Bulldozers reducing Telford & Wrekin Council offices to rubble

The rest of the building might be rubble, but Telford & Wrekin Council’s name sign was today clinging on resolutely to the remains of the former civic offices as the bulldozers do their business.

This is all that remains of the building, which is being demolished by new owners Asda to make way for a new superstore.

Once the store is open, the supermarket giant intends to close its existing base in Telford shopping centre.

Demolition work started three weeks ago and very little of the four-storey building is left standing.

Once it is completely demolished, contractors expect to have to spend several more weeks on the site moving and compacting the rubble before building work can start.

In all, demolition is expected to take six weeks. The new store is due to open in March next year. The civic offices, made up of Malinslee House and Walker House, was the council’s main base from the mid 1970s but after 40 years 800 employees left the building last December.

Many moved to Addenbrooke House in Ironmasters Way and others relocated to offices at the new Wellington Civic and Leisure Centre and to Granville House in Donnington.

The building was a major landmark in Telford town centre but few people posting on the council’s social network sites seem sad to see it go, with most branding it ugly and an eyesore.

The Asda superstore will be built over two levels and the 44,000 sq ft superstore will be built on stilts above a 500-space car park.

Site bosses have said the superstore, which will also include a petrol station, will be ready to open in March 2014 in time for when Asda’s lease is up on its town centre site.

Frank Nolan, project manager working on the site, said 97 per cent of the materials removed from the site would be reused in the new building.

The progress being made to improve Telford’s shopping facilities are in contrast to problems with Shrewsbury’s plans for a £150 million redevelopment.

Developers for the New Riverside centre today admitted it faced an uncertain future because of the current economic climate. The “best case scenario” would be for work to start in early 2015.

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Comments for: "Bulldozers reducing Telford & Wrekin Council offices to rubble"


That's the most work that holiday camp as seen since it was built. 800 employees 100 of them making tea for the rest of them


Life as a troll must be so sad and lonely. How is life under your bridge bernie?


No It's quite fun really an envelope drops through my letter box once yearly which gives me as much right to comment as anybody. A bit too near the mark were they don't forget the biscuits


Council workers work extremely hard to provide good services with the pittance given to them by Central Government. Pity the same work ethic can't be applied to the large number of jobless layabouts in the borough.

George Ashcroft

This was the building from which Phillip Davies refused to fly the Union Flag for several years. This was also the building that Andrew Eade wanted to replace with the proposed "Telford Palace". I shed no tears at the demise of Malinslee House and note that Telford and Wrekin Council still functions adequately without it.

Tony in BC

When was this building built? There are buildings in Shrewsbury (that are) over 1000 years old, lovely old places built by engineers, artisans, craftspeople.... that is why Shrewsbury remains the lovely place that it is today. So what is being built to replace this ugly blot on the landscape? - another one that will be torn down in a couple of decades?

Siegfried Hile

I have to agree one of the worst looking buildings ever. It will be a great day when it has finally gone! Trouble is we don't know what ASDA is putting up in it's place. May also be monstrous!

Tony in BC

However, Shrewsbury did destroy some of its historic buildings.. on returning one year I found the Victorian market place replaced by a 1960's utilitarian block. The former market place was a fine example of Victorian brickwork and design - for which Shrewbury has few examples. Also the mock-Tudor Crown (on Princess street?) was demolished as well as the Raven (Castle Gates?)... !

Michael Wilkinson

If you want to see what Asda plan to erect just go to the planning office to see the planning application.

Applications can be viewed electronically in person between 8.30am and 5.15pm Monday to Friday at Business and Planning First Point in Wellington Civic Offices. If you need help understanding the application a member of the Planning team can help you.

You can also use the facilities that are provided in other Council buildings such as libraries and First Point to view applications.

However,finding the application on line is not an easy task,Ive tried.

Jean Slater

I think that this building was a real eye sore,so was the Market Hall in Shrewsbury.Every town have their fair share of "ugly blots on the landscape".

Tony in BC

Jean... The Market Hall is the Tudor period building in the square so I hope you don't find that an eyesore - most people would likely disagree. If you mean the Market Place (at the top of Mardol) that is a different matter. The Victorian brick building certainly didn't appeal to all, but nevertheless it had its good points; it represented 19th century architecture, an important part of Shrewbury's history, as well as the craftsmanship and engineering of that period.

Today's 1960's utilitarian replacement has little merit - and I doubt that you would find many tourists to Shrewsbury taking the time visit - unless they were buying groceries.


Lets hope they look after their new buildings better than this one. I have seen the outside cleaned only once in 40years, it was a real eyesore and not a good example to the tenants in their council housing.

Michael Wilkinson

Application number

W2009/0915 can be viewed at


Horrid telford

I think they should just blow telford off the map and start it again never mind spending 150 million on redevelopment just for the telford yobs to ruin , the same goes for the rest of the horrid country!!!!!!

Rob, Telford

"the same goes for the rest of the horrid country"

Please enlighten us Horrid - do you think that Telford is a country or do you want to see the entire UK blown off the map? Either way, your proposed action sounds a bit yobbish to me...

Tony in BC

Thanks Michael.

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