Letter: Answer to car insurance dodgers

There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of car insurance dodgers.

They not only cost the honest people higher premiums, but they drive their cars without insurance and if they have an accident the innocent party has no claim and we lose out once more.

The police have no instant way of knowing if a car is insured or not.

There is a simple way to overcome this problem.

If it was made compulsory for every insurance company to issue an insurance disk with an expiry date on it and it was also compulsory for everyone to display this disk on their windscreen.

The police would know instantly if a car was insured or not. This would be a big deterrent to the insurance dodgers.

It would take legislation for this to happen. Perhaps our local members of parliament could present a private members bill to this affect.

Tom Williams

Sutton Hill

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Comments for: "Letter: Answer to car insurance dodgers"

Andrew finch

Waste of money , money would be better spent fitting all police cars with a device which triggers an alarm should an uninsured driver pass , then i imagine if the police can and are in a position to do so they stop him impound car and destroy offending item .

Rest assure if the insurance company adopted your idea it would increase your insurance , WE LIVE IN THE UK any chance to shaft the punter any business government will do it .


I thought ANPR was the device that already recognises number plates for this purpose, but I have been wrong before.


Correct, ANPR (Advanced Number Plate Recognition) is fitted to a lot of police cars telling the Officer immediately if a car is insured or not. Not sure if this is fitted to all police cars though or just the traffic cops. When you see the police parked up in the town centre as well they are often using this system to monitor for uninsured drivers, cars without MOT and vehicles known to be used by criminals.


The insurance disk would not work because look at all the people that set up an insurance policy on monthly payments they pay a couple of months and then don't bother paying but in the mean time they would get the disc

Ken Adams

I thought the police could check the insurance details of any car on a central computer these days?


'The police have no instant way of knowing if a car is insured or not.'

Really? My understanding was that many police vehicles have ANPR with access to the UK insurance database, which can tell them almost instantaneously whether a vehicle is unsured or not.

Problem is, there aren't enough police cars - possibly because there seems to be an outmoded obsession with having them walking about on the beat, usually in the wrong place...!

Andrew finch

In all honesty peter you see more pcso on the beat than police officers uniformed officers are better used walking in problem areas and it should be encouraged and the removal of pcso is a must with the empahsis on recruiting fully trained police officers . This must be addressed by our new cheif of police , he likes questions so how about removal of pcso and recruitment of fully trained quality police officers speaking as a tax payer.


Instead of tying up valuable Police resources looking for, tracking down and/or chasing uninsured drivers why not look at insurance in a completely different way...

We currently have various types of insurance i.e. Third Party/fire &theft/Fully comp etc. Why not ensure that all drivers are insured to some degree thus saving time and resource trying to find offenders ? This is easily achievable and has been done in South Africa of all places. A small tax/levy is placed on the price of fuel by the government. This is used by the national third party insurance fund and covers everyone who drives a vehicle. The theory is that the more you drive the more you contribute and you are, therefore, automatically covered by third party insurance. Fully comprehensive insurance can be purchased if the individual wants.

Seems pretty simple to me...

R Suppards

Add ANPR equipment to garage forecourts, set to deny fuel delivery to uninsured, untaxed or un-MoT'd vehicles. Yes you can go along with a jerrycan but you'd soon get tired of doing that or syphoning fuel out of a legal vehicle.


As far as i'm aware the police ANPR does this. The same system that allows me to re-tax my car online.


Lincence disk what a laugh.

As I walk Shrewsbury I often see untaxed cars etc. Just think the CSOs should be checking this, as they take their daily strolls around discussing last nights TV or the football scores !


What about fleet and motor-traders?


Crush the car - end of problem!

allan smith

reply to DP yes crush the car---with the non payers inside the veh-----thats really end of problem.

Only take two or three and enough publicity to cure this problem.

I understand that there is approx 250,000 untaxed and uninsured vehs on the road at present.


ANPR will check all passing vehicles for valid insurance cover, unfortunately there are not enough suitably equipped police cars to cover requirements.


It is easy to check if a car is insured, just ask MID online, simples.

Andrew finch

Always amused me but a friend had some one near him a few years ago with an untaxed and uninsured car parked on the side of a road for 2 months without tax or insurance police cars went by on a daily basis and even set up a speed watch within 50ft of it one of the days, but it was never ticketed etc always wondered why not but i imagine if it is sorn perhaps the bit of road he was parked on was classed as private or because it was sorn it did not trigge anything r as it was not driving along the highway .

Bill Nuttall

There are many "rent to buy" car dealers springing up who offer vehicles with low deposits and low weekly payments with 12 months Tax and MOT. Such firms advertise to potential customers " No credit check History" "Refused elsewhere- we guarantee you a deal" " Bankrupt-no problem" and so on. Basically as long as you pay the money you get a car and if you don,t keep up with the payments your car is reclaimed.

I have been broke myself so i can understand the desire to get a car at any cost and i can see when times are hard the insurance may be ignored. There is no easy answer but firms offering these "rent to buy" deals are preying on the vulnerable. Short of closing the firms down they should ensure that as well as Tax and MOT are on the cars, the cars are insured for 12 months as well


The old chestnut of an insurance disk comes up every once in a while usually suggested by those ignorant to the way the insurance industry in this country works.

In the UK we do not insure cars but the driver. An insurance disk would not prove that the person behind the wheel is actually insured to drive it so it would be a worthless document.

Also, unlike tax and MOT it is possible to cancel an insurance policy so again the disk would become worthless.

It is also assumed we would have a police force to actually check the disk. But instead we now rely on cameras and databases. These also are not perfect because again the database shows that someone has taken a policy out against a registration number but it doesn't prove the person driving it is actually covered. But it is a step forward. You will not, however, stop the person who buys a cheap car then drives it until they get stopped and simply goes out and buys another cheap car. I believe that there will never be an answer to the problem unless the system changes to include basic third party cover with the annual tax disk and then you can be prepared for a massive increase in the cost.

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