Letter: Fair system is required

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon says she wants to unite Scotland

A political party gets 56 MPs with around 1.5million votes, a party intent on breaking up the UK and getting more than its fair share of money.

Letter: System is rigged

Election vote balance stock

I voted on May 7. In fact in my 75 years I have never missed using my right to vote and I have to tell you that none of them made the slightest difference to anything.

Letter: Scandal of tax cash paid out to landlords

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Two days after the General Election the Shropshire Star publicised the £53 million paid by taxpayers to private landlords in Shropshire in one year, part of the £9.2 billion paid out to private landlords nationally.

Letter: Holding Gordon Brown to account for series of financial blunders

Gordon Brown

Regarding the letter 'Brown and IMF’s Praise' (Shropshire Star, May 2) it should be remembered that while Gordon Brown eventually took some action to help avert the financial crisis in Europe, by 2010 we were suffering the consequences of his dramatic increase in public spending and several financial blunders.  

Letter: The role of the EU is all about control

EU flag and Union flag

Sorting through my 50 years old European Union drawer I found a booklet called The Banned Articles by Gordon Tether, an economic journalist who was hounded out of his position at The Financial Times because of his anti-Common Market views in the 70s.

Letter: Use cottage hospitals to beat bed blocking


Recent reports of problems at local and other accident and emergency departments suggest one of the causes is the so-called “bed blocking” where people cannot be discharged as there is nowhere suitable for them to go or no suitable care package in place.