable!

Enlighten me Mark; do you live in the village? do you know the route takes? and do you actually use buses?


I think arriva needto start to improve services, living in a small town/village is very hard for travel, an they just keep cutting village travel every year ..

former driver

unfortunately, all bus services rely on traffic flowing freely to be able to keep to the timetable, unfortunately this is Shrewsbury where traffic is usually at a standstill, so its hardly suprising theyre always late, the routing up Belle Vue Road where the road is near enough single lane due to parked cars also doesnt help and a lot of time can be lost here having to give way to oncoming traffic and waiting behind dustcarts blocking the road. Management have been aware of the problems on this service for a long time now and various methods have been tried to keep them running to time. However, having to go down Landsdowne Road to serve 2 stops and then having to duplicate your route past the Beeches and down Overdale Road for a second time, usually having to pick passengers up that werent there when you came past the first time cetainly wont keep the buses running to time, thats why the decision was made to run straight down Pulley Lane and omit Landsdowne Road. When i first started driving for Arriva 9 years ago the 25 as it was then didnt go down Lansdowne Road anyway and the route was near enough to what it is now so why werent people moaning about it then??? So you have to make your mind up, on time buses where you have to walk a few yards to the bus stop and travel FOR FREE or one that drops you off outside your garden gate. If its the latter i suggest you catch a taxi. As for cutting the country buses, those services are or were subsidised by the Council, so when the Council pulled the plug on that Arriva had no choice but to cut or withdraw the service as they would be losing money hand over fist and seeing as Arriva is a company like all companies its goal is to make money its hardly suprising

Baby boomer

Just a reminder to those who need it that these retired people with their bus passes do not get them for free they payed for them 60/70 years ago by fighting to keep this country free for people like you and worked damned hard paying their way and their taxes without any benifit hand outs to get the country back on its feet for many years after the war was over, so next time try talking to them you may hear some very interesting stories and realise they earned them as our forces are doing today KEEPING THIS COUNTRY SAFE FOR YOU

Shrewsbury Lady

Hear hear -well said.

And Mark I hope you never get old and need other people's help!

Woman in her early 40's

This bus service has always been atrocious, it is a rareity for the buses to arrive on time and when they do arrive is normally with another right behind. I have been a bayston hill resident for 14 years and it does not matter how many times the routes are changed the timetable can never be relied upon!


As An Elderly Lady I Say If You Old Moaning Idiots Want A Bus Pay For It !!

former driver

Just a thought, but those complaining about having to walk to the bus stops, erm what exactly do they do when they get to town????? oh yes thats right, they WALK round the town centre shops. so why is walking to the bus stop so different?? please explain


These people aren't walking around the town centre shops, if you read the article it states to the centre of the VILLAGE not town centre