Plucky pooch Mojo goes from walkies to wheelies

A plucky pooch has been making a wheely-good impression as he cruises through the streets of Shropshire on a set of wheels.

Paralysed dog Mojo has been causing a stir in Shrewsbury as he makes use of an unusual ‘doggie walker’ device to get around.

His proud owner Julie Fletcher said Mojo has become the talk of the town as he makes his way about with the help of the equipment.

The previously healthy dog became paralysed last September in his hind legs and unable to walk shortly after returning from a five-week holiday in Cornwall.

Mrs Fletcher, 54, rushed him to the vets where at first it was though Mojo had broken his back.

But an X-ray revealed that the cause of his problem was a disc becoming dislodged in Mojo’s spine, resulting in the paralysis in his hind legs.

Mrs Fletcher said she was given the option of putting Mojo down, but instead he underwent an operation to minimise the problem.

“We were told he could be put down but we said no,” she said.

Since the five-year-old Chihuahua and Jack Russell cross underwent an operation to remove the disc he has gone on to make a remarkable recovery – all with the help of his walker.

The device helps Mojo to walk by keeping his back legs propped up while his front legs set the pace – allowing the rear wheels to follow along.

Mrs Fletcher, a mother-of-three, of Allerton Road, Sundorne, said plucky Mojo had become the talk of the neighbourhood on his regular strolls.

She said that he is adjusting to life with his disability and is a ‘very happy dog’.

“People are always coming up and asking about him,” she said.

“People think he hasn’t got any hind legs but I tell them they are just in special shoes.

“He still plays with his toys and he is a very happy dog.

“He looks a bit like a sea lion when he walks.”

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Comments for: "Plucky pooch Mojo goes from walkies to wheelies"

harry timms

Chihuahua and Jack Russell cross ? more like rottie cross jack russell,

he is chihuahua x jack russell he is not a rottie cross

violot herding

i agree with you harry!

i have been breeding Chihuahua's for the last 33 years and i can 100% say this is no more jack russell cross Chihuahua than my daughter is related to the queen!

on closer inspection i would say its not rottie as said its more likely to be staffie cross jack russell, i should know what i am talking about as i am a breeder and one of the leading ones in the country!

Keith Cholmondeley

There is always one to complain! Who cares as long as the dog is healthy and happy. What a bunch of idiots.

PS My dog is related to the queen, stick that in your uppity pipe and smoke it.

rita downton

i have just been reading the latest comments about the dog breeder violet herding, i consider myself a dog breeder and agree with her, see seems to know what she is talking about, i think this is a jack russell cross staffie, and as for the inavation of straping 2 wheels to the back of a dog it is no way a new idea, it was out in the 1970.s and seen on thats life!

this is soooooooooooo old news! let the jack russell cross staffie get on with it.


GO MOJO ! lovely to see the clip x


Lovely to see what is obviously a jack russellx chihuahua living life to the full dispite his disability. Great to hear of owners willing to pay a little extra for quality of life . I wonder have they considered hydrotherapy to ease any pains? may be worth a try if not. Good luck little man x


My parents dog had an identical set of wheels years several years ago, not really ground breaking news !!!! However I'm a dog lover and glad the dog is enjoying a new lease of life


What a wonderful story


I would think maybe the best judge of breed would be the owner????????????? i have westie cross bichon who looks like a westie until you get hands on and tape measures out. i know his mum a westie and his dad a bichon. Strangely enough im told very often he is a full westie. Sadly being a breeder gives no qualification to judge other dog owners on identifying the true breed. Sometimes best in the country breeders get it wrong !!

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