Residents post pictures of illegal Newport parking

Drivers beware – snap happy residents have started posting photographs of illegal parking in one Shropshire town on the internet.

A badly parked taxi in front of St Nicholas’ Church, Newport
A badly parked taxi in front of St Nicholas’ Church, Newport

People frustrated by drivers routinely flouting parking laws in Newport have taken to Facebook to shame those responsible.

Examples of poor parking already captured on camera include cars parked on pavements, on zig zags by traffic lights and even strewn over two parking bays.

The photos have been posted on to the Newport Shropshire News, Views and Idle Chit Chat page. The page is run by an anonymous group of people.

Today town mayor Councillor Tony Forrester said he did not blame people for airing their frustrations publicly.

This van appears to be parked on double yellow lines
This van appears to be parked on double yellow lines

Newport has been without parking wardens since 2010 when West Mercia Police announced it could no longer provide the service due to budget cuts.

Since then the force has admitted that parking is no longer a priority and that it will only ticket people who are causing a serious obstruction.

Newport Town Council is pushing Telford & Wrekin Council to apply for civil parking enforcement, which would take the responsibility for parking out of the hands of the police and allow the local authority to employ parking wardens. But the council has been told that the legislation is unlikely to be in place until April 2015.

Councillor Forrester said: “I think it comes out of sheer frustration that we are getting nowhere with parking in Newport.

“People are trying every method possible to try and shame the culprits.

“Until we get proper enforcement nothing will be done.”

This driver left the car half on the pavement
This driver left the car half on the pavement

Councillor Peter Scott urged people to send the photographs to Telford & Wrekin Council to encourage the authority to push harder for civil parking enforcement (CPE).

He said: “I think it’s a pity that it has come to this.

“It’s really down to the police or the borough council to deal with this properly.

“People are getting exasperated with the lack of any control over parking so they feel that Facebook is the place to air their frustration.

“The photographs should be aimed at the council and people should be demanding CPE. The more people go to Telford & Wrekin and complain, the more they will listen.”

Earlier this year Telford & Wrekin Council chiefs said any bid to bring back parking wardens would have to wait for Government legislation to be brought in.

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Comments for: "Residents post pictures of illegal Newport parking"


If there were more unrestricted parking facilities then people wouldnt have to park like this. Stafford street is full before 9am, Co-op is only 2 hours parking. Newport is becoming very car unfriendly - which seems silly as motorists will buy more due to the ease of transporting their purchases.

I have no idea how people park when they have hair dressers/beauty appointments - if they can only park for 2 hours?

You want people to stay in Newport as long as possible on each visit - not be restricted to how long they can park. You want people to spend time in the town, browse in the little shops, browse the market, sit and eat/drink in cafes - not just rush in and do the post office/pharmacy/supermarket - the lack of unrestricted parking will kill this town.

Please do not blame town staff for lack of parking - as they have no choice but to be here all day - without staff how many businesses would be able to prosper? Also being someone who works in the town - I naturally use the town shops a lot, I use the supermarket, newsagents, pharmacy and other shops - so I spend a lot of money in the town. I also care deeply about Newport as it is a lovely place.

I work near the Co-op and have seen an adjacent business have 5 owners over the last 6 years - the business is not viable due to the lack of people visiting this end of town - the shop is now in fact empty again!

Come on Newport - please make friends with drivers again - what about a new car park on some of the brownfield sites surrounding the centre?

mr grumpy

I am sure the new supermarkets will have adequate parking for their customers. The problem is that even able bodied people do not want to walk very far. There is plenty of on street parking around Newport within a ten minute walk of the High Street.


Have you tried parking on the street after 9am? Its impossible to get in and when you do, impossible to pull out. The only time on street parking is available is after 8pm


Perhaps if you bothered to read the comment?

The clue is in ther last sentence -

"There is plenty of on street parking around Newport within a ten minute walk of the High Street"


Read it again, Ellen. He didn't say parking on the high street, he said on street parking within 10 mins of the high street.


Yes - excellent idea - push the parking problems into residential areas. I dont know how residents of Avenue Road cope - double parking all along that street - those people would use Co-op car park if it wasnt restricted rather than make a road a huge hazard - there is a school entrance there.


