Shock as Shropshire beauty spot turned into dumping ground

An investigation has been launched after a beauty spot was turned into a dumping ground by fly-tippers.

Some of the rubbish dumped at Haughmond Hill
Some of the rubbish dumped at Haughmond Hill

The mountain of rubbish and waste was dumped at Haughmond Hill, near Shrewsbury, over the weekend after being dumped close to the main car park of the tourist attraction.

Shocked members of the public reported the incident on Saturday to The Forestry Commission, who manage the hill, as well as Shropshire Council who said they were “looking for evidence of who may be responsible”.

Park bosses today branded the incident “needless” and “inconsiderate” and said the rubbish would be removed by their waste contractor over the next two to three days. The rubbish comprises a large amount of industrial materials, including wooden panels, and a number of children’s toys.

Jo Davies, who lives in Wellington, made the discovery at the weekend before alerting the Forestry Commission and Shropshire Council.

She said she had been driving past with her husband and two children.

“My family and I were just driving past on Saturday evening just before it closed when we drove past this almighty mountain of rubbish which had clearly been dumped there by some sort of vehicle,” she added.

“It was directly opposite the car park and I couldn’t believe how much there was. It appeared as though there were also kids’ toys amongst the junk which I found quite odd as well.”

Georgina Sharp, the Forestry Commission’s recreation ranger for The Marches area, said it would be removed in the “next few days”. She added: “It is such a shame that some people choose to treat Forestry Commission and other sites in this way.

“Not only is it inconsiderate and unappealing but it needlessly creates work and cost at a time when resources tight and would be better spent on other things.”

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Comments for: "Shock as Shropshire beauty spot turned into dumping ground"

Neil S

Is that a hard drive?

Might that provide the evidence of who may be responsible/irresponsible?


If you mean the grey metal object at bottom-left, then no, it is the internal power supply unit (PSU) from a computer.

nothings free

The issue of fly tipping is pretty bad in rural areas , especially down country lanes etc and in private fields and the bill is left for the landowner to pay in many cases .

When was the last prosecution for fly tipping , very low detection rate by council officials if any , can anything be done?? I doubt it other than a little more help to the victim financially in clearing the mess up and not a big bill from the council to do it, a bit of a cop out I think after all the land owner is the victim who it seems ends up paying pretty large bill for the offence committed..


Totally brainless behaviour! It is probably easier to drive to a council tip!!

Mr W

Absolutely discgraceful, if you carry on the road to Roddington and head for Walcot, there is another spot where somebody has 'fly tipped' over the weekend. dont these people have any respect for the countryside ? we understand that rubbish needs to be disposed of , but why do these poeple insist on dumping it in the countryside. the odd thing is they have most probably travelled an extra 10 miles to dump the rubbish rather than going to the council tip.


Absolutely disgusting.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the work of some unscrupulous person trading as a rubbish removal firm. If I were the police the first place I would look at is the small adds for such services in local papers.


Lock them up, then make them clean up the next few lots of illegally-dumped rubbish.


The police should take some fingerprints from the rubbish. People who fly tip are bound to have a criminal record.


It does look as though it has literally been tipped! Probably somebody who doesn't want to pay for a permit to the recycling centre, because they have a van? On walks in my locality I often come across a lone tv or fridge, and just think that that person does not have the means to travel 15 miles or more to dispose of it. But leaving a big pile of rubbish is just naughty. I have reported these on shropshire councils website fly-tipping page, and the items are duly taken away. It is not as if the opening hours are not long enough either - i often used to fit in a trip to the recycling centre before or after work, or shopping, as i begrudge having to make a special trip for this exercise, using fuel etc., and also avoid on sundays!


No different from the morons that drop their rubbish in the street - take away food wrappings, chewing gum, drinks containers, cigarette butts, dog dirt et al. Completely dim individuals and families with no or little respect for others and their surroundings.

Steve D

I completely agree with Gary, These 'scrotes' have no respect for themselves there is no way they have any respect for anything or anybody else....


Anyone who has ever left a fridge, cooker, etc outside the house for the scrap men to collect should know that there's a good chance that any part of your waste that wasn't metal has ended up fly tipped somewhere. Never leave stuff out for them because if the items are traced back to you, you are liable for fines, clean up, etc. Taking your rubbish to a local authority controlled waste site is always best policy.

Elaine Adams

Fly tippers tip in New Works, nearLawley, Telford. virtually every week. It costs hundreds of thousands of pounds to pick up. I pick up as much as I can on litter picks. We need to catch these people, and fine them heavily.


I think it is time to stop calling Haughmond Hill a beauty spot, sadly, it has turned into a place of litter and dog waste.


No shame. Bet they're on benefits too.


anyone caught doing this should be fined

a large amount at least £2000.

and have their vehicle seized.

then others may think before committing such

a stupid selfish act.

nothings free

The problem with fly tipping is in most cases the moron cant take it to the tip / recycling plant as if they have a van they are charged to dump if they have a trailer they are charged unless they get one of these tickets which allows them too however they have regular waste so they will not bother but just dump .

I watch teenagers throw rubbish from their car in our village I go and have a word "get stuffed" is the answer they just get in their car and empty McDonald rubbish and all sorts on a weekly basis on to the side of the road and if friends stay over again rubbish left.

If you want a peaceful life in a village you just keep quiet and pick it up much easier in fact I went and bought a litter picker of the net .

You have to blame parents in most cases as they have not brought the child up properly , sad fact in this case they work in education so where do you start, if people have little respect for others or where they live you cant win .