Jeremy Hunt summit over future of Shropshire healthcare branded ‘complete waste of time’

A meeting between Shropshire MPs and senior council figures and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been branded a “complete waste of time”.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt

Talks in London with Mr Hunt over the future of healthcare across Shropshire and Mid Wales lasted “less than half an hour”, according to Telford & Wrekin Council leader Shaun Davies.

But Wrekin MP Mark Pritchard said Mr Hunt had “listened carefully” to concerns about the Future Fit process, and Councillor Andrew Eade, leader of the opposition Conservative group on Telford & Wrekin Council, said he was “greatly encouraged” following the summit.

Councillor Shaun Davies
Councillor Shaun Davies

Last night’s meeting saw Councillor Davies, Shropshire Council leader Malcolm Pate and chief executive Clive Wright, Mr Pritchard, Telford MP Lucy Allan and several councillors travel to London to meet Mr Hunt.

Councillor Davies said a number of important matters weren’t addressed at the meeting.

Councillor Davies said: “I’m disappointed. I feel the main things we went there for were not addressed, the first of which for more money being made available for community care and adult social care to stop people ill in the community going to A&E in the first place, the second for both A&Es to remain open in the short and long term.

“The meeting lasted less than half an hour and in my view it was a complete waste of time. However he did promise he would review Future Fit and the Sustainability and Transformation Plan process objectively. An independent civil service review is needed for the flawed Future Fit process.

“But it was a long way to travel for such little progress to be made.”

But Mr Pritchard said: “The health secretary listened carefully to concerns set out by myself, Lucy Allan and local councillors about the Future Fit process and made it clear that any changes to A&E provision needed to be matched by healthcare provision in the wider community.”

Councillor Eade said: “I am greatly encouraged by the Secretary of State’s response. He said the Future Fit process was disappointing and any decision could be referred to him for independent review.”

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Comments for: "Jeremy Hunt summit over future of Shropshire healthcare branded ‘complete waste of time’"


Does this sum up central government? - they don't give a toss. They all have VERY fat salaries and private medical insurance, so what do they care about "normal" people and the issues we suffer!


27 minutes just isn't long enough for a meeting to discuss a subject as important as the future of healthcare provision in Shropshire and with so many people attending.

I look forward to hearing from my MP Lucy Allan who seems to be taking a back seat in our fight for the PRH with the drive coming from Telford & Wrekin Council and Shaun Davies. Well done to Shaun.


Really ? Its about time this useless Corbynista Council tackled the CSE in the town by having an independent inquiry so as to give some justice to these poor victims .



Here's how it will run. The Tory junior health minister we have as one of our MPs in Shropshire will have ensured that his preferred option of Shrewsbury will be favoured by Hunt. However, the Tories need to make it look as though the Telford and Wrekin Tory MPs are more than just subservient puppies, so they will be allowed to muster some form of mock protest, and of course a degree of handwringing when the decision to close Telford A&E is finally made.

It's a waste of time talking to Hunt - the junior doctors can vouch for that.


Let's just hope that scenario doesn't happen in an A&E!


What was the point in so many councillors going where one could have presented all the questions?

Another day, another jolly and perhaps a bit of shopping paid for by yours truly.


Tory anti-cuts activist MPs campaigning to their own Tory government save their A&E!

And they said the NHS was 'safe in our hands' just 18 months ago.


“The meeting lasted less than half an hour and in my view it was a complete waste of time'.

As merely an invited guest, he would say that wouldn't he?

It was Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin MPs that secured meeting, S Davies answer to resolve issues is threaten legal action and waste hundreds of thousands £s on divisive campaigns, denying public consultation. As his refusal to initiate public enquiry into Telford Child Sex Exploitation, clearly demonstrates.

Bob1954 astute comment including local authority Cllrs in particular those wannabe career politicians like T & W C leader. Definitely claiming fat salary courtesy of tax payers and definitely a passenger not front seat driver.

Cunning Linguist

Of course tory MP's secured the meeting, they're in the party of government. I wonder how many private healthcare concerns who fund the tories watched with baited breath?


At todays meeting of Shropshire CCG they only allowed two questions from menbers of public and they answers gave where less than truthful and the interim Chief Accountable Officer gave short shift to menbers of they public today does he not know that the NHS belongs to all of us and should with us on future fit not against us ?


How lovely to see Lucy Allen sneering at the opposition speakers as they described the experiences of constituents and staff at their NHS hospitals on the BBC Parliament channel. Even more moving to lip read her shouting 'pathetic' as someone challenged her colleague's point of view.

She has zero interest in the needs of the NHS in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin as she is always 200 miles away from the issues.

Not to say that Owen Paterson or Daniel K could give a monkeys either.


New Labour killed the NHS by wasting billions for IT consultants to put in a computer system that doesnt work. The same as all the other IT projects it paid IT consultants billions to not deliver.

Im grateful for the people at the NHS for everything they have done for me, but some of the Labour supporters posting on this thread must either have selective memory issues or can never accept what Blair/Brown years did to bankrupt the British purse.


At last a rational knowledgeable viewpoint. Well said.

Cunning Linguist

This is part of the plan of cherry-picking privatisation of the NHS. Since the Health and Social Care Act passed in 2012 over 70 per cent of tendered contracts have been awarded to the private sector, amounting to over £15 billion worth of NHS services given to private concerns. Around £2 billion worth of contracts have been awarded to 15 private companies.

Theresa May, David Cameron, George Osborne, Jo Johnson, Nadhim Zahawi, William Hague, Andrew Lansley, Lord Coe and Jeremy Hunt are amongst dozens of tory MP's and peers who are linked to private health companies.

Then shadow health secretary Lansley was given £21,000 from private health firm Care UK at the time he was drafting the white paper that led to the Act in 2012. In 2013, 96 per cent of Care UK’s business (over £400 million) came from the NHS.

Jeremy Hunt received donations from Andrew Law. Law has given around £750,000 to the tories and his firm holds multi-million private healthcare investments.

Seven tory MPs have received funding from Odey Asset Management which part-owns health firm Circle. Circle ran the first privatised NHS hospital (in Cambridgeshire, which subsequently failed and had to be taken back by the NHS), Circle have been awarded a £120 million contract to run musculoskeletal services in Bedfordshire.

Nadhim Zahawi, the Stratford Upon Avon MP, described the health act as a ‘brilliant piece of legislation”. Coincidentally he's a director of recruitment company SThree, which has gained around £3 million from the new Clinical Commissioning Groups created by the Act.


And 100% labour members of T & WC have private health care insurance

that's the way to do it.

Cunning Linguist

Ooh look, it's a peashooter. I think the cannon wins.

The Pragmatist

Councillor Davies should have known how much time the Secretary of State had allocated to the meeting before he attended. Either the Councillor did not do his research in advance, or he did know the time limits and had already decided what his response would be and drafted his piece to the Star.

The Councillor should also realise that it's not the time taken which is important, it's how efficiently the time is used.