Same-sex marriage decision for Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski

Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski today said he would hold a public meeting on the issue of same-sex marriage – to help him decide which way to vote.

Daniel Kawczynski
Daniel Kawczynski

Mr Kawczynski said that his ‘gut feeling’ was to support same-sex marriage, but he could not ignore the ‘hundreds of letters’ he has received from constituents who are opposed to the move.

He said it would be ‘arrogant’ to ignore the views of his constituents, and said the outcome of a vote at the end of the planned meeting would be a ‘huge factor’ in influencing his decision.

It is hoped the meeting to discuss the issue will be held in February. Plans to legalise same-sex marriage have divided the Conservative party.

Prime Minister David Cameron, who supports the move, has promised a change in the law in England and Wales by the next election in May 2015.

But more than 100 of his MPs, including Environment Secretary and north Shropshire MP Owen Paterson, are thought to be against the idea.

The Prime Minister has offered MPs a free vote on the issue – due to take place in the spring.

Mr Kawczynski said: “On the one hand my gut reaction is to support gay marriage because I am very much against discrimination and it is an issue of equal rights. However, in Shrewsbury there is a very large element of society which is fundamentally opposed to this change.

“Before I decide how to vote I want to organise a large public meeting to hear the views of those who are in favour and those who are against. I have been overwhelmed by the number of letters from constituents opposed to this proposal. On a highly contentious issue like this I think it is important for MPs to have public meetings to find out the will of the people.”

Mr Kawczynski said the meeting would be chaired by an independent adjudicator, and would end with a vote on same-sex marriage.

Yesterday a group of senior Tory MPs and peers launched a campaign group backing same-sex marriage.

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Comments for: "Same-sex marriage decision for Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski"


I didn't even know he was engaged...


'Arrogant to ignore the views of his constituents' - that'll be a first then Danny


Mr Kawczynski needs to bare in mind that marriage is a union between one man and one woman and has been, from as far as we know from the begining of time.. This is not a political game.

By voting for same sex marriage. You are voting to make a mockery of traditional marriage.

Robert Tressell

I agree Brian. And if this gets the go-ahead then I feel inclined to send back my marriage certificate in disgust. In an age when the majority of heterosexual couples now opt to live together outside of formal marriage, as partners, I wonder why Gays are so hell-bent on forcing the issue.


I am actually shocked.

Chester J Lampwick

So, if the result of the meetings vote is a 'No' to SSM, will Mr K then over-ride his personal 'gut-feeling' based upon the views of a few hundred of his constituents ? Are there any other subjects Mr K is going to turn over to his constituents to decide upon...or just this subject ? If just this subject, why ? If every subject, why have an MP ?

Andrew finch

Well i was under the impression an ellected mp acts for his voters and should the majority object to this law change then he would consider those views before making a final decision.


False. The idea behind a representative democracy is that we elect someone to make these decisions on our behalf, particularly to spare us from the logistical nightmare of a direct democracy which would involve countless daily referendums with compulsory voting (to ensure legitimacy).

What I see here is someone who wants to absolve himself of the negative fallout that will result from voting either way in this emotionally charged issue.

It's cowardly damage limitation.


I hope Danny does not take the religious side of this debate, they are literally 100's of things "banned" but most people including Christians do, one only has to look in Leviticus to see them, Just ask Google you maybe surprised to see what you can and cannot do. if it is based on the "teachings" in this book, then along with the gay ban/marriage i fully expect all the other things deemed banned in the book to be carried in law.

Its the 21st centuary not the middle/dark ages.

R Suppards

What's this? An MP actually prepared to act on the views of his constituents rather than toe the Party line? I never heard the like!

Port Hill Boy

So can we expect him to consult on other issues ? of course not , only when he's scared of a backlash.

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