30 jobs face axe in Shrewsbury College shake-up

Up to 30 jobs could be axed at Shrewsbury College under a shake-up of its management structure, it was revealed today.

Shrewsbury College. Image: Google Street View
Shrewsbury College. Image: Google Street View

College bosses said that the money saved through the job losses would be reinvested into teaching.

Around 30 management and administration positions at the college are at risk, with some compulsory redundancies expected.

Teaching staff could be in line for salary increases under proposals unveiled by Principal Steve Wain today. He pledged the college, which has its main campus in London Road, would try to minimise the number of compulsory redundancies.

Mr Wain said: “We are doing all we can to minimise the need for any compulsory redundancies and expect to deal with much of this through voluntary arrangements.

“We do anticipate the need for some compulsory redundancies but won’t know the actual figure until we get to the end of the process.”

The potential job losses are part of an ongoing restructuring process at the college aimed at supporting investment in teaching staff and facilities.

Mr Wain said: “We are making the changes to prepare ourselves for the future and to streamline existing management and support activities so that we can continue our ongoing investment in facilities and teaching staff.

“We are therefore not expecting to make significant savings as a result of these changes.”

Mr Wain said the savings would be reinvested into teaching and claimed an existing cap on teachers’ salaries could be raised next year.

He said: “We are changing and reprioritising our expenditure away from management and support and into student resources, facilities and teachers.”

The college is currently spending £12 million expanding its main campus, with work due to be completed later this year.

Mr Wain said admissions from school leavers had increased by 12 per cent compared to last year.

He said: “We are increasing choice and student contact time when many other colleges faced with austerity cutbacks are doing the opposite.

“We have looked carefully at how we can prioritise our investment in students and teaching and after a month of positive internal consultation are now implementing a restructuring of our management arrangements and support functions.”

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Comments for: "30 jobs face axe in Shrewsbury College shake-up"

Nothings free

Seems the new broom is sweeping clean , however salaries i would imagine in the current climate should not be going up unless the person is going to be doing more work

.I would also imagine many support staff wages are more generous than the same job in the private sector so securing a job on the same salary will be hard for them in particular, i hope they get good pay off deals . But as with most establishments like these the poor old support staff will be short changed and shafted and managment well rewarded to go .


Reference Nothings Free: do you have an understanding of how redundancy works or are you surmising?

Thought so.

Nothings free

Well from Yes, past experience from here

managment/lecturers had week and 1/2 for every year excluding first two years plus six months pay plus hols

support had week and 1/2 excluding first two years plus hols , reason on difference managment, lecturers would find it far more difficult to find a job on similar salary .

Thought wrong mate.

Nothings free

On another note i read in in the paper "teachers" i thought colleges had lecturers they are not as qaulified as a teacher so why the pay increase next year??.

Stuart Raine

I am fully qualified and work from 7.00 am most days and finish work at 9.00pm twice a week. My passion is teaching and although titled a lecturer I have the same PGCE qualification as teachers. We don't do it for money, we do it to make a difference to people's lives!

Robin Hood

It is insulting to be sacking people with one hand and giving pay rises with the other.

Port Hill Boy

Teachers always look after themselves.

Why cut jobs - and make people lose livelihoods - that teachers walk away with fatter pay packets?


I think you'll find that college lecturers are as qualified as teachers, as they still have to complete a Cert Ed degree.

Nothings free

Think not , we have a difference in wages/payment scale which clearly shows this .

Kat de Gama

@NF - my experience of working in academia was that more and more work is heaped on teaching staff and they are not paid any more. I would say that teachers and lecturers are equally but differently qualified. It's difficult to get a job in a university without a first, a PhD and a publication record.

Janet B

Very similar to a college in Berkshire. There is a new principal there now and lots of new jobs.

Jack D

Here's me thinking that students might want the best teachers money can buy ! If the college was advocating the opposite - less taught hours, reduced pay for teachers, more admin and more management - then that would be something to get cross about it.

Nothings free

But who will be doing the admin work??? lecturers will be doing it, managment costs will be spread over fewer staff who will get a pay rise for doing it allwill have extra duties, so the amount lecturerers spend in the class room will still be limited possibly the same hours teaching they now do , but they will clearly be paid for the admin work which is extra that they will be doing.