Letter: Run-down Telford estate no longer a desirable place to live

I am ashamed of where I live. I have lived at my present address for 30 years. When we first moved here, it was the place to live.

Now Telford is a different place. It has become progressively worse.

Over the years we have had a drug dealer living in the street. Then came what I would describe as the problem families. These are families who have no thought for their neighbours and very selfishly do as they wish.

We have had our property damaged, our vehicle damaged and the street and estate is now in disrepair. We have neighbours that party all night at weekends and a persistent drink-driver.

Children have broken into cars and the authorities are limited to what action can be taken because of their ages.

I recently found four children damaging my property and when I went to take a look I was greeted by lots of swearing.

We have found syringes in the street and many of the houses are run down. There are only three houses in the street where families have lived here for the same length of time as us. All the other families have moved on.

The road outside our house is full of potholes, litter and gardens unkempt. We would love to move but we are on such a low wage we cannot afford to move.

I feel aggrieved that having worked all our lives we cannot afford to move and there are families in our street who have never worked and are given houses.

Our quality of life has deteriorated and we are unhappy at where we live. We are no longer happy living here and feel trapped.

We have worked all our adult life and have paid our taxes and now feel let down. Our street, or indeed our estate, is not the same place it used to be.

A Jones


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Comments for: "Letter: Run-down Telford estate no longer a desirable place to live"

Andrew finch

I think many developements from the 60,s in telford were good examples of how not to do it.

However local councils, police, landlords and other agencies what are they doing about all this and why have they let these places get like this??? what has the local councillor done?their MP do what has he done ??? many questions no answers it would be nice if they could say what are the doing to improve this area and help the poor suffering people like the writer.

People action is what is required , fast track evictions for problem people , and a large police presence always wondered why do the police not put a portable style manned police center in known hot spots ?


How do you expect the Police to be able to put up the portable centre's you talk of?

With massive cuts in funding they can't afford to do everything we would want them to...I'm sure if they had the resources they would like to do more.

Andrew finch

mobile police unit manned by pcso , they already have portable units they drag around to shows etc for pr .That is the problem plenty of can not do attitude in the uk today.


What a great letter, clearly setting out how unfair life has become for normal, decent people. When will our politicians start listening to people like A. Jones? Social policy decisions should be made to protect the average, working, law abiding citizen and we should stop sticking up for the rights of the antisocial people as being sympathetic seems to have just made them proliferate.


I thought you were being serious until I saw how you spelt immigrant.Good one.


The good news is that you can do something about your situation.

According to another recent letter:


...all you need to do is give up a few luxuries and in no time at all you'll have saved enough to move to a new place.


Another tremendous contribution Slope, be-littling someones plight and totally moving away from the origial letter


The sarcasm in my post wasn't belittling anyone's plight, it draws attention to related post in which somebody else has a good crack at belittling their plight through their own ignorance of the current housing market.

Gemma Barrett

This comment epitimises the whole thoroughfare of Great Britain, you should be ashamed.


There's a story, possibly apocryphal, about a man who spent much of his adult life believing that the word 'hirsute' meant 'nevertheless'.

I fear Gemma may have made a similar error...


Where are the Police these days?

Andy H

I belive they've not been on tour since the Reunion Tour 2007/08 ended. Sting's Back to Bass tour runs from 30th May through to 12th July.

There is another outfit with a similar name but they've not been seen for years.


I feel very sorry for the writer. It's very difficult to address anti-social behaviour directly and in a civilized way because the response is so often immediately confrontational. Getting it wrong often results in becoming a target for abuse and malicious attacks against your property. Fear is the only weapon against feral kids and problem families and ordinarily, the authorities inspire none of that. You have to box clever and utilize other means. Firstly, DO involve your Councillors by reporting the litter and potholes which can and should be rapidly remedied and thereafter countered on a regular basis. Secondly, enlist the support of your Councillor(s) in encouraging the police to target anti social behaviour and if your drink driver follows a particular routine, it would be really helpful to the police to let them know what it is. You can attend Parish Council meetings, PACT meetings and David Wright's surgery (your MP). Moan - and keep on moaning and asking why nothing's being done, until the police and authorities respond positively. The sad fact is, that they have limited resources and have to prioritize demands, but keeping up the pressure will, eventually, yield results. None of our good, hard working citizens should have to live in fear and misery and often, just making an example of one problem family is enough to turn things around.

Superstar Tradesman

Watchdog is right A Jones & better still if you can follow that advice in numbers. Find others from the estate who feel the same as you do. I'd reckon if you asked about you'd probably be quite suprised how many who'd relish the opportunity to join your 'campaign' & each with good reaqson to do so

Good luck


It's benefits that are causing the issue. These problem families do not need to work because they probably get over £2000 a month in tax credits. If they were made to work they wouldn't be hanging around the town centre all day and lounging around in their social housing. Then there's all the immigrunts...

Andrew finch

Assuming as you say they are unemployed then they would get child tax credit and not working tax credit , to get 2k a month child tax credit you are saying these families have 8-10 children each???


The only thing to do is take the law into your own hands.


I'd advise against that, vigilantism can occupy grey areas of the law. But only if you get caught.

Superstar Tradesman

No. Do not take the law into your own hands A Jones. To do so will solve nothing but mean you lower yourslelf to the mind-set of those who you are rightly opposed to.

Use the law and your councillors & your MP as best you can and continue to bang on their doors until they do something for you.

Hollywood is not real lives. Mel Gibson, Arnie & Sly Stallone are actors, their characters are fictional. You however A Jones are in the world of reality. Keep it that way.

Again, good luck

Bill Nuttall

Give one of the unruly kids a good slap or racially abuse a neighbour and the full force of the authorities will descend on you.


i know how you feel ive had my tyres slashed i know who did it i did phone the police but was to scared to tell them it was i told my mp but alas nothing was done ,we have the same thing drug dealer speeding cars load music dog barking and fighting police raids and they are still walking about and laughing at the police,im on choose your home on urgentbit of advice stay in doors and mind your own business biting back to these idiots only makes your life unbearable,give them enough rope and hopefully the will choke,believe me i had incident number from the police but even that doesnt get you a move good luck


I feel so sorry for the letter writer. Unfortunately this type of social disease is spreading into all aspects of middle Britain. Prescott’s new build idea of throwing together private and public housing has not worked. The problem is manifested by housing trusts putting problem families into private rents which obscure’s whom to complain to about their behaviour. We suffer the same problem, mainly with children that roam the street from dawn to dusk screaming, swearing and damaging property/cars. The fault firmly lies with our current social system, lack of parenting skills and indeed respect for others. Thus even if you are able to move - do not expect utopia.

Andrew finch

This comment for real? has nothing what so ever to do with social/priavte sector or prescot building 4-6 affordable homes on a private estate which has home owners/mortgage payers,private renters on,it is a brilliant idea, council estates have long gone thank goodness and the majority work out fine .

You get dregs in all quarters , broken families in all quarters, troublesome children in all qurters and the amount of crimes being committed by the so called middle classes has gone through the roof in the last two years so you even get crims in all quarters.

Trouble is down to the select few and those are who you target not a whole sector of people .

Puts me in mind of the police crack down a few years ago on youths who were picked up and took home for hanging around shops etc drinking/smoking shock was they were not from the familes all thought but from the ones who see themselves as decent members of the community hubby and wife both out working or at a barbi not knowing what the teenager is up too yes poor parents in all quarters too .

Sweeping statements help nobody im afraid.

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