Letter: GP’s list surprise

Having been a patient at Oakengates Medical Practice since 1950, I was surprised to see their inclusion in the front page report about failing surgeries.

Letter: Funding our future

I read J Clift’s letter, he says politicians use shortage of money as an excuse for not fully funding services like health, education and transport. This statement is not true.

Letter: Arrest warrant bid in House a low blow

Parliament stock

The parliamentary debacle where the Chief Whip, the Home Secretary and the Justice Minister attempted to sneak the European Arrest Warrant through Parliament without a vote, while at the same time trying to pretend that a vote on it would take place, shows just how low the Coalition has sunk and the depths of their contempt for the electorate.

Letter: Ukip’s bid on energy

I realise that we are now in a climate of electioneering, but I was disappointed to see yet another front page “vow to fight solar farm plans” on October 23 featuring Ukip hopeful William Cash.

Letter: We need to know no-show reasons

NHS logo

Although it may have come as no surprise to those who follow NHS news stories, the Shropshire Star headline of October 21“80 no-shows a day at hospitals” was still a frustrating statistic for all who deplore such a waste of resources.

Letter: Be a man and show respect

domestic violence

The Star reported that in the last three years more than 15,000 Shropshire women had called a charity supporting victims of domestic abuse and they said this was just the tip of the iceberg.