Unemployment figures falling in Shropshire

Joblessness fell in Shropshire for the second consecutive month during April, despite the national employment figure falling at its fastest rate since autumn 2011, official figures showed today.

The number of people claiming jobseeker’s allowance in the county declined from 4,825 in March to 4,670 last month, a figure reflected in a UK-wide decline of 7,300 in the number of people signing on.

However, nationally unemployment increased between January and March, with 15,000 more people out of work to make a total of 2.52 million, the Office for National Statistics revealed today.

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Comments for: "Unemployment figures falling in Shropshire"

eva land

What about UNDERemployment?

People talk about the three day week and the such like of the 1970s but getting work for three days or more today is a novelty!

It really does help enormously to keep the UNemployment figures look lower though, doesn't it!


Are these the true figures,or have the people who have been forced into free labour at places like tesco's & those that have had their money stopped completely & living off nothing at all also been added to this reduced unemployment number?.

James Wrigley

Ian Duncan Smith Lies Yet Again, when will the Tories stop lying to people, corrupt to the core with their false stats and figures.

Dick James

You want underemployment figures? Just Google it...