Kittens dumped at a day old now thriving at vets

Four day-old kittens were dumped in a black plastic bag and left to die.

Vet Katherine Clark with the three surviving kittens which are being hand-reared
Vet Katherine Clark with the three surviving kittens which are being hand-reared

Three of the young tabbies survived their ordeal after they were discovered by a dog walker in Bronington, near Whitchurch.

Sadly, the fourth died before the woman who found them was able to take them to Leonard Brothers Veterinary Centre in Whitchurch for care.

Staff at the centre will now care for the kittens for the next six weeks before hopefully finding them a home.

Louise Brooks, from the vets, said: “The kittens are absolutely adorable, they are so small and cute we just can’t believe anyone would dump them in a plastic bag.

“A lady had been out walking her dog and the dog actually sniffed out the bag they were in.

“They are so beautiful that she took them home and tried to help them through the night but sadly one died. They are all domestic moggies and were only a day old when found. Since then one of our nurses and vets have taken it in turns to take them home and bottle feed them each day.

“They have to be feed every few hours so they are getting up throughout the night. But they are so cute you can’t help but love them. They are so young they still have their umbilical cords and they can’t stop wriggling around, they love playing together.”

The one male and two female kittens weighed between 74 grams and 97 grams when they were found.

Ms Brooks said: “The male was the smallest at 74 grams but because we have now been feeding him he is up to 84 grams. One of the females has jumped from 84 grams to 109 while the other started at 97 grams and is now 116 .”

Anyone interested in rehoming the kittens can call (01948) 662424.

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Comments for: "Kittens dumped at a day old now thriving at vets"


adorable beautiful cute what happens after hopefully. Don't encourage people who can't afford vets etortionate fees


Although vets prices can be expensive, they too have to make a living. If you can not afford to care for an animals needs, including unexpected vets bills DO NOT HAVE A PET, its really as simple as that. And another point spay and neuter your pets, there are too many unwanted and neglected animals living a life behind bars in shelters as it is. I am not a vet or so i have any association with a vetinary surgery.


The moral of this is that owners that choose to have pets must neuter them. It is not expensive to neuter and shows a good responsible pet owner that will do this. Then we would not see such awful treatment of animals that are unwanted. If you can't afford vet bills then don't get a pet!


If you don't want your cat to have kittens, then you should have him/her neutered. Whoever did this is pretty disgusting, in my opinion.

Mark Jones

Glad the kittens are recovering, but what kind of sick people dump animals. People like that should be named, shamed and locked up


I. Agree with Bernie,I am a cat lover. I have three my oldest is 18 years old

I raised the second one from a litter of a NEIGHBOURS cat. And I have the third one who showed up on my porch. I I'm also feeding a stray that comes by. It is getting almost impossible to feed them

The vet bills are out if sight. So if you can't afford a kitten please don't take one and then turn it lose to come to my house I've got all I can handle. This is a serious thing , a sweet life is at stake. Make sure you don't let your emotions over ride your common sense and your wallet

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