Princess Anne visits Shrewsbury - pictures and video

Counties across the country should follow in the footsteps of Shropshire when it comes to recycling, the Princess Royal has said.

Her Royal Highness praised the partnership between Veolia and Shropshire Council during a visit to the £60 million incinerator at Battlefield on Tuesday.

She met those responsible for running the Energy Recovery Facility, which processes 90,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste every year.

Speaking to a gathering of councillors, Veolia workers and other dignitaries, Her Royal Highness said the work put into recycling in Shropshire, which has led to just four per cent of rubbish being put into landfill, should be an example to others.

She said: “It is always a pleasure to see energy units like this being built but also how important it is the county and the local community understand the advantages of working together to get a really good result.

“I know it has been open for a little while but it underlines the real advantages because you have had time to notice them and that is very good to hear.

“I hope you will be able to have the opportunity to encourage others to follow in your footsteps.

“Many congratulations to everybody because it has very much been a joint operation and that will stand you in good stead for the future.”

All the waste delivered to the plant is turned into enough electricity to power about 10,000 homes a year.

Giant cranes lift up to 12 tonnes of rubbish an hour into the furnace, which burns at at least 850C. Gases that are produced in the process are cleaned before being released into the atmosphere.

Councillor Mal Price, portfolio holder for planning, housing, regulatory services and environment at Shropshire Council, objected to the plans for the site when they were first put forward.

But having seen the plans go through the process, he now agrees it is a huge benefit to Shropshire as a whole and was pleased to be able to show off what the county does to the princess.

He said hearing her praise the county’s recycling efforts vindicated the building of the facility.

He said: “I think it shows she was aware of the background and what had gone on and the recycling figures we have now got.

“We have landfill at less than four per cent. I think she recognised we have an excellent facility here which is powering 10,000 properties locally.

“She seemed to be very knowledgeable about the issue.”

Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia UK and Ireland, said she was delighted to welcome the royal visitor to the multi-million pound facility.

She said: "I am very proud Princess Anne accepted the invitation to come and open the facility.

"We have come a long way since signing the 27 year contract with Shropshire Council. We have invested 100 million pounds, created jobs and helped reduce landfill.

"It is good for the planet and council in that it has created jobs and reduced landfill. It is a success story and that's the reason Princess Anne agreed to come.

"It is interesting what happens inside. I'd encourage people to come and look around on an open day.

"It is not only about burning waste but cleaning the gases and creating energy.

"We have been looking forward to her visit for quite a while and the royal visit recognises the partnership between us and Shropshire Council."

After visiting the Battlefield site, the princess moved on to the headquarters of the Carers Trust 4all, Shropshire Carers Service in Tilstock Crescent, Sutton Farm.

Here is how the visit unfolded

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Comments for: "Princess Anne visits Shrewsbury - pictures and video"


£60 million quid and it looks like a right eye sore...


Au contraire Ursula, it is a very attractive building.


It does not sound very regal does it. A Royal to open an incinerator that has actually been open for two years..

She will not be held up by the level crossing, they will either go round it or stop the trains.


Or get her picked up by a Veolia bin lorry!


What about the sleeping policeman Roger? Opps I mean DK protesting a bit late by lying across the road!


I wonder if Danny K is there too, and if he is laying in the road in protest as was his promise when against the Incinerator, :)

Michael Ryan

No chance of Princess Anne opening an incinerator near Sandringham:

Maybe she can take a copy of the latest County Times back with her?

Note that the “government study” at the end of the 1st article remains unpublished:

Readers of Sunday Times might recall this from 11 December 2016:


If Sir Michael Wilshaw, the outgoing chief inspector of schools in England, is really concerned about us falling even further behind in a "premier league" of key global competitors, despite billions of pounds being spent, he should revisit my letter to him last September about air pollution causing depressed IQ and higher rates of asthma, infant mortality, low-birthweight babies and childhood obesity.

Anything that could adversely affect the wellbeing and academic performance of schoolchildren must be within Ofsted's remit and not passed to other government bodies that seem unaware of the current research.

Michael Ryan, Shrewsbury"


You'd have been better complaining about our councillors failing to have the work done to the Crematorium chimney to meet EU requirements 20 years ago.

They left and left and left it ( whilst polluting all our young people at the college far more than the new incinerator ever would) and carried on with more popular vanity projects until off loading the responsibility to the Coop who they made a deal with a few years ago despite the public asset/ cremation facility clearly making money for us taxpayers and the Coop had the chimney upgraded then sold the deal to another profit making organisation for the rest of the lease.


and why was the town crier there what on earth has he got to do with nay of this?

always poking you nose in Martin aren't you!


Crikey.... Whats Martin ever done to you ?


Actually, what has Martin ever done?

Nick, Telford

A royal visit to Shropshire without Shirley Tart fawning and salivating in the retinue! Maybe she disappeared in a puff of smoke?


Dozens of councillors there? Why? What have they to do with the plant? Hope they are not claiming expenses? Maybe they can rely on Veolia paying for their lunch after being giving such a wonderful deal by Mrs Barrow. No doubt she was at the head of the pack to meet the Princess.


The really interesting bit would be who voted against it but turned up for the bunfight.


Twin hatted or two faced?

Michael Ryan

Where does the ash from the incinerator go, if not to landfill?


Why don't you write to Veolia and ask them Michael?

Did you know we are still paying off £800,000 costs for refusing permission instead of negotiating the heating of thousands of homes that Veolia stated could be achieved?

I believe some businesses happily do have a deal with them to provide recycled heat.

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