Letter: Use cottage hospitals to beat bed blocking


Recent reports of problems at local and other accident and emergency departments suggest one of the causes is the so-called “bed blocking” where people cannot be discharged as there is nowhere suitable for them to go or no suitable care package in place.

Letter: A reflection on motorists

Driving without MoT

Now that spring has finally arrived I thought it prudent to review how well motorists coped with the difficult winter driving conditions.

Letter: Politicians on the spot

ballot box vote stock polling

It’s nearly polling day, time to make your mind up if you haven’t already. I’ve not yet after over 70 years, most of which spent close to one party.

Letter: More hard times loom

money stock

It looks like the three main parties are offering a new harsh austerity Britain. Sorry, UK, as it’s now called despite Wales and Scotland pulling away to do their own thing, if Nicola Sturgeon and Plaid Cymru succeed in their aims.

Letter: Financial mess a long term problem

Gordon Brown

Regarding “Care rather than politics” (Shropshire Star, March 27). I should explain that the financial mess left by Labour Governments in 1951, 1979 and 2010 was the cumulative debt incurred over several years and not the result of one mis-managed term of office.

Letter: Defences are slashed with Bear on the prowl

The Ministry of Defence in London is colloquially known as The Kremlin

Since dodgy Dave threw his rattle out of his pram with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, are we being plunged back into a cold war with Russia which poses the single greatest threat to our security? warns Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond.

Letter: The few cash in


I do wish that people would stop blaming the previous Government for the financial mess we are in.