Red traffic light

Letter: Council has created problem with proliferation of lights

Several years ago I told Telford Council, both the Highways Portfolio holder and the Highways Department, that the proliferation of traffic lights in Telford was causing a significant number of motorists to jump the lights or become “amber gamblers” when the lights change as they approach them – even going through on red.

Letter: Madness to shut an A&E

A&E stock

On August 15 our daughter was rushed into Accident and Emergency at Princess Royal Hospital. We arrived at the hospital at approximately 2pm.

Letter: Foreign dependency a short-sighted policy

Why are we so dependant on the outside world? Trade with Europe, the Commonwealth and the rest of the world is a fine thing but when it comes to deals that put vital services like energy into the hands of foreign powers for periods of 50 years or more we are, in effect, giving up some of our independence.

Letter: A warning to Theresa May

Theresa May stressed the Government should focus on delivering 'an economy that works for all'

What must one do to try to educate the uneducable? We still have the ‘Iners’ having goes at the ‘Outers’. The democratic vote has been done and finished with, just get on with it in togetherness to get this nation back on its rightful course.

Letter: Pokemon good exercise

You are right to point out the potential risks of Pokémon Go to its users (leader column, July 27). But we should not ignore the health benefits of this game.

Letter: Quick Brexit hopes blow

When I voted to leave the EU I was hoping that we’d repeal the ECA72 Act, which would enable us to walk away and start again as necessary.

Letters: An insult to the young

vote election ballot box stock

Bob Wydell confidently asserts that 70 per cent of young people voted to Remain because “they no nothing about the EU and its super state ambitions.”

Letter: Cameron went back on his word after vote

When David Cameron announced that he intended to hold an in out referendum on the EU on June 23, he said quite clearly at the same time that he would remain Prime Minister even if he loses the vote. He said that he would make an EU exit work for the British people if they rejected EU membership.

Letter: What now for the UK?

Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and asked-to-quit Jeremy Corbyn – these people got the British voters to lose our position in Europe.