Poll: Should David Beckham be knighted for his services to football?

As bookmaker Ladbrokes offers odds of 6/4 that David Beckham would be knighted within a year, we ask whether the richest football player in the world should be made a Sir.

David Beckham
David Beckham

How does the richest football player in the world get richer?  By retiring. David Beckham could see his personal fortune rise to as much as £300m, marketing experts said today.

The 38-year-old can concentrate solely on his commercial career, with marketing experts predicting his ‘unique’ appeal will last for the next 20 years.

And already there is speculation that Beckham, who was awarded an OBE in 2003, will soon be knighted for his services to football. Bookmaker Ladbrokes offered odds of 6/4 that he would become Sir David within a year.

The Beckhams are already one of the richest celebrity couples in the country with a combined fortune estimated to be worth £190m.

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Comments for: "Poll: Should David Beckham be knighted for his services to football?"

twisting my melon

Not just for Football but for sport in general..

Colin Dodd.

How ridiculous, but nothing surprises me any more about this obsession with sport in the UK. He has been doing a job that he chose, and for which, he has been handsomely rewarded. Regardless of how much success he has had, it was not a job that made a great impact on the lives of the general population.

I am old enough to remember when being a "sir" actually meant something. Those who received this accolade were proud of it, and the rest of us supported their recognition as they had, for the most part, done something to benefit their fellow men. I do disagree with the title being handed down, as in the case of Thatcher's son. If he deserves a knighthood then I am the next pope.


David Beckham came from humble beginnings and made a great success of his life, he won 115 caps for playing for his country and Captained it for six years. The first ever player to win 4 titles in 4 different Countries. His winning goal injury time took England through to the World Cup. He donates millions to charities (which some would say he can afford) but he dosnt have to do it, and works tirelessly to promote football/soccer around the world and is a great ambassor, was a key player winning the Olympic Games for London which Prince William, Lord Coe & The Prime Minister acknowledged.

Compared to other footballers through the years, Tom Finney, Bobby Charlton, Trevor Brooking, is any less? I think he deserves a knighthood. Yes Colin I to am old enough to remember when "Sir" meant something but so did "Doctor" and "Lawyer" sadly things are not like they used to be anymore. Many Sports and Showbusiness personalities have been knighted and have done much less in the past.


I agree with Colin. The most farcical award of giving a knighthood was that of giving it to Bradley Wiggins for just riding a bike. He himself said that it would be something to talk about at social occasions. Awards given to olympic athletes too are ridiculous. The fact that they have won a medal is enough reward for what they have done in their particular sport. The awards system in this country has become a laughing stock.