Letter: County Show is on wrong day

I want to convey my disappointment that again the County Show is being held on just a Saturday. This after, what I’ve heard, is the worry about the number of people attending last year when it moved to a Saturday only.

Before this myself, wife and a number of friends who had come over to visit especially to go to the show when it happened on a Sunday. I own a shop in Shrewsbury and have to open on a Saturday so can’t now go.

A number of friends and people who I’ve spoken to also find Saturday inconvenient and don’t now attend.

A lot of people find that a Saturday doesn’t fit in with their lives today and Sunday is always a great day to go out, spend the day enjoying yourself and relaxing.

This is a real shame. I feel if this Saturday only is the way they are going to go then it will be the end of the County Show in the coming years.

Martin Hart


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Comments for: "Letter: County Show is on wrong day"

Andrew finch

Although i have never been to this show in its current format, Burwarton show is held on a weekday and is always very, very well attended i think the argument of it should not be a saturday is a little dated and for it to be held on a sunday to convinience some one who works on a saturday is a little silly. Most employees can plan ahead and book a day off and most selfemployed can arrange cover and go those who cant tough.

I would also add i doubt it could ever be a two day event again either.

But if you check the calander for shows/game fairs/ flower shows etc most if not all are on a weekday or sat with the odd one covering a full fri/sat/sun .

It does seem mR harts choices are limited but thats life.

H. St. John Peasbody

County Show? What exactly is it?


It's a trend whereby some 'busy' farmers spend hours grooming their favourite four legged beast, cart it around in dodgy horsebox run by red diesel, to then have the poor animal inappropriately handled by some self-appointed specialist in the hope of winning a cheap rosette. Gaps in the freak show are filled in by young girls trying to break the legs of their ponies jumping over crude poles balancing on oil drums. Normally accompanied by a beer tent packed with nasal hair drowned in talk of townies, badger culls, sarcoptic mange mite and wet summers. Never miss a show.