Letter: Libraries are vital

library books

The Friends of Bridgnorth Library write to express their concerns following the recent, much reported approval of plans which will inevitably result in closure or privatisation of libraries across the county.

Letter: Strategy is not Fit

So where do you want to put Shropshire’s accident and emergency unit? Will a couple of million quid help you decide?

Letter: Dig deep when it comes to providing nuclear shelters


The season of party conferences is a time to be sidetracked by the media. Discussions will centre around whether a person stands and sings the National Anthem or the suitability of a vegan in a post where farming/agriculture is under discussion.

Letter: War veteran George had right to speak his mind

World War Two veteran George enjoys the surroundings of Wellington Peace Garden, which he created. Inset, Inset: George Evans in wartime uniform.

The good and the great of Wellington with their boundless vision tried to reduce Wellingtonian, George Evans - a courageous 92-year-old who has viewed first-hand the depths of human depravity during the Second World War, seeing things the rest of us could barely even comprehend at Belsen - as not fit to give a reading on Remembrance Day.

Letter: Don’t hire a tutor to pass 11-plus exam


If you think your child needs a tutor, try Guinea Pig Education’s English workbooks first. Written at the kitchen table by an experienced tutor, they contain all the concepts a child needs to pass an 11+ exam.

Letter: Building rail links

While cities are looking to expand their rail network what of county towns like Shrewsbury? Is there a case for rail and station re-openings?