Letter: Questions over A&E

A&E hospital stock

For the last 12 to 18 months accident and emergency departments have been at full stretch across the country and very often unable to cope so a future fit committee was appointed to sort out the Shropshire problems.

Letter: V Festival is a huge boost to economy

V Festival

I write with reference to your article of August 28 “Aftermath of V Festival reveals giant blot on the landscape” featuring an aerial shot of Weston Park following this year’s V Festival. I feel there is a need to explain a little more about the relationship between the two.

Letter: Disgraceful record on poor and sick

Mr Osborne called for a 'fundamental re-think' on how the aid budget is used

Seven years ago the banks caused an economic crash so big the Government had to step in. The crash ruined millions of lives. Taxpayers have stumped up to £850 billion to put banks back in business.

Letter: Politicians to blame over immigration


We are constantly informed that Great Britain has not signed up to the EU’s dangerous and farcical Schengen Agreement, the open borders policy which gives the 500 million EU members the unrestricted right to move in with us.

Letter: Dinosaur footage totally unrealistic

Dinosaur Britain

I enjoyed Dinosaur Britain which was shown on ITV, but it was rather lacking information, and over-dramatised by showing Britain as it is now, and Ellie Harrison coming face to face with various dinosaurs.

Letter: How do you put a price on healthcare?

AE-hospital-ambulance-stock (1)

In response to Graham Burns, Shropshire Star, August 26. It’s unfortunate that the authorities have made the decision to close one of the A&E departments, as I believe they should be retained at both hospitals.

Letter: Spare forest and put windfarms out at sea

windfarm turbines stock

With reference to David Thorp’s letter on green power. Gas produces carbon dioxide when burnt and I thought that is what the whole global warming and reduction of same resulting in the need for renewable sources to produce energy was all about.

Letter: Biomass electricity is a threat to us all

Electricty pylons

I am horrified to learn that whilst the Government is cutting subsidies for genuinely low carbon onshore wind and solar power they are likely to be giving the Drax Power Station nearly £2 million in subsidies every single day for their coal and wood-burning power station.

Letter: Government is all at sea on immigration

It beggars belief that all that our Government can come up with regarding the problem of illegal immigrants, and taking into account the mess that is now spreading all over Europe, is a feeble threat that any caught working illegally will face a jail term of six months.

Letter: Shrewsbury should not be site of A&E

AE-hospital-ambulance-stock (1)

So the decision has been made that one of the A&E departments in Shropshire will be closed. It appears that people in Shrewsbury think that the remaining unit should be located there as it is the central location.