Shropshire joy at Will and Kate's baby news

Shropshire sent huge congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today – as it emerged that pregnant Kate has spent a comfortable night in hospital.

Wills and Kate

The 30-year-old Duchess, who is suffering from acute morning sickness, stayed in a private hospital in central London last night.

William, also 30, was by her side at the King Edward VII Hospital after she was taken there by car from Bucklebury in Berkshire, where her parents Michael and Carole Middleton live.

He left the hospital shortly after 8.20pm, while Kate, who is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, is expected to remain there for a few days.

The Duchess had a number of engagements this week but they have all been cancelled, said St James’s Palace.

Messages of congratulations have poured in from across Shropshire.

Shropshire’s own royal lady-in-waiting and former High Sheriff Meriel Afia said: “It’s absolutely the most wonderful news one could ever wish to hear and what a wonderful end to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year. I truly think it’s so good to hear and I’m absolutely thrilled.”

Mrs Afia, who lives near Shifnal, is lady-in-waiting to Princess Alexandra, the Queen’s cousin.

The present High Sheriff John Abram said from his Oswestry home: “It’s absolutely fantastic news.

“And what a wonderful way for the Royal family to end a wonderful year. We are delighted and I’m sure everyone in the county will feel the same.”

Shropshire’s Lord Lieutenant Algy Heber-Percy, the Queen’s representative in the county, added: “We wish both mother and father every happiness. It is lovely news at the end of this wonderful jubilee year.”

Squadron Leader Neil Hope, from RAF Shawbury, near Shrewsbury, where Prince William and his brother Harry trained, said: “Warm congratulation from all staff at RAF Shawbury on this great news.”


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Comments for: "Shropshire joy at Will and Kate's baby news"


This sort of fawning coverage from the Shropshire Star (and I'd hazard a guess its Royal correspondent) is certainly helping me to empathise fully with the Duchess of Cambridge in her current predicament - now I too feel like vomiting all the time....


I do hope that she gets over her morning sickness very soon. I've been up all night worrying. After all she's eating for one and a half now.


congrats on marrying & having a baby with your distant cousin.nothing new with the the royals though is it.


Although I feel very sorry for her and wish her no harm its not exactly something which concerns the majority of people? She will be fine with the high level of care she will recieve, we should feel more sorry for women who go through this without the help of servants and private healthcare.


Shropshire joy? Speak for yourself.

The Shropshire Star is getting more like the Daily Mail every day.

Still, do we mere mortals get a day off when the baby is due?

If not I’m not interested.


So, by "Shropshire", you really mean four people, one of whom is named Algy.

Steve (another one)

Can we have a sycophancy free edition of the Star for those of us have have no interest in the in-bred (include here any expletive that the rules will allow) that are a curse on our democracy.

Grim Reaper

I have nothing against the Royal Family, although I do wish it was streamlined and run more, in terms of cost, along the model of the restored Spanish monarchy. However, this nauseating, sugar sweet coverage of what after all is a perfectly normal event in the life of most married couples, is frankly ridiculous. I thought this fawning kind of nonsense was well and truly over and done with.

By all means mention the event, but please do it in a far more measured and restrained way. After all, neither the Duke or Duchess of Cambridge will ever want for anything in their pampered, wealthy lives. At a time when ordinary people are losing their jobs and homes, to give this matter such blanket coverage and prominence is, at the dawn of the twenty first century, rather ridiculous.


Squadron Leader Neil Hope said "I was ordered to give a quote, so here it is" - the equivalent of writing "All the best" on the leaving card of someone you either don't know very well, or don't like very much. Can't wait to see our very own Shirl's gushing tribute to this tremendous feat.

Robert Tressell

I must be overjoyed at this news because the Shropshire Star says so. Not half as overjoyed as Dave Cameron though. There's nothing like a Royal event to take the public eye off the ball when the government of the day is wavering or needing to bury bad news. Don't expect much action from Dave on Leveson or tax-dodging corporations for the next nine months. Oh and by the way, what is the NHS policy on morning sickness? Is it likely that an expectant Shropshire mum turning up at Royal Shrewsbury concerned about feeling sick will be let through the door? I think not.


Old people waiting on trolleys at hospital. No money for help in the house, wheelchairs, and stair lifts, if you are ill ring shop-doc and wait, On the other hand if you have a spot of sickness, just drive to a private hospital where you will be admitted to a single ward immediately and have numerous consultants at your beck and call. We are all equal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is said that they will make marvelous parents, what a load of rubbish, the nannies and servants will take care of that side.

mark vaZ

no one really cares to be fair. And if to u do you need to get a grip. A and e for morning sickness get real. Crap story.......

Colin Dodd.

What a crazy world we live in! The country is going through a recession, made worse by inept government, troops are being killed and maimed for no good reason, people are losing their jobs and homes, and the media are falling over themselves to bombard the public with this non event. It's a baby, not the second coming of the Messiah, they are born every day. Agreed, this one is a bit special as the parents won't have to pay a penny for it's upbringing in the future.

The news has been on the street for two days now, and already I am totally fed up up with the whole affair, and judging by some of the comments above, I am not alone.


Having heard the sycophantic offerings of Eric Smith on the radio yesterday morning I bet Severn Trent had a real battle on their hands as they tried to cope with the legions of people wanting to be sick.

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