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Confirming that one acute A & E is the reasonable outcome.

Cunning Linguist

No, confirming that the recruitment and retention of clinicians under this government is insufficient to meet demand, never mind the underfunding of social care which could, if properly funded, greatly reduce bed-blocking.

the fat controller

There are senior doctors though and consultants on call. If this has been causing safety problems, Future Fit's PR department would have been firing on all cylinders to spin it as dramatically as possible.

It's another case of snippets of information dropped into the public arena without any context.

If nothing has changed consultant-wise since September, why is this suddenly news?


Shrewsbury was designated a Major Trauma Centre 5 years ago. So it has to have a consultant on duty. Telford is not and never has been so designated.

It does not mean that Telford does not have highly qualified staff on duty at all times. It does mean that Shrewsbury has to be ready to receive a major trauma case at any time. These are cases, which would previously have gone direct to Stoke or Birmingham Major Trauma Units but it was recognised that it might be better to take casualties to designated centres closer to the incident first, so that life saving and stabilisation care could be applied earlier. Such a patient may well go on to Stoke or Birmingham, having been stabilised, or could stay at Shrewsbury if the hospital has the expertise to deal with the injuries. It was estimated at the time it was introduced that could save as many as 40 lives per year. This difference has nothing to do with what's being argued about today, it's all 5years ago when the system was set up following a review of Major Trauma cases. it relates to major trauma cases which more than 5 years ago would not have gone to either hospital in the County. It's all about distance to travel at over thirty miles for very sick casualties.

Cunning Linguist

How dare Telford have an A&E, how dare Telford even have a hospital?