Letter: Officer to the rescue

Through your letters page could I say a big thank you to the off-duty policeman Stuart Lippitt and his wife, who stopped and helped my mum with her car when she skidded and spun on an island on Saturday, July 19 in Shrewsbury.

Letter: Bedroom tax mess

So Lib Dem Danny Alexander has finally admitted that the rehousing policy he helped to bring in is not workable and has simply put ordinary people into debt.

Letter: Evidence of evil dogs

Your report (Shropshire Star, June 30) on the award of the Binney Medal to Charles Bonser, who risked his life to save a child from a savage dog attack, goes to show what I said recently was correct.

Letter: Answers on aspirin

Why did it take so long for the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice) to decide that aspirin (antiplatelets) provide marginal, or if any protection against devastating atrial fibrillation related strokes?