Poll: Should gay marriage be legalised?

As the coalition's controversial gay marriage legislation returns to the Commons with Tory MPs and activists deeply split over the issue, we ask if you think same-sex marriage should be legalised.

Gay marriage same-sex

The move has been championed by David Cameron but he has faced Conservative opposition at all levels from the grassroots to the Cabinet .

A group of more than 30 current and former local party chairmen warned that the plans would drive Tory voters to the UK Independence Party and make a Conservative election victory in 2015 impossible.

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill will be debated over two days, with its third reading - the final hurdle in the Commons - tomorrow.

Should gay marriage be legalised? Vote in our poll below and have your say in the comments section:

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Comments for: "Poll: Should gay marriage be legalised?"

nothings free

No , the civil partnership catered for the gay community.

As many others who have oblected I and others have a right to object without being called homophobic or any other insults and we have the right to the opinion we hold .

The gay community have the right to object at not being allowed to have what is seen as a marriage . This can all be put down to democracy at work .

W e must not allow ourselves to be bullied by minority groups .


Yes it should be legalised,otherwise it's discrimination.


Bullied by minority groups? So being vocal about striving for equal rights is bullying the ones who want to keep those rights for themselves? Yeah right.

nothings free

Why do you think you can impose your views on others? works both ways dont you think.


Nothings free, that is the most blindly hypocritical statement I have ever read. Let's pretend people like you are the victims, who feel a bit queasy about homosexuality, and ignore the prejudice and bigotry people have to face while just trying to live their lives.


Of course gay marriage should be legalised and, while they're about it, civil partnerships should be extended to heterosexual couples. A religious ceremony for those that are believers and a non-religious ceremony for those that aren't.

It's about people falling in love and formalising their relationship - what's the big deal?


The issue is one of the democratic right not discrimination or social need. Stone wall state 8% of populi not hetrosexual . The law recognises the social need through Civil Partnership . The law cannot be in this instance appropriated to religious belief and doctrines , the issue of gay marriage is unenforceable to many faiths and simply wont be implemented. the reality is to accept that the status quo is correct and those seeking religious ceremonies in conjunction with their civil partnerships may continue to do so in the faiths that accept to already.

nothings free

So what if a religious establishment refuses to perform a gay wedding?? i think the question has been answered by some on here already "out comes the discrimination and human rights argument .Contrary to what we are told we will not be protected .


Well said Twiggo - I cant believe the uproar this has caused - there are much worse things going on in this country than a few same sex couples who want equal rights. The whole country isnt going to suddenly turn gay, a there might be a lot of same sex couples who dont want to get married - the point is that they are allowed the option. I also like the idea of civil partnerships for hetero couples too. At the end of the day anything which promotes the idea of settling down with someone you love is a good thing.


I never thought I would agree with anything this bunch of inept, privileged, rich posh boys did, and then along comes an issue like this. It is absolutely correct that people should have the right to express their commitment to each other in any way they wish, and if that includes marriage then every one should have that right.

Let's try to live in the twenty-first century, not some wished-for mythical age which never existed

Nick, Telford

The real question is, "Is it important?". With a record overdraft in the country's bank balance, services we once took for granted now a distant memory, apparent price-fixing by energy companies, hospital patients left on trolleys for up to 18 hours (as happened to my own partner!) and the party is disarray over Europe, surely even David Cameron can understand why gay marriage and windmills are not exactly top of the pops.

Keep feeding the desperate straws and they will cling to them.

bob dobbs

Is equality important? Ask yourself that. You know the answer already.

As for if it's worth Parliamentary time then yes it is as proved by a recent ipsos MORI poll which shows 73% of British adults think gay people should be allowed to get married to each other.

that's considerably higher percentage of people who think the Europe debate should top the agenda (7% in last weeks polls).

If the dinosaurs of the Conservative party would sop their prejudices getting in the way of this bill, it would sail though the house in no time.


How about first looking at the rights of those who choose not to marry but are in a long term relationship? This is a very grey area.


Why? They have exactly the rights they want to have, don't they? They have chosen not to give themselves any of the rights or responsibilities that come with being married; and we have to assume that they have made a free and mature decision on the matter. Whether it is a wise decision or not is another matter; but where is the problem that needs to be sorted out?


Any couple who love each other and want to marry should have the right to do so, and a same sex marriage should be equal in law to a male/female marriage. I don't understand the opposition. This won't suddenly undermine all other marriages. Nobody is going to be forced into a same-sex marriage, and homosexuality isn't something that can be 'promoted'. So what argument is there?

It comes down to bigotry. Well to those people, if you ever have a gay child, I hope they grow up in a more open, tolerant and accepting society than we have currently.


marriage is from god, governments should stay out of it, the bible says man should not lie with another man and that is gods law not camerons law, vote ukip to stop this awful liberal lefty idea from destroying our once great nation


Tom, a significant proportion of people now acknowledge that god isn't real, so you may as well be stating that 'christmas presents come from Santa.'

