Police commissioner Bill Longmore confirms agent as £50k deputy

Shropshire’s police and crime commissioner has confirmed the controversial appointment of his election agent as his new £50,000-a-year deputy – despite fierce opposition to the move.

West Mercia chief constable David Shaw congratulates winning candidate Bill Longmore at the election count at Shrewsbury Sports Village
Bill Longmore with West Mercia Chief Constable David Shaw

Former Staffordshire policeman Barrie Sheldon has been appointed by Bill Longmore to the role after working with him during his campaign to become West Mercia’s first police and crime commissioner.

The decision comes despite objections by more than 15 members of West Mercia Police and Crime Panel, who claim the selection process was ‘almost non-existent’.

Concerns were also raised over the fact that Mr Sheldon has a similar background to Mr Longmore, with both men having worked for Staffordshire Police for 30 years.

Mr Longmore said today he had ‘carefully considered’ the PCP’s report and maintained that, despite the pair working for the same police force, he had had ‘no dealings’ with Mr Sheldon before the election campaign.

But panel vice-chairman Councillor Malcolm Pate said it was ‘very disappointing’ their concerns had been disregarded and branded it a ‘foolish’ decision.

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Comments for: "Police commissioner Bill Longmore confirms agent as £50k deputy"

The Original Jake

The £70,000 unwanted role has quickly become a £120,000 unwanted role.


Jobs for the boys another rip off for hard working taxpayers

Geoff Slater

And so it starts


He was advised to recruit openly and not just appoint an old crony and election agent.

He decided to ignore the advise and give the £50k job to an old pal

Nice one

If he ignores this advice what else will he ignore and just plough on with?


I'm sure that many will be regretting their decision to vote for this man (I didn't vote for him). Whether they'd had previous dealings with one another or not, this is a public sector job - there is no room for this sort of patronage. Assuming a deputy is needed in the first place (and I'm not sure about that) this appointment should have been subject to a full and open competition, via a properly auditable process.

I had my doubts about Mr Longmore as a candidate - this disgraceful carry-on simply reinforces those doubts. And good for councillor Pate in being prepared to speak out about this.


But halting poaching is his first big policing priority. It's a joke the Government replaces a well known system, for something more expensive and full of cronies. When will we learn

Brian Roberts

This has to be a joke surely !!!

I served in the West Mercia for 30 years and it was and will always be part of me. Policing will never change whoever is in charge. It is about working the streets and making it as safe as possible for those people we serve. In my time Staffordshire Police had reasons not to be too proud of their achivements over the last decades.

I now live in Malta where crime is low, you can walk the streets at night without being molested or attacked and the Police here with all their own problems give a brilliant service. They don't need anyone to tell them how to Police their streets.


Mr Longmore seemed surprised that the West Mercia area was very large and would need more than one person. If he did not even realise the size of the area when standing for election ,questions must be asked whether he is capable of undertaking the role.

Alistair McCormick

A sham from the outset. I'm ashamed to say I voted for Mr Longmore believing that keeping politics out of policing was paramount and would be best served by an independent individual with no hidden agenda. How wrong can you be. Mr Longmore had an ideal opportunity to make this job his own, there was an opportunity to show the general public that integrity and transparency was alive and kicking outside of politics. With this one act Mr Longmore has now thrown away any credibility which people such as myself once believed he had. Shame on you Mr Longmore, bring on 2016 so we can get you out.


Bill Longmore has very quickly proved that he isn't up to the job and doesn't give a damn about the real priorities for our police. I thought he was too old and too doddery to do the job when I saw him at one of his rare outings during the campaign and guess his 'deputy' is the real brains behind the duo.

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