Letter: Bikers take many risks


I know that a lot of accidents involving motorcycles of late have happened within the Shropshire area and my heart goes out to their families and friends.

Star letter: A breakthrough in the listening process

A&E sign

How nice to hear the pledge from NHS boss David Evans, that: “What we need to do is take time to listen to everyone who has voiced concerns and engage them in arriving at solutions to the challenges we face” (Star, May 13).

Letter: Scandals out in open

According to my dictionary, an injunction is a judicial process restraining from a wrongful act. Is this not just what the person or persons have been found to be doing?

Letter: Hats off to Shropshire Defend Our NHS campaign

NHS stock

A huge cheer for the Shropshire Defend Our NHS campaign which played a central role in persuading the Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group to refuse, on Tuesday, to support Shropshire & Telford Hospital Trust’s plan to close one of the county’s A&E hospitals.

Letter: President Obama a letdown

President Barack Obama

President Obama was a very promising breath of fresh air when he was first elected eight years ago. He pledged to close that affront to democracy and justice that is the US prison at Guantanamo.

Letter: Shame on US

Whether you think we should stay or go... what we do not want is the USA, yet again telling us what we should do.