Letter: Play to our strengths and not get out the begging bowl in exit deal

Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to trigger Article 50 by the end of March

Given Prime Minister Theresa May’s stated objectives she should, when serving notice to leave under the Article 50 procedure, tell the European Commission that, whilst we are determined to sever all other formal ties with the European Union, if the member states wish to continue trading with us on the present basis the choice is theirs.

Letter: House of Lords is now redundant


The 806 members of the House of Lords are still pretending to be the Second Chamber to the House of Commons – both houses made such a mess of handing over our sovereignty that 80 per cent of our laws, now made by foreigners in Brussels cannot be refused or even amended – this means, to me that the House of Lords is completely redundant, inessential and unnecessary.

Letter: Telford & Wrekin Council first class

Telford & Wrekin Council

Now that the dust has settled and the Conservative MPs Daniel Kawczynski and Owen Paterson have been slapped down by central government on the disbandment of Telford & Wrekin Council I suggest they look at the record of the council under Labour.

Letter: Workers will again shoulder the burden

Well it’s now official – Mr Philip Hammond the new Chancellor admitted the Government in the Autumn Statement has failed to keep their promise to balance the books by 2020 as borrowing will increase, after six years of George Osborne’s brutal policies.

Letter: Counting the cost of Brexit

It was clear that Brexiteers were balancing what to them was a benefit of ‘gaining so-called control of our borders’ against an economic cost of not being part of the EU.