Floods close Shropshire roads after heavy rain

Parts of Shropshire were under water today after heavy rain continued to batter the county.

The A49 was closed between Church Stretton and Craven Arms after it became submerged by a foot of water.

It comes after police and fire crews were called out near Craven Arms overnight after a car got stuck in flood water and had to be dragged to safety. A minor road at Rindleford, near Bridgnorth, was also closed.

Bromley Lane, between Bridgnorth and Norton, has been closed due to a small landslide. Meanwhile, in flood-hit North Wales, the body of an elderly woman has been pulled from a flooded home in St Asaph

Trains were running at a reduced speed between Shrewsbury and Ludlow due to flooding on the tracks.

The Environment Agency has issued 204 flood warnings and 277 flood alerts across the country.

Up to 14.6mm (0.6 inches) of rain fell in Shropshire overnight. The Severn remains on flood alert, with water levels at Crew Green set to peak between 5.8 and 5.9 metres this morning.

Water levels in Buildwas and Bridgnorth were set to peak this evening.

But flood warnings are no longer in force on the Severn in Shrewsbury, with water levels at the Welsh Bridge due to peak between 2.7 and 2.8 metres this afternoon.

The short stay section of Frankwell Car Park was closed today and waters reached reached part of the Riverside Meadow housing development. Alerts were also in place along the Rivers Tern, Perry, Roden, Strine and Meese and their tributaries with peak levels expected this morning.

The River Teme and its tributaries downstream of Ludlow are on flood alert.

Residents and businesses in Bridgnorth are now bracing themselves for flooding after the River Severn burst its banks earlier today.

Jane Barlett, who co-owns the Boatyard, in Low Town, with her partner, Nigel Grainger, said they were praying the water would subside soon.

She said: “We’ve put the sandbags up and we’re just hoping now. Everything that can be put on tables has been, which includes the carpets.

“We when took over and refurbished we knew it flooded so we had carpets specially designed so we can roll them up and move them. We’ve been told if the flood defences go up in Shrewsbury we’re done for.

“Last winter we were okay so this is the first time we’ve experienced it, although we did get some flooding over the summer. We can’t get any flood insurance either so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

Tom McGill, secretary of Bylet Bowling Club in Bridgnorth’s Low Town, said the river still had to rise a considerable amount before it affected the greens or the clubhouse.

He said: “We could get cut off from the island for a few days but at the moment we’re fine. We’ve got a committee tonight so we’ll know more then.

“The club spent £20,000 on the clubhouse raising it on stilts so I’d be surprised if it was affected but you never know.

“The lower greens could possibly be flooded but it wouldn’t be too bad at this time of year.”

Shropshire Council has kept two footpaths closed in Bridgnorth along the River Severn, from Doctor’s Lane to Severn Park, and Severn Side South.

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By Catherine Ferris

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Comments for: "Floods close Shropshire roads after heavy rain"


Did someone that works for the local authority actually grant planning permission to build on the old Gay Meadow site?. It beggars belief that anybody would think it would be a good place to build. The buildings/contents insurance will cost more than the mortgage!

Bob the Builder

Take a close look at the picture and you will see the flood defence walls in place - just like the Theatre........

It beggars belief what some people will post......

Robin Felton

I think that Swanny will find that the Gay Meadow development is designed to be flood proof.


Thanks Robin. I appreciate that the buildings themselves will hopefully remain dry, is the whole site itself designed to be flood proof?.

Robin Felton

That's what they've done with Theatre Severn.


hmmm,doesn't look very flood proof to me.

Robin Felton

That's because it's not finished!

meadow matt

Think the bit in the middle that is flooded is part of the new marina which has been included in the design to help reduce flooding on the site. The properties themselves are raised some way above the flood line and also include flood reduction measures, so I imagine they should be safe from flooding.

Well designed building along rivers, that incoporporates flood allivation measures can actually help reduce flood risk, so those developing the site would have built this into the designs. So building next to a river isn't really that daft an idea.

That way they can use a boat to get onto the gryratory system


Lol...building on a flood plain. Madness...there's no guarantee the flood defences will work. I have no doubt insurance companies will agree

Tracey Veysey

Got recovered from the flood near craven arms in my mini one this morning at 630am. Very grateful for the excellent fire crew who promptly arrived and pulled me to safety and to central garage at church stretton for their kind help.

Tracey Veysey Registered Nurse


Now let me get this straight. There are rivers down south that have virtually dried up over the last couple of decades due to Global warming we are told and yet we in Shropshire, seem to be getting more floods year in year out. I don't remember this much flooding a few decades ago so what is happening? Are the people in charge of rivers and drainage not doing their job properly?

percy beddoe

flood in shrewsbury seen it a lot worse, remember the days when it came halfway up mardol.,

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