Flags at half-mast over many town halls for Margaret Thatcher

Flags on public buildings in Shropshire will be flown at half-mast next week as a mark of respect for Baroness Thatcher.

Fomer Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Shropshire Council and a number of town councils plan to lower their flags to mark Lady Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday.

The ceremony, which will be attended by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, will be held at St Paul’s Cathedral.

The Union Flag at Shropshire Council’s Shirehall headquarters has been at half-mast since Lady Thatcher’s death following a stroke on Monday.

Flags in Ellesmere and Wem will also be lowered for the funeral.

In Ellesmere the flag at the market hall will be at half-mast and Mayor Alan Clarke said it was essential as a mark of respect.

In Wem, the Union Flag will be flown at half mast outside the town hall. Mayor Peter Broomhall said: “She altered this country and we want to show our respects.”

Bishop’s Castle town clerk Diane Malley, said they hoped to fly the flag despite the start of a £1 million revamp of the town hall.

Oswestry Town Council held a minute’s silence but the Guildhall does not have a flag. Telford & Wrekin Council is also without a flagpole and has no plans to mark the funeral in any other way.

There are no flagpoles on the civic buildings in Craven Arms, Church Stretton or Madeley. Newport Town Council said it would not be lowering the flag as it does not fly the Union Jack, only the town crest.

Officials at Market Drayton, Whitchurch and Ludlow town councils said a decision on whether to lower their flags would be made nearer the time.

Shifnal mayor Councillor Eileen Briscoe said the town did have a flag.

Shrewsbury Town Council has no plans to mark the occasion while Howard Perkins, clerk at Wellington Town Council, said its flag would not be lowered.

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Comments for: "Flags at half-mast over many town halls for Margaret Thatcher"

Nigel Fisher

Quite surprising really (that flags are flying at half-mast on some town halls) given the fact that she neutered local government for which a heavy price is still being paid.


maybe the flags should be flown at half mast for a year for the millions of victims of her evil regime

Ken Adams

Grow up and learn some history, She was voted into power three times by people who thought like her and who agreed with her you lot were always a noisy minority, and still are learn to live with it.


For those of us part of that history Ken, don't bend the truth.

Many who she bought with her generous vote winning give aways are now regretting it and if they aren't, their grandchildren certainly are and will continue to do so.

It is the responsibility of those who achieve power to use is for the benefit of the majority not for self aggrandisement. Her party soon realised they could hide behind her loud and abrasive persona to further increase their personal wealth, not liking her but using her as a weapon against her own working class origins which she sought more than anything to distance herself.


Worth trying AGAIN to link to this. Star don't seem to like the idea of articles that aren't reverential, but for one who doesn't earn his living by writing, I think Stan Collymore nails it. And he's writing about a place less than 20 miles from Shropshire's borders :


eva land

Reading that James brings to mind our councillors undue haste to spend our 32 million on Theatre Severn of our £50 million we apparently made selling off our council housing stock.