'Neknomination' craze sweeps Shropshire

It is the latest craze to sweep the nation - and now it has come to the streets of Shropshire.

'Neknomination' has taken off on social media website Facebook and sees someone post a video of themselves drinking an alcoholic drink in one - and then nominating a friend to do the same.

The craze has been criticised by health campaigners and nationally two people are said to have died taking part, including 19-year-old Jonny Byrne from Northern Ireland.

Mr Byrne's family said he died after jumping into the River Barrow in Carlow on Saturday after taking part in the craze.

Now the controversial trend has arrived in Shropshire in this video, posted to YouTube and showing Andrew Thomas walking down Pride Hill in Shrewsbury wearing only underpants, socks and a rugby helmet and boots.

Carrying a pint of Guinness and a rugby ball, Mr Thomas turns to the camera and says: "People of Shrewsbury, if I could have your attention please. Dai Roberts thank you very much for my neck nomination,  here it is."

Mr Thomas then drinks the pint in one, before turning back to the camera and saying: "I'd like to nominate Alan Roberts and Dean Pritchard, you have 24 hours, good luck. People of Shrewsbury, enjoy the Six Nations."

He then carries on walking down Pride Hill singing Welsh rugby anthem Hymns and Arias by Max Boyce.

Mr Thomas said: "Good innocent fun I say. But I would think that. Can't say agree with necking pints of Vodka etc as it can get dangerous but nothing wrong with a beer and a bit of semi nakedness."

The video finishes with a selection of tourist-style snaps showing Mr Thomas next to The Quantum Leap statue and The Shrewsbury Hotel.

If you are concerned about your own or someone else's drinking you can visit: www.alcoholconcern.org.uk


What is 'Neknomination' and what are the risks?

  • It is a drinking game based on social media sites, especially Facebook
  • Believed to have originated in Australia, the concept is to 'neck' your drink and 'nominate' two friends to do the same
  • Once nominated, you have 24 hours to down a drink and have it filmed and uploaded to your social media account
  • 'Neknominees' who break the chain are subjected to online ridicule from friends
  • The craze has been blamed for at least one death
  • A Northern Irish 'Neknomination' page on Facebook has been turned into an Alcohol Awareness page following the death of 19-year-old Jonny Byrne
  • What do you think of the craze and this video? Please leave your comments in the box below.
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Comments for: "'Neknomination' craze sweeps Shropshire"


A bit of harmless fun. But I bet he was cold .


I had never heard of these "neck nominations" before Friday ! I don't really understand the point of them but some are very funny and a bit of harmless fun if not attempting anything stupid! Fare play to this bloke, he's got some guts!!!


What a pathetic new craze.


A tremendous effort. Well done sir!


Well done Shropshire Star for a magnificent promotional video on a stupid craze that is actually killing people, this should really help to encourage even more idiots who might not have been aware to have a go themselves.


Love it that no one pays any attention - not even the dog!!


"Stupid is as stupid does"

Tony in BC

Well I guess the evolution of the species has taken a Leap backwards in Shropshire...


Hit the "LIKE" button on fb


If you have less brain capacity than a stick insect ,, This is for You !!!!.

'Owd Monner

Is there a more uninteresting and tedious experience than boorish 'rugger-buggers' being 'hilarious'? Allow me to answer that for you, no..no there isn't. I assume that this clip has probably soared into double figures by now on youtube. Which is way beyond what it deserves

Tony in BC

I dare this fellow to perform in my little town... it is -36 C with the windchill at the moment - better still where my son lives... -51 C with windchill.

Oh.. one other thing - drinking liquor in a public place is an offence and he would get a pretty hefty fine...:)

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