Letter: Let the people decide country’s fate in EU

EU flag and Union flag

Recently we have had Ed Miliband and Ed Balls both say they know how to put the problems of the country and the economy right. Both failed to state that they were members of the inner circle for both the Blair and Brown administrations which caused the current problems.

Letter: Governing the nation

Ed Miliband

What is it about our current crop of politicians from the tired old school that makes them want to deny English people from having any say in governing themselves?

Letter: Is Shrewsbury prepared for university upheaval?

The University Centre Shrewsbury website

The range of subjects for BSc and BA degrees at the new university centre in Shrewsbury is very impressive, and it is remarkable that the commencement is only 12 months away with apparently so little of the necessary infrastructure in place.

Letter: Controlled by tyrants

With much of the Middle East tearing itself apart and threatening to spread the conflict to Britain, we can blame Blair and Bush for toppling Saddam Hussein who, albeit brutally, kept the warring factions and religious fanatics in order in a country then at peace.

Letter: Mistakes at T-Live

Lawson fans sing, cheer and snap their pop idols, who took to the stage to close the T-Live event in Telford

I am writing in response to the letter titled “Errors of T-Live gig” sent by Wayne Parry of Wellington on September 6, and the response by Russell Griffin on behalf of Telford & Wekin Council .