Letters: An insult to the young

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Bob Wydell confidently asserts that 70 per cent of young people voted to Remain because “they no nothing about the EU and its super state ambitions.”

Letter: Cameron went back on his word after vote

David Cameron's decision would set a precedent across all Government departments, which could lead to another 30 special advisers getting the same deal, the top civil servant warned

When David Cameron announced that he intended to hold an in out referendum on the EU on June 23, he said quite clearly at the same time that he would remain Prime Minister even if he loses the vote. He said that he would make an EU exit work for the British people if they rejected EU membership.

Letter: What now for the UK?

A European Union flag in front of Big Ben

Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and asked-to-quit Jeremy Corbyn – these people got the British voters to lose our position in Europe.

Letter: EU Vote result makes me proud to be British

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God bless the British electorate. I am so very proud of Britain for taking the brave decision to leave the EU, against the scaremongering of our own government, to leave the constraints of the EU political experiment. Bravo!

Letter: Why are the WI songs coming under fire?

Hundreds of WI members from across the county and their guests attended the Shropshire federation’s annual gathering

The Women’s Institute, which is one of our greatest institutions, if not the greatest of our time, is now coming under fire for singing Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory at one of the hundreds of birthday parties for our Queen.

Letter: Bikers take many risks


I know that a lot of accidents involving motorcycles of late have happened within the Shropshire area and my heart goes out to their families and friends.