Letter: Owen did his utmost

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson

One day our grandchildren will ask how anyone in their right mind could stand in the way of a reduction in numbers of a pest which causes more than 25,000 cattle to be slaughtered each year.

Letter: Evidence of evil dogs

Your report (Shropshire Star, June 30) on the award of the Binney Medal to Charles Bonser, who risked his life to save a child from a savage dog attack, goes to show what I said recently was correct.

Letter: Answers on aspirin

Why did it take so long for the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice) to decide that aspirin (antiplatelets) provide marginal, or if any protection against devastating atrial fibrillation related strokes?

Letter: Heartening to see backing for party

Ukip wants more seats in the Lords

The Shropshire Star follow-up report on the Euro elections ‘Where do we go from here?’ May 31, didn’t contain any comments from Ukip, the party which actually won the election, both in Shropshire and nationwide.

Letter: A simple solution to holiday dilemma

Further to the letter by George Sutherland and Peter Rhodes’ comments, I can confirm that having served in two police forces, both only allowed a maximum of 10 per cent of manpower to be on holiday at the same time.

Letter: Bankers holding nation to ransom

After Ukip’s gains in the recent elections there has been much soul-searching by the main parties about how to get voters back on side for the 2015 general election.