Unless the law has changed it is not an offence to park near a school.

Concerned resident

Surely the issue of Taxi's being illegally parked is an issue that can be sorted out?

I mean Ultimate Taxi's owner isn't a local councillor, is he???

One rule and all!


Surely you should know by now that taxis are exempt all rules of the road.

Greg Toland

On what basis is the statement from T&W that "any bid to bring back parking wardens would have to wait for Government legislation"?

CPE was introduced across the whole of Lewes district in September 2004 and Eastbourne town centre in October 2008. Lincolnshire CC started it in December 2012, and the list goes on ...

The usual mis-information when T&W does not want to do what the residents have expressed the need and desire for action.

Whilst I do not want motorists to be victimised or seen as a cash cow there is an urgent need to keep the traffic flowing, safety for pedestrians and cyclists plus access for emergency vehicles.


Motorists have been cash cows since the first car was driven on an UK road.

lateral thinker

You could always move to Lewes, Eastbourne or Lincoln

Telford Resident

Good on them, but I doubt much will be done.

It frustrates me, because I see police drive passed incorrectly parked cars and taxi drivers parking in the middle of the road to chat, and they just drive on as if there's nothing to be picked up.

But if it was me, a young driver. I would have points and a fine.

There's a shop in the Arleston area, that has a bus stop outside, which states no parking between two times. I have seen this being used over and over for parking, when there is a small empty parking area about 5 meters down the road. Police just drive past... I've even seen a Police Officer parked there, with the engine running on his phone... YAY!

I might start getting photos, and be a snitch.

Point out the obvious

Don't you think it would be better if police were doing more important things rather than handing out parking tickets....


On Wednesday 31st July I had the pleasure of witnessing a Community Policeman issuing a parking ticket to a van that was parked on the pavement opposite the HSBC Bank and inside the zig zag lines of the pedestrian crossing. However,, The same Community Officer had chosen to ignore two other offenders, parked on double yellow lines in Stafford Street. Lets be fair and ticket all offenders, together with those who ignore the pedestrian traffic lights, and those on the New Inn Cross road.

Micky T

A local town for local people !

keep away from our town !


What the town that so objects to supermarkets because they take away the business you so need from visitors in the High Street? Make your mind up!

Tracey Thomas

Popped into Newport today and saw a couple of cars parked in the 'disabled' parking bays outside St Nicholas church, two of which had there back ends sticking out into the road. This is a regular occurance along with people parking there who obviously aren't disabled.

I saw what appeared to be some sort of traffic warden nearby, with a machine in his hand, but he just walked past them all.


Many badge holders have cardiac, pulmonary or circulatory issues and these matters obviously aren't as visible as a Long John Silver leg.

I suggest you consider before making accusations in future.

harry timms

for the past 6 days there has been a white motorhome parked on the high street in newport, never seems to move from that spot, so it looks like someone is living there, it is taking up a parking space that a customer of a shop may want. come on newport! lets get something done!!!

make newport a great place to shop.

jane bishop

yes i have seen this caravan left outside the book shop in the high street for weeks on end, maybe it belongs to someone who lives closeby or maybe it's a traveller,

i think the council need informing just incase this is the start of a campsite being set up.

i think motorhomes and caravans need to be parked in a special carpark due to there size, lets just keep parking spaces for the shoppers who spend money in our shops here in newport. we have such a pretty little town. its a shame to be littered with ugly motorhomes and caravans marked on the sides of the road in the high street, this caravan/motorhome is spoiling the view of our lovely church in the high street. get it moved!

the boss

I will park my car ,were I want.Its not u problem !!!!!!

your boss

Grow up. You make it everyone's problem when we all have to go round you. Whether it is in a car or with a pushchair. I have had to step onto the road thus putting myself and young child at risk because of some moron who thinks they can park anywhere. Seriously.... take a look at the bigger picture and follow the rules like 99% of other people.

Newport news views and idle chit chat

Thanks for the article but thats not just what the page is about. It's the pages members who send in the pictures and the members who suggest things they would like to debate. It's obvious people are really annoyed about shoddy parking. Who knows what it will be next week?

