Letter: Council must follow lead on broadband


The recent ‘broadbad’ (sic) report on the problems bedevilling rural connectivity that 121 MPs endorsed, including three from Shropshire, has brought some useful extra publicity to an issue that’s so important to counties such as this.

Letter: Cuts to Royal Navy leave us vulnerable

Royal Navy warship stock

Dodgy Dave likes to boast the nation’s defences are safe in his hands, so when a Russian spy ship The Yantar sailed into UK waters off the east coast, military chiefs dispatched the only navy ship available to shadow it, a river class patrol ves...

Letter: Catholic tradition is now under threat

bible religion christianity

There are two divergent trends in Christianity: one claims a once-for-all revelation, immutable in essence but open to modification by the interpretation of hindsight; the other throws this aside by a claim of continual revelation from the Holy Spirit.

Letter: Shropdoc must stay

Shropdoc logo

Just had to say, if Shropdoc loses its contract and it goes to a private company, thinking money will be saved like all private companies that try and do what the true professionals have been doing so well for years, it will not be able to offer such a golden service, so therefore, more people will be going to already overloaded A&E and departments.

Letter: Dry month hitting pubs

pub beer drink stock

As a pub landlord having just suffered one of the wettest years on my watch, which has substantially reduced tourism trade in the rural parts of the county, I have to comment how pleased I was to see the council continually promoting ‘Dry January’.

Letter: Support for solar scheme

solar farm

Environmental charity Stretton Climate Care welcomes the planning inspector’s approval for the Acton Scott solar farm and would make the following comments on the inspector’s observations in coming to his decision.