Letter: Strategy is not Fit

So where do you want to put Shropshire’s accident and emergency unit? Will a couple of million quid help you decide?

Letter: Dig deep when it comes to providing nuclear shelters


The season of party conferences is a time to be sidetracked by the media. Discussions will centre around whether a person stands and sings the National Anthem or the suitability of a vegan in a post where farming/agriculture is under discussion.

Letter: War veteran George had right to speak his mind

World War Two veteran George enjoys the surroundings of Wellington Peace Garden, which he created. Inset, Inset: George Evans in wartime uniform.

The good and the great of Wellington with their boundless vision tried to reduce Wellingtonian, George Evans - a courageous 92-year-old who has viewed first-hand the depths of human depravity during the Second World War, seeing things the rest of us could barely even comprehend at Belsen - as not fit to give a reading on Remembrance Day.

Letter: Don’t hire a tutor to pass 11-plus exam


If you think your child needs a tutor, try Guinea Pig Education’s English workbooks first. Written at the kitchen table by an experienced tutor, they contain all the concepts a child needs to pass an 11+ exam.

Letter: Building rail links

While cities are looking to expand their rail network what of county towns like Shrewsbury? Is there a case for rail and station re-openings?

Letter: Much fuss about VW


Well ok, VW were naughty by fiddling emission tests by fitting dodgy software, however let’s be honest and say – are we unduly bothered by it?