Too many

There is an issue with to many taxis parked in the town and on town car parks. The company should find its own parking premises or be charged a large amount of money or increase there business rates to be able to park. Example how would we react say a large local lorry transport company or tractor dealership started to store all there unused vehicles on the town car parks.


WELL DONE to the Very Good Anonymous Sensible people, who are taking action to shame the Bad parking behaviour of silly drivers - who only think of themselves. Irresponsible careless drivers should Not be allowed to get away with it ! THEY SHOULD RESPECT ROAD usage RULES and be aware of where they can park properly. My I remind drivers that PATHS are there for PEDESTRIANS to Walk on - NOT as a parking area. Drivers should READ THE HIGHWAY CODE Rules Booklet. then they will learn Correctly !


Parking on a zig-zag area carries a £60 FP Fine and three points.

Perhaps the good folk of Newport should vote with their feet and avoid using that particular taxi-firm. The trouble is some taxi drivers seem to look on themselves as being some sort of fourth emergency service and ignore the rules of the road the rest of us realise are there for safety reasons.

Local Businessman

Mr Spooner needs to be named and shamed along with all his so called drivers. Shocking parking and seem to think they own the roads of Newport....can't wait to see the new taxi company come to town and drive them straight out. Inconsiderate, stop wherever they like and generally a poor attitude. Sorry for the rant but I'm glad that someone has posted pictures of these people. As for the locals parking in bad positions on the roads....blame, yet again the taxi company, who take over the car parks in the morning and now, if I may add, part of Boughey Road!!! Absolute joke....sort it out or stop moaning. Shame he's a councillor and has a say or this would be resolved by now, get a grip Newport


We don't need parking enforcement, we need parking. There are shops that have been empty for years with double yellow lines outside that could be removed and made in to a parking space. We have plenty of supermarkets as it is, there is no need to build a Morrissons, especially when it could be made in to a multi storey car pack with access to the high street. This WAS a quiet town, but is vastly becoming more popular, and needs more available parking amenities.

Apos t'Rophe

>Surely the issue of Taxi's being illegally parked is an issue that can be sorted


How NOT to use an apostrophe (in a plural).

I mean Ultimate Taxi's owner isn't a local councillor, is he???

How TO use an apostrophe (to indicate possession).

Well at least you got it right in 50% of the cases.


All you have to do is contact these people, they are responsible for the issuing of licences

I saw another image the other day of an Ultimate vehicle parked partially on a footpath in the High St at a strange angle, it seems they just don't learn.

Perhaps they should change their name to Rhino Private Hire " we're really thick skinned and by jingo we know how to charge"


Sainsbury's are offering you 500 spaces up the road. How many more do you need? You CAN park around the Newport High Street area if you are prepared to walk a little. Just being lazy!

We're all doomed

Parking on zig zag's is illegal, parking on the offside is just plain lazy

Get A Grip

I think some of you are being ridiculous, blaming Mr Spooner for some one elses actions, yes it is his company, but is he the one actually driving the vehicles?

I think you'll find not!

Also, Yes I have seen these taxi's parked on the High Street, but why are they parked there?

That's right doing there job, by picking clients up!

Newport is becoming a very popular town, and I think you'll find there is plenty of parking MINUTES away from the High Street, you poor hard done to people, lets face it this is about pure laziness!

Surely if it was such a big issue, you'd have all tried to do something about it instead of bad mouthing local businesses, (or their owners)


Taxi's can park anywhere, provided they comply with the law, if parking on zig-zag areas was not such a big deal it wouldn't carry penalty points would it?

These are people that make themselves out to be professional drivers, perhaps that should conduct themselves like one.

As for the finger of blame being pointed at the operator, why shouldn't it? If someone is befallen by some tragic event in hospital they go to Mr Hunt, if the economy fails, Mr Osborne.

If Mr Spooner can't take the heat perhaps he should get out of the kitchen.

pointing something out

I like how 1 maybe 2 of the above pictures are taken from the drivers side of vehicles,

so you are either driving illegaly while using a camera (most probably your mobile phone)

Or have stopped in the middle of the road to take such pictures, so that my friends is a little hypocritical of you.

Illegal parking is one thing, but illegal driving......... Need I go on?

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