It’s a dog’s life for adorable Shropshire pet sheep Lamo

Meet Lamo – the sheep that thinks he is a dog! The Shropshire Star ran a picture of Lamo being walked through the streets of Shrewsbury last week and appealed for information about its owner.

He is one of a number of animals being looked after in a field in Wentnor, near Bishop’s Castle, by Jennifer Jones.

She runs Little Britain, a roadside cafe in Marshbrook, near Church Stretton, and uses the cash that comes in from the business to fund the animal rescue operation.

Jennifer said Lamo was brought in about 12 months ago and had been a huge hit with the family ever since.

She said: “I don’t know where he came from.

“Someone came in and said they had found this little lamb roaming around so they brought him into us to look after and care for.

“We started to notice almost straight away that he perhaps wasn’t your run-of-the-mill sheep.

“Not long after we took him in one of our dogs jumped in a pond and Lamo went in straight after him, swimming away and having a great time.

“He is just adorable.

“If we open the doors of the van or the car he just hops straight in, he loves going for a ride.

“He would jump in with anyone, so we have to be careful as he has been known to get in other people’s cars too,” she added.

“And he loves going for walks. I am sure he thinks he is a dog!

“We take him out for a walk every day.”

Jennifer said Lamo had decided he was going into Shrewsbury on the day the picture was taken.

It was uploaded on to social networking site Twitter by a stunned shopper and featured on the front page of the Shropshire Star the following day.

“The person he is pictured with is Kieran, one of our handlers,” said Jennifer.

“On the day it was taken Kieran was on his way into Shrewsbury to meet some friends and, sure enough, as soon as he opened his door Lamo was in there like a shot.

“I said ‘it looks like he is coming with you then’ and off they went.

“There is never a quiet minute with Lamo. He loves knocking wheelbarrows over if you are trying to carry one, it’s his way of telling you he wants to be patted.

“We do often rehome a lot of the animals we get handed over but Lamo is going nowhere – we absolutely love him.”

Jennifer is currently looking after four other sheep, a pony and a horse.

The lamb has caused quite a stir in Shrewsbury when he was seen being taken for a walk near the Maplin store in Market Street, Shrewsbury.

A picture taken by James Wallace at We Are Frostfire was later put on Twitter.

A worker at Ashleys Bar in Shoplatch, who asked not to be named, said: “Our manager saw it in town on Wednesday and I think it caused a bit of a stir.”

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Comments for: "It’s a dog’s life for adorable Shropshire pet sheep Lamo"


that is so cute i would love to have been up close cuddling the sheep myself they are the best animals in the world ever so cute so soft baa


Yes, its cute but she is flouting the movement rules. Others farmers, when they move livestock onto their holdings they are automatically shut down for 6 days. If she is waiting 6 days between walks, then fair enough, but is she? Surely she would be aware of the rules and regulations that all farmers/smallholders/livestock owners have to adhere to. Otherwise, what is stopping them from taking a cow into town for a walk or a sheep on a lead around a market stall and then returning them back to the rest of the herd and flock. Foot and Mouth devastated this country back in 2001 which i think is when the rules were put into place. If one person breaks them and doesn't get into trouble then why shouldn't everyone else? Do Trading Standards Animal Health and Welfare know? Do either them or DEFRA read the newspapers? Even show stock have to be kept apart from the rest of the flock/herd for a set time when returning to the holding, what makes this sheep so special?

Chrissie of Las Vegas

Egads Lillian, you are just an old cow!

Larry The Lamb

Calm down lillian, all us sheep like our exersize. How would you like to be stuck in a pen all day? foot and mouth comes from the feilds not the cobbles. Free the sheep!!!

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