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of course the womens and childrens will stay its not on wheels but what will its use be ?


Chemotherapy treatments and continued women and childrens care,

read the assurance...


This sorry Corbynista has lost the argument totally , downgrade simply means to reduce the level of importance. How can the PRH be of any less importance, it doesn't have an emergency department patients needing such care have to travel outside the county? The cancer care patient services actually make the PRH now more important.

Oh the irony fight to save the PRH from any changes- how conservative! The truth is this Corbynista's cassandras and hysterical politicking has impeded the introduction of new services such as cancers care and emergency care, disrupting this NHS Trusts ability to recruit and staff its departments through clinicians being unwilling to commit to the hospital over uncertainty. How many more years will Shropshire and T&W have to wait to stop having to travel to New Cross or Stoke?

These Corbynistas need to really grow up with their student politicking.



I think Shaun Davies should think in the longer term because the NHS is never what it seems to be and there is a long term hidden agenda which may or may not come off.

Think about how to privatise the NHS in stages. A hospital that only does elective work and is paid for by GP commissioning is a finite risk. The private sector can buy it and make money from it. A hospital with too much unpredictable work that is not commissioned in advance and can't be planned for is a commercial risk. Not impossible but much more difficult.

So if everything unexpected can be removed from Telford and all of Shrewsbury's elective work moved to Telford we have a nice little package to sell off. All the difficult high risk stuff as been amassed in Shrewsbury. Not so easy to sell off.

Under no circumstance what so ever can they build a new hospital that does both halway between because that would not be so easy to sell off.

All health care at Telford could be paid for through a private insurance system because the insurers can measure the risks and cost them. Nothing the happens in Shrewsbury is predictable and that is where the low level NHS fall back basic care system can be delivered.

So what is happening is the preperation for privatisation by seperation of the risks. Telford is a better building because it's newer and a more attractive asset to dispose of than Shrewsbury which is getting tired and in need of refurbishment in the older parts.

So change your mindset from looking after people to preparing a sell off. Then all the bits fall into place. Telford is being de-risked.

As it happens I don't think there will be a sell off because all attempts by the Tories to bring in the private sector have failed and usually because the contract requirement can not be met by the budget.. People love their NHS when it's working and will not counternance large scale sell offs. It an election defeating issue. So where we are is getting to the end of the reorganisations required to separate health functions between the new GP commissioning system and directly funded emergency services.

Since the NHS seemed to working well in 2010 all changes can be attrributed to Tory Dogma not patient care.

Incidently the argument that the women and children unit is proper to telford rather than Shrewsbury because of the bith rate and larger number of Child Bearing Mother has recently been disproved. It was the admission statistics to primary schools in Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin.

Shopshire Star Friday, April 21, 2017

"In total, Shropshire Council dealt with 2,784 applications for reception places, with Telford & Wrekin Council dealing with 2,183"

Those parts of Bridgenorth and East Shropshire served by Telford can be off set or exeeded by the Mid Wales demand. So we can ignore that argument. There are more births closer to Shrewsbury than there are in Telford. The Consultant unit should therefore have never left Shrewsbury in the first place. Based on demand. When mileages are considered from the Mid Wife led Units, Birthing Units and home deliveries Shrewsbury has always been the right location to deal with difficult births and emergencies. Hence those elements of high risks currently in Telford need to go to Shrewsbury. Every thing else will stay in Telford.

The urgent care centre in Telford can still be a 24 hour accident and emergency unit but it to has to be de-risked so the cost of running it can be more easily assessed without the big risks, and a basis for paying the private sector to run it can be established.

Routine Cancer care can be assessed and commissioned so that can go to Telford.

I am not saying that this is actually happening because I don't think it will happen but it works for the NHS just as easily as the private sector in Telford. Telford becomes totally predictable and easy to manage. Shrewsbury can be redeveloped along the lines of an emergency centre with reduced NHS services for the uninsured. It is the only way it all makes sense. You can then exptrapolate how any other serrvice will work. Routine lo risk Telford. Unpredictable, high risk to Shrewsbury. Add in a base layer for Community Hospital services and Urgent Care low risk and we are there.

