'Shrewsbury' supporters hit by new salvo from 'Shrowsbury' camp

Oh no! Supporters of “Shrewsbury” turn on the telly, boil a kettle – anything! Because if you read the following contribution to the big Shrewsbury v Shrowsbury debate, it is going to stir you up.

Sophie Carol who is orignally from France
Sophie Carol who is orignally from France

To recap. Richard Harper (Shrowsbury supporter, aged 92) had said that only in modern times had people in the county town, especially the younger generation, tried to change the pronunciation to Shrewsbury, and David Meredith (Shrewsbury supporter) responded to say that that got his goat and he could trace his family history back to the 1740s living in Shropshire and every one in his and his parents’ memory pronounced it as Shrewsbury.

Joining the fray now is Alan Bason, a Shrowsbury supporter, from Shrewsbury.

“David Meredith’s claim that a phonetic pronunciation must be correct really gets my goat,” he said. “Presumably he says ‘War-wick’ for Warwick, ‘Green-witch’ for Greenwich, ‘Liver-pool’ for Liverpool, ‘Der-Bee’ for Derby, ‘Leo-Minster’ for Leominster, and so on.

“How on earth can he know how his ancestors pronounced the name of our county town in 1740?

“My old dad, who would be over 100 were he alive, said, like the Lancastrian teacher Mr Sinkerson, who presumably had bothered to find out, that the correct pronunciation was Shrowsbury. This revelation came from him when I had some school homework and a question was ‘does the name of your town cause confusion with visitors? Is it pronounced differently from its spelling?’ I said ‘no’ and was corrected.

“Very few people I know refer to the local football team as the ‘Shrews’. This seems to be a modern invention and people I talk with discuss the fortunes of ‘The Town’ or just ‘Town’.”

Alan said the chant at matches was “Salop” and not “Shrews”.

“Richard Harper, at 92 is probably right, but no doubt you could find someone older who claims it’s ‘Shrews’.”

Alan gives a p.s. saying: “I’m a born Salopian and 93 per cent bred.” So, for those following the twists and turns of this debate, it’s time to put the tin helmets on again.

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Comments for: "'Shrewsbury' supporters hit by new salvo from 'Shrowsbury' camp"


I presume he says Liverpool for Liverpool!


Not this rubbish again !!

Even a flea gets off a dead horse.

Another "No news" spell so lets make something up.


My father was born in ludlow South Shropshire in 1910. My mother in Marchamley North Shropshire in1913 and me in Cross Houses hospital Central Shropshire in 1935.

I do not recall any other name than come on the Town or Shrewsbury Iv'e in Australia for over 40 years and the Shrews or the shrows is I think a new name, although the pronounciation of shrowsbury was sometimes heard in more elegant places

Reeceer, Tubby, Chukie, take your pick what you call me, but always shout loud for the Town.


92 !!!!!! Fair play owd lad....................


He must be from Bass-church or Mince-Stir-Lee


Bore off Shropshire Star no one cares about this other than a handful of snobs who sit on the town centre residents association...

Expat Bill

The academics know - only they think its pointless to participate in this debate. Surely its a matter of clarse?


I've a great new slogan for the Shropshire Star:

"It's a nosepaper, not a newspaper."


Why don't we just go back to the start and call it Scrobesbury like in the doomsday book. It lends credence to the Shroes set but the Shrews can all have a good laugh, cos it sounds a bit rude!


About 1946 Mr Wolfenden (later Lord) when taking up the Headmastership of Shrewsbury School was uncertain of the pronunciation. As the train pulled into the station, knowing full well where he was, leant out of the window to ask a porter what town? Salop Sir came the reply.

Andy Roberts

Typical example of nothing news again. Please lets starting real news, not something that is provoked into action when reporters are struggling for copy.

Do we brace ourselves for floods, drought, fracking, roadwork misery and this utter twaddle in the coming weeks. Find something interesting!

'Owd Monner

If she's from France then surely it's Salop ;-) ....................whaaaaatt??? But yeah, this is boring now

Cllr Stuart Parr

Shrowsbury is closer to the old pronunciation but that doesn't make it right or Shrewsbury wrong. The spelling and pronunciation of place names changes all the time and I'm sure in 100 years' time it will be universally known as Shrewsbury and then the only debate will be whether it's Shrewsbury or Shoosbury.


In 100 years time it will be known as Sector 35....


It just goes to show there are some really boring people about who have nothing more in their lives that to worry about this non-event

normal in Shrewsbury

The Tory council is in ruins and cutting vital services, the homeless and the non homeless drug addicts are filling up the town at night but that doesn't matter we should concentrate on the more pressing issues of the relative newcomers to our town. As per.