Free council car parking pledge by Telford & Wrekin Council leader Kuldip Sahota

Free parking will remain across the borough as long as he is leader, the leader of Telford & Wrekin Council pledged today.

Kuldip Sahota
Kuldip Sahota

Councillor Kuldip Sahota was addressing concerns that parking charges could spread across town centres in the borough by saying that this would not happen during his term.

Currently, most council-owned car parks on town high streets do not charge.

And Councillor Sahota pledged: “The parking will remain free as long as I am leader.”

Telford & Wrekin operates 28 car parks in the borough, but only charges for the five it has in the Gorge World Heritage site.

Parking charges are in place at Telford Shopping Centre, but this is not a council-managed car park.

Earlier this month it was reported that the council made a loss of £123,000 on car parks last year last year.

It ranked 331st in the country in terms of income from parking.

Only 52 of the 359 councils reported a deficit on their parking operations in 2011/12 and Telford & Wrekin has said it needed to look at how it could cover the costs of running the car parks.

Speaking about the deficit, Councillor Hilda Rhodes, cabinet member for customer services, libraries and transport, said the council remained committed to providing free parking throughout the borough towns for our residents and visitors who use them.

But she said the authority was reviewing how the gap between expenditure and income can be reduced.

Telford & Wrekin’s loss compares to the £7,000 surplus of 2010/11 and a deficit of £6,000 the year before.

Meanwhile, Shropshire Council made a surplus of £2.6 million from its car parking charges.

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Comments for: "Free council car parking pledge by Telford & Wrekin Council leader Kuldip Sahota "

Robert Tressell

"Shropshire Council made a surplus of £2.6 million from its car parking charges". And they spent a big chunk of it on IPads otherwise they would have plenty of scope to reduce the outrageous parking charges in Shrewsbury and the senseless ones in small towns like Wem and Market Drayton. Well done Telford!


A large chunk? £2.6m would but 8,600 basic Ipads, just how many were bought, do tell..................

Terrianne Speak

When are you going to stop people who work at the Town Centre from having to pay to park to go to work? My son works in the centre and has to pay £1.60 per day which is a big chunk from his wages each month. Do councillors pay to park where they work? If they do I bet they can claim it back as expenses? Hardly fair really is it? And also why is it the people who own Town Centre impose parking charges but own Merry Hill where the parking is free? When are we going to stop being ripped off?


Maybe now we can put to bed the scare mongering from the Tories about parking charges. This looks definitive to me.

Bill Nuttall

Something for nothing vote catching spin from the Council Leader as continual hikes in Council Tax proves.


Before anyone bemoans the car park charges in the town centre, its not the councils its private land owned by Hark Apollo who own the shopping centre,.

council worker

does this include free parking to continue for council staff on darby house carpark? as the plans to start charging for parking at work seems a bit unfair - as it does for those carparks run by the towncentre, charging workers to park - times are tough as it is without taking huge dents in wages to pay to park for work - and especially when you are an essential car user and need your car to do your job.