St John staff cover for Whitchurch injuries unit

St John Ambulance workers are providing cover at a county hospital this weekend following the decision to cut the opening times of its Minor Injury Unit.

The unit at Whitchurch Community Hospital has had its opening times ‘revised’. Managers say nurses are needed to relieve pressure in the main hospital.

The service had been open from 9am to 7pm, seven days a week. But from now on it will be open Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5pm, excluding bank holidays.

On Sunday and on Monday St John Ambulance will provide a first aid service at the hospital between 9am and 5pm.

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Comments for: "St John staff cover for Whitchurch injuries unit"

kath Bishop

So much for the NHS being safe in our hands, Of course the bosses have managed to keep within the budget whilst getting the service run by well meaning volunteers. I wonder if any of the London hospitals which serve the so called great and good? are affected in this way ? I think not. I wonder what Owen Paterson is doing about it ?????