Civic Society calls for for action over Shrewsbury's Quarry Pool

Shrewsbury Civic Society has issued a rallying cry to townspeople to act over the Quarry Pool.

The Quarry pool in Shrewsbury
The Quarry pool in Shrewsbury

It was announced last month that Shrewsbury Town Council was the sole bidder to run the pool, which has been at the heart of the Quarry park since the mid-1960s.

But despite polls and marches, many suspect Shropshire Council will announce later this year that the pool will be relocated to Sundorne Sports Village.

Simon Beedles, chairman of Shrewsbury Civic Society, said: "The history of the site is engrained in any true Shrewsbury resident.

"The Quarry is a part of Shrewsbury visited by residents throughout their lives.

"It is an integral part of the town. If the Quarry Pool closes, we think the site must remain in public ownership, in a use which can be enjoyed by the public.

"It must not be sold off to fund a budget deficit, as a short term fix. It's time to act, before it is too late. If we wait until a decision on the future on the pools is made, and the closure is the result, it will be too late to raise the issue.

"The society supports the campaign to keep the Quarry Pools where they are.

"But what happens if Shropshire Council wins and the pools move to Sundorne or anywhere else?

"What happens to a site in the centre of Shrewsbury which is part of the Quarry? A site enjoyed by the people of Shrewsbury as far back as memories extend."

He added that the council needs to know the strength of feeling over the matter.

"There might be calls for the site to be sold for a hotel, a car park, housing, a pub, a restaurant, a medical centre, the list goes on," said Mr Beedles.

"It could be suitable for any of these if the council want to raise quick cash.

"If you don't tell Shropshire Council what you think, the site may be lost."

Shrewsbury Town Council is the only organisation to submit an outline business case to keep the pool at the Quarry. The council now has until late October to submit a full business case to Shropshire Council.

Bernard Wills, chairman of the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Forum, said: "There has been a pool on this site since 1894. We support the SCS views that it would be a tragic loss to the town, its residents and those that do not have transport."

The group has launched a survey which will be forwarded to Shrewsbury Town Council and incorporated in to their business case. To access the survey, which is open until April 28, go to

Mr Wills added: "As the survey will reconfirm that the majority of people either walk or cycle to the Quarry centre.

"Why increase car use moving it to Sundorne? Why carry out a full consultation with the public and then ignore that over 68 per cent want the pool centre to stay in the town centre and only 16 per cent want it to move to Sundorne? It will be a significant loss to the town centre businesses if the Quarry centre closes. There is not even a short time gain – only a long term loss.

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Comments for: "Civic Society calls for for action over Shrewsbury's Quarry Pool"


I could not agree more with every aspect of the article. But is probably because I am more than a Salopian but a life long resident of Shrewsbury.

This unitary council is political animal of rural county interests. None of the cabinet live in the principle county town so do not underrstand the role of the town.

They know the value of a assets accumulated over centuries by the town but their only interest is in selling them.

I long for past when Shrewsbury was a county borough and looked after it's self. I would like to see a future where Shrewsbury grew to become a county borough again, even a City. so we could dispose of the hurdle bunters running our council.

Specifically in the case of the Quarry Swimming and Liesure centre I think it should handed back to Shrewsbury council complete with the Dowery of £11 million that Shrewsbury and Atcham put aside to fix the problem. Even if the Unitary council have spent the money and can't give it back I would accept that to ensure that this site is only used for it's current or related public recreation activities. In many ways it is more important than just money. It is our heritage and legacy we are protecting.

We have an opportunity to give the Unitary Council a black eye in May but again it will be the hurdle bunters that decide who sit in the Cabinet room. I doubt the tories can be voted out but I hope for a no overall majority so that power can be shared and the cabinet room can be penetrated by non Tories. There is no doubt in my mind that the systematic asset stripping of Shrewsbury is planned in the Cabinet room and they only come out with when it's too late to stop it, even if we could. In this case the public consultation leaves no doubt. Keep it where it is. If they ignore that it could end up in court but on past precedent they will ensure there is no going back even if they are found guilty. So the place to settle this issue and all the others is in the polling station.

We already know the next to go is the pitch and put and the farms. But what will follow them? the whole golf course. Building Commercial building in the Quarry, or perhaps play grounds and recreation fields for infill brown field housing projects.

It would not be so bad if they spent the money on new assets but it goes into traffic lights and changing roundabouts pointlessly. If it mean the difference in the NWRR or not it might be worth the Quarry Swimming Centre but no more.

Best solution for now is vote them out power and get town representatives into the cabinet. Stop the short term-ism and give due respect to both our legacy and the futures of our children. Long term only Shrewsbury declaring UDI from Shropshire will deliver the long term fortunes of the town.

Mr Majestic

Utter nonsense .

The best and only thing is relocation. Pampering to the few, many who just bleat on that oooh its always been there, we cannot afford to travel further afield , we are on benefits travelling a few miles up the road is impossible and other dross is not acceptable.

Perhaps the civic society could enlighten us how many of their members are "regular users of the pool? and if so how often and in what year did they use the pool.


The term 'people on benefits' ought to perhaps equally apply to those who have 'benefited' from inheriting property don't you think Mrs Maj?

Mr Majestic

Yes if you say so I benefited from inherited wealth and????? as do millions of others in fact anyone who has a parent who owns a property will generally inherit that or the money from its sale .I did NOT benefit from the working tax payer , Sorry I did claim unemployment once for 6 months back in 1983/4 I think if I remember it was £25.55 pw something like that . However sure I have paid more than enough back into the system to repay that . I also benefited from child benefit , some free schooling , dentist, nhs I think on par with most other working folk.

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