Letter: Controlled by tyrants

With much of the Middle East tearing itself apart and threatening to spread the conflict to Britain, we can blame Blair and Bush for toppling Saddam Hussein who, albeit brutally, kept the warring factions and religious fanatics in order in a country then at peace.

Letter: NHS should be a border free zone

As a born and bred Salopian I was dismayed to read the letter from Graham Burns “anger over Welsh attitude to A&E”, Star, August 28. The National Health Service is for all British citizens, borders are irrelevant.

Letter: Green electricity more likely to cause a power blackout


With the advent of more and more solar panels plus the growing number of wind generators being connected to the local electricity network I fear the incidents of overloading will undoubtedly increase, resulting in possible brownouts and in the worse case power blackouts – especially in the more rural areas.

Letter: Blame non-voters for electoral woes

ballot vote polls polling voting election

In response to G Griffiths’ letter  (Shropshire Star, August 21) I am unable to understand what point he is attempting to make. He first goes into a tirade about the closure of the prison, barracks, sorting office, and future plans of similar vein for the Shirehall.

Letter: Health service for people who need it

NHS logo

Having been involved in the great hospital/health debate for several years, I am still greatly concerned that services will be designed for the health service and not for the people using the services.

Letter: Web porn is a real threat to our young

Child on computer

Regarding: The dangers of internet pornography (Letters Page  August  15) I am sure that all  readers will agree with the detective inspector who described the case of a 14-year-old raping a 10 year-old as ‘deeply disturbing’.

Letter: Ways to reduce the fly-tipping problem

An old sofa and rubbish dumped in Lilleshall

I read with interest Wayne Breese’s article (Shropshire Star, August 5) on fly-tipping in Lilleshall and also the poll which said 97 per cent of people would like more severe punishments for those found guilty of fly-tipping.

Letter: Division by Cameron

Writing as a sympathetic follower of the Conservative Party, I am disgusted with the way David Cameron has ruined the progress of the party to end its class-driven reputation.