Letter: Crossing at road is vital

I have just come back from Oswestry where I stayed with my brother. Yet again I saw several older people trying to cross a fairly busy road in Coney Green by Sainsbury’s.

Letter: Mistake in Benn case

The funeral of former Labour cabinet minister Tony Benn will take place today

There have been few occasions when Her Majesty put a foot wrong, for once she should have ignored advisers and John Bercow who proposed the late Tony Benn lie in state in The Chapel of St Mary Undercroft in the Palace of Westminster.

Letter: New knock in job hunt

A group of men outside a Job Centre Plus branch.

I have just been to the Job Centre in Telford. A notice at the front declared: “Our aim is to help you into work”. Another notice further in declared: “All public access phones are in the process of being removed from this office”.

Letter: Unfair use of speed cameras

Average speed cameras on the M54 in Shropshire

I received a speeding notice from West Mercia Police informing me that I had been recorded doing 58mph between junctions six  and seven westbound of the M54.

Letter: Government must care for the needy


I was interested to read that The Right Reverend Mark Rylands is to speak against the Government’s austerity measures in Shrewsbury Abbey (Shropshire Star, March 8).

Letter: Care for the elderly must be a priority

elderly couple, oap, pensioner - PA

I am writing following the recent report from Age UK which suggests a catastrophic situation is developing in England, with many vulnerable elderly people being denied the care which they often rely on.

Letter: Incompetence rife in this busted union

EU UK flag

Germany’s foreign minister said that the European Union had been responsible for a peaceful Europe over the last few decades – it is nonsense and I am very surprised that the EU has not been the cause of civil war in more than one EU member country due to its gross incompetence.

Letter: Classroom unrest and term holidays


It’s easy to sympathise with parents who want to seize the opportunity to take holidays in term time at reduced rates. I’m sure many teachers would love to do the same.