Letter: Take a look at foreign aid

MPs in The House of Commons

Whatever one may think of the Mail on Sunday I think readers should look at the investigation by them about how a lot of our foreign aid is used, this is something I have been asking for years to be looked again.

Letter: Two Shropshire A&E units vital

Princess Royal Hospital, Telford, left, and Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

On March 31 I attended the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust Board meeting at The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. This meeting was due to sign off the Future Fit “strategic outline case”.

Letter: EU’s worth staying in

EU stock

The referendum debate is developing along so many different strands it might be useful to step back, take stock, and pull key issues together.

Letter: Strange French connection for Brexit supporter Boris

I noted with interest Boris Johnson’s appearance at the Europa Worldwide Warehouse at Dartford, Kent. It wasn’t so much what he had to say about ‘Brexit’ it was his choice of transport – a large red lorry. Was he limited to the choice of colour? Was it a retake of Henry Ford, ‘you can have any colour as long as it is.....’.

Letter: Academies not answer


The announcement in the Budget forcing all schools in Shropshire to become academies will impact hugely on our schools.

Letter: Fears of a fatal accident on dangerous stretch of road

West Mercia police car

I would draw your attention to a short stretch of road hidden by a wooded area. This is where Shrewsbury Road, travelling south out of Bomere Heath joins into Huffley Lane which eventually joins the A528 Shrewsbury to Ellesmere Road at the Shrewsbury Audi roundabout.

Letter: Expert’s concern at creationist message

Planet earth from space

Creationists have ignored geological and radiometric data to claim that the discovery of fragments of biological materials extracted from dinosaur bone “proves” that man and dinosaurs lived together.

Letter: More proof council’s actions are merely driven by finance

Shrewsbury Shirehall logo stock

Announcing Shropshire Council’s plan to sell off 24 smallholdings and over 1,000 acres of additional land, council leader Malcolm Pate, stated: “We are not in the business of providing smallholdings for starter farmers. As far as we are concerned, this would just be a financial transaction.”

Letter: Fears over job losses

Jobs in Telford depend on EU membership. The EU referendum is important to everyone in the UK. But it’s particularly important here in Telford.