Probe after nine taken ill at hair salon

Nine people were taken to hospital after two customers collapsed and staff were taken ill at a beauty salon.

The Firm, Figure and Beauty Salon in Newtown
The Firm, Figure and Beauty Salon in Newtown

Five members of staff and four customers at Firm, Figure and Beauty Salon  in Newtown were taken ill and an investigation is under way to determine the cause.

Claire Spalding, owner of the salon at Merchants House in the town’s High Street, said traces of carbon monoxide had been found in her blood following tests at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

But Dyfed-Powys Police said they did not believe this was the cause.

She said two customers collapsed at the salon on Wednesday afternoon and others started to feel unwell shortly after the emergency services were called.

Police, fire and ambulance crews were sent to the salon and nine people were rushed to hospital for checks.

They have all since been released from hospital and the salon is open for business as usual.

Miss Spalding said: “Two customers had just finished having a treatment when they collapsed. We called the emergency services and a member of staff said she also felt unwell and within minutes a few of us were feeling poorly.

“We were all sent to hospital in Shrewsbury.

“I was released on Wednesday night after they found carbon monoxide in my blood which I am told is the same as the others.

“I had 100 per cent oxygen treatment at the hospital and just feel like I have a bad hangover now, but we are open for business now and easing back in to it.”

Stephen Bowen, landlord of the building, ruled out a carbon monoxide leak.

He said: “All boilers are serviced on a regular basis by a regulated service engineer. He was on site yesterday along with the fire brigade and found no evidence whatsoever of a carbon monoxide leakage.”

Sian George, Dyfed-Powys Police spokeswoman, said: “At 4.04pm on Wednesday we received a call regarding an incident at the salon.

“The fire and ambulance services were already at the scene with nine people feeling unwell.

“They attended hospital and at the moment enquiries into the cause are continuing but it is not believed at this stage that carbon monoxide was involved.”

She said further updates would be issued when the cause is found.

A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesman said a basics doctor, two rapid response vehicles, a patient care service vehicle and three emergency ambulances were sent to the scene.

The spokesman confirmed nine patients were taken to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital for a precautionary check-up.”

A spokesman for Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said three crews attended the scene to deal with a suspected carbon monoxide leak but that the building had been given the all-clear.

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Comments for: "Probe after nine taken ill at hair salon "


Five members of staff and four customers at Firm, Figure and Beauty Salon in Newtown were taken ill

“We were all sent to hospital in Shrewsbury.

“I was released on Wednesday night after they found carbon monoxide in my blood which I am told is the same as the others.

Say it all about the need for A&E. Forty miles is bad enough but 50 miles is past the golden first hour when you add the time for the ambulance to attend and prepare the patient for transportation. The problem being unknown the urgency was similarly unknown. Thats five patients in one go to assess and treat which must have pushed Shrewsbury to the limits on top of all the other patients. How would Teford have coped on top of all the admissions that both units have know?

I'm pleased that they are feeling better now and getting back to normal but it does illustrate how a mystery like this could have over whelmed the single A&E with delayed arrivals putting even more urgency into five cases together.

It could have been anything including a road accident with multiple injuried persons who can be triarged on site and sent to both units to spread the load. But that only works in Shropshire because Mid Wales to too far from Telford to incur the extra delays.


What a terrible experience of everyone involved in this incident and thank Goodness everyone appears to be getting better,

But Roger you are so right this sort of incident highlight how important it is that a full equiped E&A stays in Shrewsbury hospital

I believe all large hospitals should have a fully working A&E that has all the full kit that is needed by every E&A to make a diagnosis and treat people, it really is important that we get the message across that we need all services to remain in Shrewsbury hospital.

Once again I wish everyone involved in this frightening incident a very speedy recovery.