God's law is whatever people like you say it is, and it very often discriminates against innocent sections of society.

nothings free

Ben you have missed the point marriage is and will be in general conducted by a Religious establishment that is why many gays desire it .

What does a gay person do with countries who do not accept their way of life? over half do not and never will , they do not visit it , they cover their gay lifestyle .

The uk is a tollerent society the people of the uk tolerate peoples lifestyles .


That argument makes no sense. I haven't been to a church wedding in at least 15 years, and I'm pretty sure most gay couples don't want to get married because they're religious, they want to get married because they love each other and want to show everyone that, along with getting the same rights as male/female married couples.

And gay people don't visit countries like that because they will be arrested/killed. The thing is, they can have a say in the laws of this country but not others, which is why they don't go.

The UK is mostly tolerant, but then look at the uproar because there is to be a Muslim prayer centre in Shrewsbury. That essentially boils down to "Oh no, these people aren't Christian, they can't pray here". Tolerance? I think not.

bob dobbs

Nigel, is that you?

Seriously though, this comment isn't for real is it?

The Bible also says if my wife wears mixed fibres I can stone her to death - I think we can get along with the Bible's advice thank you very much.


Bob, that may just be one of the best comments I've ever seen on this website. Thank you.


People were getting married well before the Bible.

In Ancient Egypt, Rome etc.

I am assuming your against Shira law, yet harp on about Gods law.. same thing.


Yes, those that believe in marriage should be able to.


I think that yes anyone should have the right to get married if that is what they wish however I do feel that the Church should not be forced to go against their faith.

Tom Simpson

This speech in the New Zealand Parliament makes allot of sense http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhdSYJ0r9P0

nothings free

On a final note yes i am sure it will be passed and as such we must accept that organizations have been given full protection should they refuse to perform the ceromony, which i and many beleive is and should be between a man and a woman .

What frightens myself and many others is should this be passed will same sex relationships need be incorporated in priamry school education??? this caused a storm a few years ago and i am sure will cause a storm among parents again , we are opening a can of worms leading to court action , human rights issues etc etc .

This is down to PIECE OF PAPER it will never lead to full acceptance of a minority group of people by those who find the whole idea unaceptable i fear this is what many who desire this reform are really after acceptance not just tollerance ..


My wife & I have been married for 62 years and we are appalledwith the idea


My wife & I have been married for 62 years. We are appalled with the idea of gay marriage. Marriage is for the union of a man & a woman ONLY. Woe betide any politician wishing to be elected in the future who backs this revolting Bill.. It is an unnatural act and should be left in the political gutter to wither swiftly and finally.


To each other? Well done. Do you want a cookie?

Times change, attitudes change (Thank God/Allah/Buddha/Whoever) and thankfully in general we're not so ignorant in this country anymore. I can't believe it's not legal already frankly, imagine being told you're not allowed to marry the person you love because they have the same genitals as you?

All gay people want is the same rights as straight people. I really don't see why that is a problem.


My wife & I have been married for 2 years. We support gay people's right to marry.

I suppose your attitude is down to old fashioned, out of date principles, and all we have to do is wait a a few years for all this intolerance to ... err ... die out.


Your vile comments make me sick! How can homosexuality, which occurs throughout nature be unnatural? Just because you are heterosexual does not mean that that is the only way to be or that you have a superiority to those who are not the same as you happen to be. You might feel differently if you had been born gay, or perhaps you were and like many closeted men of your generation you are a vocal homophobe!


It astounds me that this has become such a big issue? There are far more important things to get upset about in this country - the mess the economy is in, the threats to the NHS etc. Let this bill pass through and let people just get on with it. I understand there may be some who oppose it and can understand certain religious figures wanting to opt out - but in general something which encourages people to settle down with each other is a good thing? I like the civil partnership idea for hetero couples - this might be the legal way of commiting to someone without a religious implication. Also if same sex couples want to marry - I dont see a problem.

I think some people have over estimated the impact of these changes - not every person in the country is suddenly going to decide to marry someone the same sex? Those who will be marrying someone the same sex are already with that person now - not letting them marry doesnt stop gay relationships?


Equality? We have equality in marriage already: any available woman may marry any available man - and vice versa. What could possibly be more 'equal' than that?

Since the dawn of time, so far as we are able to tell, marriage has been between a man and a woman so that the next generation of children can be born and be secure in their inheritance of their parents' property. Relationships between people of the same sex, sometimes expressed sexually, have always existed. Some societies have tolerated them, some have abhorred them; but never ever has any of these relationships been called, or treated as being the same as, a marriage. To try in our generation to change this is not 'progress', it's a wrong turn down a blind alley.


My partner and I are 2 decent men, who love each other and just want the same right to be married as heterosexual couples currently enjoy and largely take for granted, many entering into it lightly! This law will just bring us a step closer to a full and inclusive society. Think how much opposition there was to mixed race marriages in the 50's onwards and now nobody bats an eyelid and rightly so. It is telling that the majority of the nasty hateful comments come from the church and people who call themselves Christians, how telling! God made us this way, so why would he want his followers to discriminate against us, makes no sense!