Royal Mail takes action over "aggressive raspberries" at Shropshire home

A pensioner has been issued with a health and safety warning by the Royal Mail – after he was told his “aggressive raspberries” were threatening a postwoman.

Mike Stevens, of Grovesnor Road in Market Drayton, with his raspberry bush. The bush has been described as ‘aggressive’.
Mike Stevens, of Grovesnor Road in Market Drayton, with his raspberry bush. The bush has been described as ‘aggressive’.

Mike Stevens, 67, said he was shocked when he had a visit by two Royal Mail staff asking him to cut back or tie back his fruits so that no post men or women were injured delivering his letters.

Mr Stevens, who has lived in his house in Grovesnor Road, Market Drayton, for 15 years, said: “I have got raspberries all around my garden and all of a sudden they have sprung up around my letter box.

“It has made the Royal Mail say it is dangerous. They came round and told me they were aggressive raspberries. It was a visit out of the blue.

“I have got a fierce growth apparently and they seem intimidating and threatening.”

The Royal Mail has not told Mr Stevens they will stop delivering his post, but felt the issue needed to be addressed.

He said they came to an agreement that he would train the raspberries or force them back out of the way.

“What is the world coming to?” he added.

“It is the postal service making the problem, not my raspberries. They are not malicious.”

He said he hoped in the future whoever is delivering his letters might be able to enjoy a raspberry or two.

Val Bodden, of the Royal Mail, said: “Following concerns expressed by the post woman delivering to an address in Market Drayton, regarding access problems, a Royal Mail manager, accompanied by a CWU postal union health and safety officer, visited the premises.

“They spoke to the owner and he agreed to tie back the bushes blocking the pathway to his letterbox and we were satisfied with his response. Royal Mail will not compromise on the health and safety of our postmen and women.”

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Comments for: "Royal Mail takes action over "aggressive raspberries" at Shropshire home"


Gave me a chuckle :)

Royal Mail do have a point, but 'aggressive raspberries'...!

The Pork Sword of Justice

Actually I've come across a number of aggressive raspberries of late, and believe me It's not funny. I can see the day coming when we'll all have to carry AK47's when visiting the local garden centre...


Wasn't "The Aggressive Raspberries" a band in the 1980s?


Just when I thought I'd heard it all from Royal Mail they actually manage to surprise me with another excuse for the work shy staff they employ to desist from doing the job they're paid for!

No wonder postage costs keep going up, apparently increasing costs is the business like way to tackle lost sales. Sooner its privatised the better


In fairness and joking apart looking at the photo David Bellamy would strugglr to get through, not much to ask for him to make his path passable.

You just cant believe it !!

'Aggressive raspberries'......So there are no more 'Aggressive' dogs left? do they need to start on wayward fruit plants...Come on Royal Mail; maybe my dog can oblige and 'lick' your postie to death...


Genetic mutants escaped from the fruit store at Mullers I heard

Robert Tressell

Its not the raspberries that are problem. The ignorance of some raspberry owners is second only to that of some dog owners..


And elsewhere on todays stories a Royal Mail delivery driver was caught speeding.....on his way to speed awareness course - maybe he was trying to escape the aggressive raspberries and should use this as a defence!


I think all Raspberries should be kept on a lead!

Mr Grumpy

Maybe Mr Stevens could collect all the red elastic bands that are discarded by postal workers and use them to tie back the offending raspberries.


To be fair, should the postie have to take an electric strimmer in there bag so they can deliver the post, doesn't the picture tell you everything?

Shropshire Lass

He seems to be in a bit of a jam!!! Sorry! I'll get me coat!! :)


Does anyone recall the Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town? He was quite popular in a 1970s sketch show; has he returned, moved north and now taken to harassing unsuspecting postal workers with raspberry blowing of a hugely aggressive nature?

Powys Geezer

A few things in that photo need trimming back.


cut them back . sorted


any body got any spare raspberry canes.

Harris Bieder

I'd be more concerned about having to deliver the post into the electricity meter box!!!!


Having read this story, i now feel the need to blow a raspberry........sssspllppppp!


do you mean he actually got his mail in the daylight hours .get a grip royal mail and try and get back to giving us a decent service.

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