Letter: An unfair drink ban

wine drink alcohol stock

After reading several newspaper reports concerning British Rail’s proposed plan to ban alcohol in its buffet cars, in a knee-jerk reaction to alleged deaths at stations, I believe it would be unfair to ban a service which has been available to the travelling public for 180 years.

Letter: Telford has a closer West Midlands link

Telford & Wrekin Council

There have been a number of letters commenting on the suggestion by Daniel Kawczynski MP of merging Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin’s councils. The prime mover for such a suggestion is the prospect of significant savings.

Letter: Super issues over merger

Left: Telford & Wrekin Council HQ. Right: Shirehall.

Creation of a Shropshire “super-council” - I can see merit in Daniel Kawczynski’s idea of merging Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin councils.

Letter: Mantra of austerity is wearing very thin

Shrewsbury Shirehall logo stock

So now we know; the autocrats at Shirehall have refused to pass on the council tax support grant, thereby forcing town and parish councils to either increase their precepts or cut hitherto essential services, or both – and furthermore without any meaningful consultation regarding the potential consequences.

Letter: Life on Earth answers plea

Solar System

There are many ways that this Earth of ours can end. Asteroid strike, gamma ray radiation, Supernova explosion, atomic war to mention but a few. Our solar system is a dangerous place.

Letter: Claptrap over traffic lights

Traffic lights

Telford Council never fail to amaze me. In the Shropshire Star recently there was an article about the council considering making certain traffic lights on roundabouts part-time.

Letter: Leave babies up to nature


Come back Frankenstein all is forgiven. Scientists say they are close to “manufacturing” a baby in a dish from stem cells taken from the skin of two males. Why?

Letter: Help for dairy farmers

Angry dairy farmers protest outside Muller in Market Drayton

Regarding all the news about dairy farmers going out of business due to the low milk prices, dictated by some major supermarket chains and food manufacturers who use milk in their products.