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It would help if Simon Wright stopped tell fairy Tales and tell the People of Shropshire that this nothing more than cost cutting and services and hospital are beds are to cut ? They are trying to better care in place with out talking to the People ? With better care their is lack of funding and lack of planning plus shropshire council which is partner in it have not got a clue what it means ?


Telford & Wrekin Corbynista Council should be ashamed of their politicking.



"Both hospitals would have a new Accident and Urgent Care Centre, which would manage medical illness and minor injuries, paediatrics and other ailments. This represents the majority of cases we see in our current A&Es today.

These centres would be supported by extended nurse practitioners, GPs and telemedicine support from our Emergency Centre doctors 24/7."

This is the first suggestion that the Urgent Care Centre in Telford would not be Doctor Led. The 80% of A&E cases currently dealt with in A&E are done so in Doctor led units. Not cunsultant led but Doctor led. Without Doctors the % of acses dealt with in Telford must go down and Shrewsbury up. Telemedicine can help with certain aspects but not all. The £ 500K ectention at Telford was eveidently on different plan because they wont be needed on the current plan unless they not telling us something. That somethink might be closing Bridgnorth UCC and diverting the patients to Telford .

Obviously there is no clear understanding of the future of the Community Hospitals , their UCCs and Maternity units. This is central to the needs of of a very large part of the catchment.

We need to establish how health care in communities and neighbourhoods is delivered before we know whats left for the hospitals.. If there is insufficient capacity in the communities the Hospital plan can not work. We can only shift work to the communities when they are able to absorb it. There is no community hospital in Telford so every GP practice must be a UCC and birthing unit or Telford must house the community hospital role. In Shropshire it's the other way round Shrewsbury is too far to go for stitch or simple x-ray. Community hospitals need to be the collective resources of GPs and Mid Wives. Beds for short term illness where the virtual ward is unsupportable, for instance the elderly living alone. They don't need an acute hospital they need a community bed for a few days. The virtual ward might be very dodgy on infection control. Homes are not as clean as hospital wards and children mix in schools to spread infections, infestations and diseases that all end up in the home. Fit people can resist but the ill are susceptible..

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