Letter: Biomass electricity is a threat to us all

Electricty pylons

I am horrified to learn that whilst the Government is cutting subsidies for genuinely low carbon onshore wind and solar power they are likely to be giving the Drax Power Station nearly £2 million in subsidies every single day for their coal and wood-burning power station.

Letter: Government is all at sea on immigration

It beggars belief that all that our Government can come up with regarding the problem of illegal immigrants, and taking into account the mess that is now spreading all over Europe, is a feeble threat that any caught working illegally will face a jail term of six months.

Letter: Shrewsbury should not be site of A&E

AE-hospital-ambulance-stock (1)

So the decision has been made that one of the A&E departments in Shropshire will be closed. It appears that people in Shrewsbury think that the remaining unit should be located there as it is the central location.

Letter: Silence on A&E

A recent correspondent, Chris Lemon, commented recently on the wait and see stance taken by MP Daniel Kawczynski towards A&E provision in Shropshire.

Letter: Better for the baths to make way for a hotel

I write in relation to the subject of what to do with Shrewsbury swimming baths. Why are certain people so adamant in believing that the baths has a real future in its current location? It’s simple, it doesn’t!

Letter: Great strain on schools

school stock

That Britain needs to find secondary school places for an extra 547,000 pupils in the next 10 years will certainly dismay millions of British families.

Letter: A bad name for cyclists

Commuters make their way on bicycles through London's Hyde Park

Once again I find myself complaining about the thoughtless actions of cyclists, not all obviously, just those who either don’t know, or refuse through ignorance that they should give to others what the highway code advises them so to do.

Letter: Sad state of council

Shrewsbury pic. The Guildhall

What a sad day it was when I went to the once proud Guildhall in Frankwell to find that the town council seem to be almost camping in a small area, not presently being refurbished for the university.

Letter: Shrewsbury weir scheme is promising

Artist's impression of the underground water turbine at the Castlefields weir in Shrewsbury

By my calculations, a hydro power scheme at the Castlefields weir should give a similar rate of financial return as a large photovoltaic/solar electric scheme in the short term.