Letter: We want politicians to tells us like it is, not what they want us to hear

I do not condone the sexist, racist remarks that have been at the centre of Donald Trump’s campaign to become President of the United States.

Tony Blair and Donald Trump
Tony Blair and Donald Trump

However, he is a man that speaks as he sees it, his views are of the world as it is and his policies to create a fairer and safer society are plain to understand. My word, it compares with the audacious and condescending attitude of Tony Blair.

Who does he think he is? What does he represent but a figurehead of the institutional elite, the type of which the UK public have voted against in the referendum, he is a multi millionaire (made by the abuse of his position of authority being used after his dismissal by the voters of this country).

If he doesn’t like what the British people have democratically voted for then I suggest he leave us alone.

What we need is for people in authority to give it to us as we see it, not what they want us to hear. This failure to speak from the heart is seen throughout our nation, even in our own community.

We were told the maternity and children’s centre at PRH, costing £28 million, should be built in Telford based on clinical need, now we are told it will be moved to Shrewsbury.

We were told that the Malling Walk in Clinic would be closed because it would cost £500,000 to refurbish it, now we’re told by the chief officer of the Telford & Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group that their surplus this year will be £1m.

We were told by the chairman of the CCG that the closure of the walk in centre would probably not make any difference, I wonder if the 8,000 patients who now don’t have a GP would see it that way.

Now the Shropshire CCG have admitted their deficit this year will amount to some £23.5m and yet the newly-appointed chief officer today says that “The future looks bright.”

We don’t yet have a Trump in this country and maybe our culture doesn’t need or want one, but it would be nice to see someone in authority have the strength of character and commitment to tell us things as we see them not what they want us to hear.

Brian Taylor, Muxton

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Comments for: "Letter: We want politicians to tells us like it is, not what they want us to hear"


Do you know something? This letter writer has hit the nail on the head. Tell us the truth. Tell us why we cannot afford to have the full nine years service due to lack of funds. Show us the accounts. Will Joe Public always like the decisions? No. But with an explanation we will at least have a better understanding of why difficult decisons have been made and more tolerance of them instead of the current constant spin that just angers people. We know there isn't enough money for everything. We know you can't please all the people all the time but please stop withholding on us and treating us like children!


Yes, let's have a referendum on this one.


Wow, I couldn't help but laugh reading this. Trump isn't "telling things like they are", he is simply telling his supporters what they want to hear whilst being one of the least transparent and most authoritarian Presidents of recent times.

His rhetoric is one of simplistic hyperbole, exaggerated claims whilst making absurd claims like "biggest landslide win" and "biggest inauguration crowd ever" despite documentary proof to the contrary. The very opposite of "telling things like they are".

How on earth can you criticise Shropshire CC for sugar-coating announcements whilst praising a President who likewise keeps claiming his administration is running "perfectly" and like a "fine-tuned machine" ...despite several resignations, advisor drop-outs and even a US Navy Seal killed in a useless, botched raid he ordered against advice?

Unfortunately, your letter just highlights how easy it is for dishonest politicians to fool people. Your letter is certainly informative, although no in the way you thought.


Before the letter writer gets too excited about Trump, here is a list of the lies (some of them very bizarre lies too!) that he's told so far...


James B

He claimed to have won the largest majority in the Electoral College since Reagan. In fact, Bush (the first one), Clinton and Obama all won with larger Electoral College majorities. He is a wannabe dictator who is so desperate to have his lies accepted as fact, the way his mate Putin's are, that he'll ban anyone who dares dispute them.

the fat controller

“The beauty of me is that I’m very rich.”

“It’s freezing and snowing in New York – we need global warming”

“I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

“My IQ is one of the highest — and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure; it’s not your fault.”

If you are a celebrity you can grab women “by the pussy … You can do anything”

This isn't "telling it as it is". It's a spoilt, rich, bigoted, white guy with more power than a narcissistic, egotist should be given, saying whatever the hell he likes in the same was as he feels he can do whatever the hell he likes with women. I pity the wives whose husbands lap up this kind of regressive crap.


The 'art' of politics is having the ability to lie convincingly.........our MP's lead the world.


In this new age of alternative facts and fake news, I think politicians are battling to tell us what we want to hear (or what they think we want to hear), more and more.

Jeremy Corbyn bucks this trend by speaking his mind and calling it how he sees it, and then regularly gets pilloried for it.