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It is the classic contracting out mistake. Not knowing precisely what you want before agreeing the price. Contractors consider fair game that if the job is wrong they make money out of the extras. Far more money than the compteative tender profit levels.

Telford and Wrekin Council are now on the horns of a dilemma. Cancel the contract and they have to pay for all work on the design and preliminaries and compensate for loss of profits and end up with nothing. Money down the drain. Pay the extras which they know are not value for money. Then they exceed their budget and the Contractor gets rich.

The design would have been carried out by a Consultant who get say 10% for the design and supervision. They get paid more because it's 10% of out come price for not designing it fully. He now gets paid if it's build it or not.. So the council can payout 25% of the value of the job and get nothing or 120% of the contract price and get the bridge.

There is real choice, they have to pay the extra and get the bridge. It is the construction industry game and it is considered fair game. The Council pays for their mistakes of not planning it properly. The game from a buyers side is to spend the pennies getting the design right to save the pounds on building it. That has everything to do with who designs. In house design may cost more but avoids the pit falls of using a consultant who is always looking at his bottom line.

Pay less and get less. Cheap consultants cut corners on the design process and make more later through the Contractors extras. Simply paying more to the Consultant does not assure a complete design. So much of it depends on the Council having informed client status to supervise the Consultant. That ends up as why pay a dog and bark yourself.

The generalised statement of outsourcing is never outsource anything you can yourself because all you are doing is feeding more mouths in profits for the outsourcer. But in this case the Council probably lost all of it's expertise when they out sourced previously and this is a bit of a one off. So the Council must expect a degree of profiteering on the job as the price they pay for outsourcing. Then we ask is that a price worth paying for not having in house capability? The answer to that is different on every job.

The simple answer is always know what you want before you go to tender, by putting the effort in at the penny level to avoid costs at the pound level. Outsourcing everything is dogma because it is too expensive in the end. Outsourcing lumps in the system is wise because the staffing is maintained at a level of constant work loads with contractors taking out the lumps in the system. Internal expertise is maintained so consultants can't take the client for a fool.

Accountants and politicians in a commissioning only council is inviting the building trade to to make money because it's like taking sweets from a baby. No engineers to recognise the con's. The IT industry is worse than the building trade because premature replacement of equipment and software is semi automatic. The client knows no better. Consultants at the end of the day make money on the bottom line so the bigger it is, the better. Politicians appointing consultants is about as bad as it can get.


Its alright, this Corbynista Council shall just throw another flop concert to raise the revenues to pay for it - magic money ...



It's a footbridge for goodness sake. Does it have to be so architecturally ornate.

We the ratepayers are paying for it.

It's the same for the parkNride in Ironbridge, we're not as huge as Shrewsbury, with all their shoppers.

The council want get their heads out of the clouds.


"we're not as huge as Shrewsbury, with all their shoppers."

Wut? Y'know Telford Centre has a footfall of more than 15 million a year, right?

the truth was out there

I see they haven't mentioned figures. wasn't the original bill £7 million, I wonder how many more million it will cost now? It will get voted through, this wasterel lot don't care about public money.

of course a professional organisation would have had proper surveys done before agreeing on a initial cost but it's only a big wealthy organisation with thousands of employees...none with any skills though it would seem.

By the way, MH1, "wut" is a local term meaning, "will you", hard luck, you aren't making any sense, just as the costings for this white elephant.


Ironbridge footfall is to take a picture of the bridge and use the loo.

Perhaps telford town centre needs aparkNride , you can have our wasted vehicles with pleasure


Could have saved a packet by not having the unnecessary pedestrian traffic lights at jnc4 M54 roundabout.In over 20 years of regularly using that roundabout,the only pedestrians I have seen there where the workforce installing them.

the truth was out there

There are plenty of pedestrians in orange jackets around all the roadworks in Telford at the moment, the problem is, I always see 4 or 5 stood around talking and maybe one this why such simple jobs always seem to be overpriced?


The highway ossifer adores diesel fumes at lights

livin the dream

Got to agree with Monitorlizard, ive never seen pedestrians wandering around this island before, as a truck driver i use this daily, how long will it be before a light controlled toad crossing appears? and now the lights are switched off at ketley brook it is running sweet as a nut,apart from coning off the left lane to ketley/M54 which still backs up the traffic to furrows island, but hey ho the new lights will be shortly beaming brightly on red at 3 in the morning stopping anything that moves towards them.


Just another show of our council having all its priorities wrong yet again.


Shaun Davies can't help himself he does this again and again makes promises he knows will never be kept. It's all about politicking publicity.

Telford does not have the footfall of Shrewsbury nor could it possibly have.

15million a year same folk passing through never purchasing, dozens of units closed or closing in town centre, new businesses open, stay until full rent is required then close.


I visited Telford today to do some shopping with my granddaughter. I would say it has a far higher footfall than Shrewsbury because a lot of it is people going to Telford from Shrewsbury. That might change some when the new Primark in Shrewsbury is opened. But the big factor is traffic congestion which will not change for years awaiting the Shrewsbury North West Relief Road.

Incidentally I did not use the A5 to go to avoid holiday returners. Used the back road and Eastern Primary. A change to experience the roudabout improvements. I failed Trench Lock for the first time ended up heading for Donnington. The changes around the town centre confused me trying to get to the other retail parks. Same thing oin all cases poor signage. But what bizarre islands Telford has. Trench lock must be inique in the country it seems to have become three intrgrated islands and they have hamburger but only for public service vehicles. The island outside Tescos is just weird. The car park barriers on exit did not work so had two lanes tapering to one delaying exit. One one lane because there was only one attendant collecting the tickets. I think I'm not going to drive to Telford again and it looks like the railway connection is about to severed so if I go it will have to be the bus and that takes too long. Shrewsbury is difficut to get into and park and then escape but Telford is catching up fast. Same disease remodelling roundabouts and too many traffic lights on them and junctions. Nothing like it to drive customers away.

If it's not urgent then on line shopping is for me. Never found Peacocks? do they have one in Telford? The shopping centre does not seem to a have map of where the shops any more. Or at least I never found one. I always used to find one. It's just not same as when I used to drop in on the way home to get a super fresh Bloomer, still hot, from Carrefour. No drop ins any more.


They have a map on the Telford Shopping Centre website but it seems no one bothers to keep it up to date.

the truth was out there

Too busy planning new footbridges, road "improvements" and pointless traffic lights, far more important to the egotistical lords of the manor!

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