Letter: Workers will again shoulder the burden

Well it’s now official – Mr Philip Hammond the new Chancellor admitted the Government in the Autumn Statement has failed to keep their promise to balance the books by 2020 as borrowing will increase, after six years of George Osborne’s brutal policies.

Letter: Counting the cost of Brexit

It was clear that Brexiteers were balancing what to them was a benefit of ‘gaining so-called control of our borders’ against an economic cost of not being part of the EU.

Letter: Age limit of 18 for voting is right time

ballot vote polls polling voting election

In response to Sophia Bureau’s letter, (Star, December 8), she claims to be 15-years-of-age, which means she was excluded from the referendum vote, and, that there should be an upper age limit to our present voting system of 70.

Letter: Farage is so feared by the elite

Nigel Farage

The man most feared by the British establishment is Nigel Farage, they shudder at the very thought of Nigel being in a position to upset their status quo is their worst nightmare.

Letter: Donald Trump not a green man

Donald Trump says that climate change is just a way of advancing careers and destroying trade, something that many have long suspected, including me.

Letter: Victims of crime seek tough justice

Court stock

Over the past few months the Shropshire Star has published the verdicts on court cases concerning fraud and theft of money from elderly people with the latest cases showing how unfair the legal system is when it comes to sentencing the criminals.