Telford's first 24-hour gym brings jobs boost

Telford’s first 24-hour gym is set to open in Lawley, creating five jobs.

Telford’s first 24-hour gym, Anytime Fitness, is moving into the timber-clad building opposite the Grazing Cow in Lawley.

Banners were going up today to announce Anytime Fitness is moving into the timber-clad building next to Morrisons and opposite the Grazing Cow pub.

Fitness equipment will be installed in the 9,000sq ft site at the 3,000-home Lawley Village development from March and doors are scheduled to open in May.

The gym is the first in the town to be open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Stuart Martin, one of the club’s owners, said: “We believe our 24-hour fitness club will be a great addition to the Telford area and provide a convenient and affordable exercise option. I used to work shifts at Epson and there wasn’t anywhere I could go to work out.

“There are lots of people in Telford who don’t work conventional hours so it’s opening up a new way for them to keep fit.

“We will start selling memberships at the end of February and the gym will open in early May. We have been blown away by the reaction on Facebook. We’ve had 1,700 likes already and we are still three months away from opening.”

And the gym is set to bring a jobs boost.

Mr Martin said: “There will be initially four or five new positions and as our membership base increases that will also increase.

“We want the jobs to go to local people. We are trying to make this a community gym so we will be looking to engage with people living in the area and encourage the social side of team activities and events.”

Virtual fitness technology will mean gym-goers can take an exercise class in the early hours of the morning without an instructor being there. And while the gym will not be manned 24 hours a day members will be monitored by CCTV for their safety.

For more details search for Anytime Fitness Telford on Facebook.

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Comments for: "Telford's first 24-hour gym brings jobs boost"


No pool, no jacuzzi, no tanning booth and only 5 staff - but it's still going to be £35 a month. I'd be willing to sacrifice the above for £20-25 but for that price you may as we'll join DW or Nuffield and get all the perks.

Anytime Fitness

Hi Mitch1984, not sure where you are getting your information from but maybe I can help. You are correct we will have no pool, we are a 24 Hour gym and H&S make it prohibitive to have a pool in a facility such as ours. We will have tanning, if you take a look on our Facebook page you will see we will have one of Ergoline's latest models the Inspiration 600. You mention Only 5 staff, the article above states that we are creating 5 jobs, this does not mean this will be the only staff, Anytime Fitness Telford is a family owned business and as such there are already 6 of us involved plus full time staff and part time staff, we will ensure that the gym is staffed to the correct levels so that our members are taken care of. Finally re the monthly fee, we haven't announced our pricing structure yet and will not do so until then end of February at which point I would happily discuss your requirements, you may be surprised. Thankyou for your feedback and we look forward to meeting you.

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