Telford has all the space at a high level of servicability configured to meet the Telford Hospital need and all heavy building work is at Shrewsbury to reconfigure those part of the hospital in need of refurbishment to it's new role.

You would have thought that the diagnostics centre would need to be in association with the Emergency centre. But tests are easily costed and elective so it can go to Telford.

Difficult departments are those where to NHS could withdraw services transferring them earlier to the private sector.. EG the Fertility centre. This is be kicked out of both hospital and relocated in the Servern Fields Health Village where if privatised they can find new premises like the Shrewsbury Nuffield hospital so not in the plan.

Virtual wards will by definition not be in either hospital.

So stop thinking of it as an exercise in getting better health services for Telford at the cost of everybody else, and think of it as a privatisation exercise. The key factors of what goes where are the risks involved and the ability to cost and commission the services.


Appropriate choice of words, 'Come clean', from someone who has been found guilty by his own legal profession of misuse of clients money!

How much is his demo tomorrow costing tax payers? on top of the £100,000 he has already used without consultation, for his Say No to Shrewsbury campaign?


'How much is his demo tomorrow costing tax payers?' Not sure, but how does it compare to the amount of NHS contracts money Richard Branson siphons offshore where he pays no tax on it thanks to the Tories' NHS privatisation?


I've just come from wellington , what is all the graffiti on the road signs is it actually in another language?

You have to question the legitimacy of this march in blocking the access to the PRH.

Have they actually made proper barriers to protect the marchers from vehicular traffic?



This is a controlled demolition of the NHS by the Conservatives. They have squeezed funding, sacked nurses, doctors and then used the media to attack it when these services have inevitably struggled. Then, they either close down hospitals, services or give contracts to private companies under The Health and Social Care Act 2012. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 was the privatisation of the NHS.


You doth protest so, actually it was New Labour of which you complain such dear oh dears, it was called the Health Act 1999.


Cunning Linguist

Derp is quite correct, it's cherry-picking privatisation of the NHS. Since the Health and Social Care Act passed in 2012 over 70 per cent of tendered contracts have been awarded to the private sector, amounting to over £15 billion worth of NHS services given to private concerns. Around £2 billion worth of contracts have been awarded to 15 private companies.

Theresa May, David Cameron, George Osborne, Jo Johnson, Nadhim Zahawi, William Hague, Andrew Lansley, Lord Coe and Jeremy Hunt are amongst dozens of tory MP's and peers who are linked to private health companies.

Then shadow health secretary Lansley was given £21,000 from private health firm Care UK at the time he was drafting the white paper that led to the Act in 2012. In 2013, 96 per cent of Care UK’s business (over £400 million) came from the NHS.

Jeremy Hunt received donations from Andrew Law. Law has given around £750,000 to the tories and his firm holds multi-million private healthcare investments.

Seven tory MPs have received funding from Odey Asset Management which part-owns health firm Circle. Circle ran the first privatised NHS hospital (in Cambridgeshire, which subsequently failed and had to be taken back by the NHS), Circle have been awarded a £120 million contract to run musculoskeletal services in Bedfordshire.

Nadhim Zahawi, the Stratford Upon Avon MP, described the health act as a ‘brilliant piece of legislation”. Coincidentally he's a director of recruitment company SThree, which has gained around £3 million from the new Clinical Commissioning Groups created by the Act.


As with the train companies, hospitals are encouraged to cut costs on wasteful issues such as safety, until one of them manages to kill 21 customers in the world's first stethoscope disaster. Free to maximise revenue, health trusts will be able to prioritise. So burns victims can be told: "We've cancelled your operation, as the shareholders would prefer our surgeons to rebuild Katie Price for a photo-shoot with Hello magazine."

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