Letter: Web porn is a real threat to our young

Child on computer

Regarding: The dangers of internet pornography (Letters Page  August  15) I am sure that all  readers will agree with the detective inspector who described the case of a 14-year-old raping a 10 year-old as ‘deeply disturbing’.

Letter: Division by Cameron


Writing as a sympathetic follower of the Conservative Party, I am disgusted with the way David Cameron has ruined the progress of the party to end its class-driven reputation.

Letter: Parking charges are self-defeating

I have just collected a modest bet I had with my wife a few months ago. This was to the effect that Telford & Wrekin Council would not take long to realise that there was “money to be made” by imposing charges at the popular and currently free car park at Dark Lane near Telford Town Park.

Letter: Risk of river

The River Severn in Shrewsbury is a dangerous stretch of water, claiming many lives over the years, so why would anybody deny our youngsters a swimming baths?

Letter: Officer to the rescue

Through your letters page could I say a big thank you to the off-duty policeman Stuart Lippitt and his wife, who stopped and helped my mum with her car when she skidded and spun on an island on Saturday, July 19 in Shrewsbury.

Letter: Bedroom tax mess

So Lib Dem Danny Alexander has finally admitted that the rehousing policy he helped to bring in is not workable and has simply put ordinary people into debt.

Letter: Owen did his utmost

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson

One day our grandchildren will ask how anyone in their right mind could stand in the way of a reduction in numbers of a pest which causes more than 25,000 cattle to be slaughtered each year.