Boy rescued from pool by fisherman in Telford

A boy has been rescued from a large pool in Telford by a fisherman.


The fifteen year old was among a group of children swimming in Blue Pool when he got into difficulty.

A fisherman who was at the scene pulled him out of the water and West Midlands Ambulance Service was called and an ambulance crew attended.

Rob Marsh, paramedic and assistant area manager for Shropshire, said: “When the ambulance crew arrived, the boy coughed up one-and-a-half litres of quarry water.

“Because of the amount of dirty quarry water he had taken in, there was a danger of ‘secondary drowning’ – in other words, he was in danger of lung spasm and poisoning his own blood because of what was in the water.

“He was taken to Princess Royal Hospital to be dealt with by its resuscitation team.

“Also worryingly, despite the drama at the side of the quarry pool and the pleas of the ambulance crew on scene, the other children there at the time refused to get out of the water.”

The incident happened at 12.30pm yesterday.

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Comments for: "Boy rescued from pool by fisherman in Telford"


it was me the fisherman gary whittington glad the boy is all good to save a life is my gole saveing life means my life was worth living ty 4 my emergancey first aid cores i went on come in vvv handy all best to da lad


Hi there Gary I have spoken to the family and they would like to thank you personally so could you please text me on 07903 557520 thank you so much they are desperate to get in contact I will pass their number over to you by text thank you :-)


Please could you get in touch ASAP thank you Gary and very we'll done you hero and life savour go into life guarding if you havernt already so any lives would get saved!!