General Election 2017: Shropshire Labour candidates to be announced soon

Labour is expected to announce its parliamentary candidate for Telford on Monday.

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Councillor Kevin Guy, chairman of Telford Constituency Labour Party, said there had already been a lot of interest in the seat, which is at the moment is held by Conservative Lucy Allan with a wafer-thin majority of just 730 votes.

Councillor Guy said the deadline for applications was Sunday, and a decision was expected the following day.

“We have had a lot of applications, and I have spoken to a number of strong applicants already,” he said.

The former leader of Telford & Wrekin Council Kuldip Singh Sahota this afternoon confirmed he will apply to stand in the general election for Telford.

Mr Sahota, who stepped down as leader of the council in May 2016 after five years in the role, said: "I am going to put my application in over the weekend.

"It is up to the Labour party then. They haven't selected anybody yet and that will be done next weekend."

Mr Sahota has remained part of the authority as a councillor for Malinslee & Dawley Bank, a post he has held for about 15 years.

In Shrewsbury, the party chairman Alan Mosley said there was a lot of determination to make an impact at the polls.

He said: “I would expect that we would have a candidate in place by Monday, May 1.

“There is a great deal of interest and determination in the party to make a big impression in the General Election.

“We have been boosted by finding a good response on the doorstep while canvassing for the local elections both for Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council.”

North Shropshire Labour also hope to have their candidate in place by the end of April to be announced before May 2.

Guidance from the party’s National Executive Committee says applications will close at noon on April 23.

From April 30, local parties will select their candidates before all candidates are in place by May 2.

The Lib Dems have revealed that Jane Dodds will contest the Montgomeryshire seat once again in June’s General Election.

Mrs Dodds, who lost out to Tory Glyn Davies in 2015, revealed she will once again represent the party on June 8.

She said: “Since Theresa May has called the General Election over 8,000 people across the UK have joined the Liberal Democrats.

“They have done so because they know that this is one chance to change the direction of our country.”

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