Delight as Prince Andrew visits Shrewsbury company - pictures and video

On the 50th anniversary of the day the Queen opened the Shirehall at Shrewsbury, her son was just across town singing Shropshire’s praises.

Prince Andrew was at the Shropshire Food Enterprise Centre on the Battlefield Enterprise Park where they are creating and marketing the best quality confectionary and bringing many old favourites on to the fore again.

Jacqueline Champion and Andrew Reeves run their delectable business under the name Champion & Reeves, both are directors – with a highly enthusiastic and happy staff - and they are also partners in life.

And at the end of his whirlwind visit as he officially unveiled the plaque marking the occasion, Prince Andrew told an audience of fellow food entrepreneurs, civic guests and many others: “Someone wants to go along and tell other counties what you are doing here. Congratulations to everybody and I wish you all continued success.”

Chairman of Shropshire Council, Councillor Ann Hartley, explained the objectives of the Food Enterprise Centre and told assembled guests that it had grown around 50 small businesses. “I am immensely proud of them and we need to be a bit more vocal and shout aloud about it,” she added.

Prince Andrew was met and escorted by Lord Lieutenant Sir Algernon Heber-Percy and his wife the Hon Jane Heber Percy.

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Comments for: "Delight as Prince Andrew visits Shrewsbury company - pictures and video"

Nick, Telford

Can't see much delight in meeting HRH Super Ego.

Robert Tressell

He looks as if he could do with a decent meal. Poor chap, just shows you what living on airline food does to your figure.