Letter: Immigration protest vote

A think tank wants an all-star team of experts for the North of England for the best possible Brexit deal

A recent study shows us what we really all know, the middle classes vote for Brexit was a revolt against mass immigration and the remote political class.

Letter: Action call over A&E closure

A&E stock

Regarding the closure of Telford’s Princess Royal A&E Department. Isn’t it about time all the mayors and county councillors made a statement in support of the accident and emergency department being kept open in Telford for the people of Bridgnorth and the surrounding area.

Letter: Vote for Corbyn gives power to the Tories

Jeremy Corbyn

In my opinion, if the Tories want any assurance that they will form the backbone of government for at least the next 20 years then they got it with the latest election putting Jeremy Corbyn back in charge of the Labour Party.

Letter: A pension tale of woe

BHS has warned it could close up to 40 stores as part of its turnaround plan

I have been following the BHS story, and most importantly the pensions. Well anybody thinking of joining a workplace pension as government is telling you to do, listen to my story, you may think again.

Letter: Broken promises by prime minister

How to become a successful failure. First become prime minister, then make promise after promise and when they do not come to fruition resign from being prime minister.

Letter: Opportunities for all at grammar schools

classroom stock

Bringing back grammar schools is a very good idea, to give bright, clever working class children a chance of moving up in life. The mantra from the left wing is that grammar schools have better teachers than comprehensive schools are false.

Letter: Football is a business

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Manchester City v West Ham United - Etihad Stadium

The news that Premier League clubs spent £1.1bn on new players during the transfer window isn’t really ‘news’ at all. ‘Real’ news would have been how much has been spent on agents’ fees.

Letter: Democracy is a winner

Owen Smith, candidate for leadership of the Labour Party, gives us a clear and inequivalent indication of the brand of politics he will be introducing in Westminster should he be elected.

Letter: Shropshire roads need improving


In the August 30 edition of the Shropshire Star you reported on the fresh efforts by North Shropshire MPs to obtain funding for the NWRR and dualling of the A5 west of Shrewsbury.

Letter: Culling badgers is inhumane

About a year ago you were kind enough to publish a letter from us which refuted the claims of MP Owen Paterson that the culling of badgers in Shropshire would reduce the incidence of Bovine Tuberculosis in cattle and that the practice should be extended.