Letter: Money better spent on small businesses

Telford & Wrekin Council

Could the leaders of Telford & Wrekin Council assure taxpayers that the £1 million fund it has established to improve its high streets will not go straight into the pockets of the chain stores that already dominate them?

Letter: Scandal of council tax

council tax bill money

As we approach the time when councils will be setting their Council Tax rates for 2015/16, it is perhaps time to expose the scandal of the high rates charged by many Shropshire towns – partly hidden within overall Council Tax charges.

Letter: Accepting span of life

bible religion christianity

There are two groups of people, atheists and religious. The atheists accept their allotted span of life and when it is over they accept oblivion. The religious people go to their Churches to praise and worship their God on bended knee.

Letter: A serious outcome to silly Sony satire


Is there no one at Sony with the foresight and, may I say, intelligence to realise that making a film based on an assassination plot on the life of the living dictator of a not too friendly country is likely to lead, at best, to a diplomatic row and, at worst, to nuclear war?